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Can't Stop Living!

"Hi mom," Vani stormed into the kitchen as always and hugged her mother innocently.

"Hi Vani," Mala replied with a stale expression on her face. She wasn't her usual self to enjoy the hug of her daughter today because of the unbelievable incident that took place so early in the morning.

Vani's eyebrows shrunk at once realizing that her mother wasn't looking all that cheerful on a wonderful Sunday morning. She knew that her mother did go into a shell more often than not after her father's death and hence presumed that it was just another occasion.

"Oh mom," Vani kissed her mother on her cheeks and said with compassion. "Still thinking about Dad?"

Mala stood silent for a while letting the drops from her eyes roll down her cheeks. She badly needed a shoulder to lean to and weep out. But, she knew that her daughter could be the wrong choice.

"Something is bothering you," Vani said while she kept her mother in the gentle hug. "Why don't you share your worries with us?"

"Forget it," Mala spoke letting a sense of despondency taking over. "Let me go ahead and prepare the breakfast."

Vani was sensible to gauge her mother's mood and decided not to press any further. She left the kitchen with confusion written all over her face.

At 29 years, Vani was already overdue for marriage. The showcase in the sitting room stood a testimony to her glorious recent past with those wonderful cups and medallions shining through the glass. She was a natural athlete as her father found out when she was still at college. While Sanju, her brother evinced some interest in playing cricket, he wasn't really serious about making a career out of it. He didn't have the conviction to compete and emerge as a successful sportsman and hence opted for a nice white collar job after finishing college.

Vani had won her first gold medal representing her college when she was hardly 14 years and never looked back since then. The college management was shrewd enough to make good use of her prowess as they encouraged her to go from strength to strength, winning some medal or the other. Her parents were delighted to see their daughter in the limelight and more so because of the numerous scholarships which came flowing from everywhere. Winning a bronze medal at the Commonwealth games provided the highpoint to her career and she didn't regret being a virgin at 25 years. She became the Regional Manager of an insurance company of very high repute and surely she never missed anything in life other than a man and sex. By the time she realized that her body wasn't fit enough to compete in any more events, she was 29 years old, looking stale and rigid for a virgin.

Sanju was 34 years and remained unmarried for the sake of his sister. As per conventions, he had to wait till his only sister got married, something which never happened. He couldn't stay away from the family after his father died and was content to be with his mother and single sister. He was in a thankless situation where he couldn't gather the courage to look for sex outside although his eagerness about sex had grown in leaps and bounds for quite sometime. Finally, his desperation compel him to look out for sex within the four walls of his own house.

Mala never had any clue about her son's growing curiosity about sex till her day began with the worst shock of her life. She began rewinding whatever transpired early in the morning. "Here you are," Mala, his mother entered his room with a steaming cup of coffee. Sanju hurriedly smashed the burning cigarette into the ashtray and puffed off the smoke.

"Oh no," Mala said with an overtone of disgust in her voice. "You are smoking a bit too much nowadays."

"Sorry Mom," Sanju apologetically said. "Don't go away; I need to talk to you."

Mala kept the coffee cup on the tray and walked towards him. "Tell me."

Sanju briskly walked towards the sink and began washing his mouth in a hurry. He pulled the towel which hung right above the sink and wiped his moist face softly before walking towards his mother.

"Is there anything serious you would like to talk about?" Mala queried with surprise.

"I guess it is," Sanju replied with a funny smile before grabbing Mala by her waist and pulling her close to his body. It took a few seconds for Mala to comprehend what is going on and by the time she realized his intentions, his lips were firmly planted on her mouth. She moaned into him while her hands tried to push against his broad chest. She froze like an icepack as she felt his son's big bulge was searching for her crotch. She helplessly closed her eyes as he began drawing her lips inside his mouth and began chewing them gently. Her weakening hands stopped pushing against him and instead inched up to clutch his shoulders. Her eyelids tightened as Sanju held her firmly with one hand while his other hand moved up to cup her left breast beneath her sari. He wasn't trying to squeeze but was just letting his fingers to hold the sagging flesh gently while his thumb began searching for her nipple.

"No," She suddenly freed herself from her son's lusty grip and screamed. "I can't let you do this."

"Please mom."

Mala realized that her mind had begun wavering after the brief erotic touch of her son. She knew that staying any longer in the room could very well encourage her son to go ahead and complete the seduction without much resistance from her. She feared that the family fabric stood exposed to the risk of breaking off if and ever she yielded to her son. She decided to move out of the room at once.

"Please stop mom, I want you to stay."

Sanju took a couple of leaps ahead of his frightened mother and closed the door. Mala's heart was thudding heavily as she feared that the improbable could happen now.

"Sanju, Please," Mala pleaded. "I am your mother, 55 years now. Please don't make me commit this sin."

"I don't have a choice," Sanju tried to reason with his mother while his eyes hungrily gazed at her body. "I badly want to know about a woman's body and I can't think of anyone else."

Mala wasn't allowed to reply as she found herself pushed on to the bed before she could bat her eyelids. Her reflexes weren't sharp enough to rise quickly and it was a bit too late once Sanju came down heavily on her. His searched for her breasts again and unlike the previous touch, he was holding both her breasts harder and she could feel her flesh being squeezed more fiercely.

"This is very wrong," Mala whimpered. "Your Dad will never forgive us."

"He is dead," Sanju fumed. "I am alive and so you are."

Mala watched her son pulling off her sari with trembling hands. She wasn't yielding yet and kept holding the loose end of the sari with all the strength she could muster. Sanju made a few futile attempts before realizing that she wouldn't let her sari go off and desperately jumped on her to grab her breasts yet again. After squeezing them really hard for a while, his hands entered her blouse and began searching underneath her bra. Mala squirmed feeling his warm palms brushing her nipples and her saggy breasts began swelling in excitement.

"I beg you...please leave me alone," Mala fumbled for words while Sanju started sucking her blouse. She hissed every time his growing bulge brushed against her abdomen and soon understood that his son was showing his inexperience in sex. She decided to let him pass out once and let her right hand reach towards his crotch and tweaked his bulge gently.

"Sanju, wait for a second," She spoke in a tone to convince her son that she was willing to cooperate with him. While Sanju stopped momentarily, she sat up and unbuttoned her blouse much to the delight of her son. His eyes grew like a balloon watching her take off the bra and his face leaned towards her naked breasts once they came out hanging in the air.

"Take it one by one," Mala trailed her fingers all over her loose breasts before letting her right hand to hold the right breast pointing towards her son's mouth. "Suck it now!"

Sanju wasn't waiting as he launched into her right breast and devoured it inside his mouth. Mala couldn't resist a gentle moan escape her lips as his tongue brushed her hardening nipple. She had to conceal her excitement as her left hand reached towards his zipper and began dragging it down. She pulled out his member from the brief in a flash and gripped it hard wrapping it around with her fingers. Sanju kept sucking her right breast while he held on to her left breast and began squeezing it with absolute relish. Mala was biting her lips telling herself that she shouldn't be giving way for any further excitement. Her left hand briskly stroked his dick and kept increasing the speed while her horny son concentrated on her breasts. She smiled to herself feeling his dick growing harder and longer as she stroked. She tried hard to control her emotions as her son was getting softer and softer on her breasts.

"Now, take the other one," Mala said as she stopped her son and let him take her left breast inside his mouth. "Suck it as much as you wish."

Sanju began having a go at her left breast while his dick shook in excitement as Mala stroked it deliriously. It was mixed feelings for the mother as she felt amused seeing her son's dick was about to explode while she was just about beginning to enjoy her breasts being sucked so hard by him.

"Yes..yes..keep sucking," She accelerated her son who obliged by sucking harder and moaning against her breasts. The experienced woman was building up her son's excitement with her fake moans while her left hand worked in lightning speed to let his dick reach its climax as soon as possible. Her eyes were glued to his hard meat as she struggled to ignore the sensational feeling on her nipples.

"Oh my son...are you satisfied? Suck it dear...suck it as much as you want...suck your mother's tits." She kept muttering with amusement as her son was having a go at her breast like mad.
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