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Pulled over by the police

I have been to my friend's christmas party, and have had a few drinks. The men at the party are all trying to talk to me, since I was in a slinky silk dress , split to mid thigh, with no bra, so my huge breasts were plainly visible, my nipples thrusting against the thin material. Even tho I'm only 18, I have a figure of 34D-24-36. But I wasn't interested in any man, since I was there with my boyfriend. All the boys in the party were eyeing me.

We soon grew tired of the party, and finishing my last drink, I took my leave. As i got into my boyfriend's car and we start driving home, I began to think about how we will fuck once we get to his home. My thoughts turn to how he should dominate me, make me wait for his cock, make me beg him to fuck me. I think about how i want to be fucked, and fucked hard - I don't want slow, comfortable sex, I want hard, dirty fucking... My thoughts turn to how he would take me from behind, forcing his thick cock right up my soaking cunt, and my fingers subconsciously stray to my dress, pulling the hem up until I'm able to slide my fingers between my legs, feeling the gathering dampness there. My boyfriend noticed what I was doing as he drove along the empty road, I was continuing the fantasy, imagining him holding me above his cock, his hands around my slim waist as i beg him to let me slide down onto his cock, hot and hard at the entrance to my tight wet cunt... My fingers started teasing my clit, sliding in and out of my young pussy, and my breath is coming in little gasps as i imagine his tongue on my clit, flicking it until im desperate for his thick, long prick deep inside me. I started to feel my orgasm building, and i was just about to come when I sense a car in the lane next to me, and at the same moment, the lights flashing and the sound of the siren made it know that it's a police car. Hastily i rearranged my dress, while my boyfriend parked the car to the side and step out of the car. I couldn't really see the policeman who has pulled us over, as the lights of his car are too bright. But there were two of them. Both looked middle aged, around 40 and both were very tall north Indian men, the shorter one being 5'11 atleast. My boyfriend was out talking to the cop for at least 8-10 minutes when, the one of the policemen came to the our car. "Step out of the vehicle and place your hands on the roof of the car" He demanded. I obey, and sense him step up behind me. "I'm going to have to search you madam" he says "we have found illegal marijuana in his pockets and we have to make sure if there any other illegal substance in your possession." This worried me, I didn't want to get into any serious trouble and thinking of the drinks i had at the party - I was already a little drunk. "Bend forward over the hood of your car please madam" he asks as he steps closer to me. Being from the northeast, and having very Asian features I am only 5 foot 3 and looked ***** with him near me. Many people mistake me for being from Korea or Japan because of how I look, and I have a fair complexion. As I bent forward at the hood of my car, I noticed my boyfriend was being made to sit inside the police car. Was he being arrested? I had no idea what was going on and was very worried.

The policeman ran his hands across my the side of my waist and hips, doing a thorough checking but i was shocked as he lifted my dress right up to my waist, the cold air was hitting the dampness between my legs, making me aware of just how much of me he can see, as he has me bent right forward on the car. "Is this strictly necessary?" I protested. "I will be asking you the questions" he replies "besides which, since you have driven the last mile with your skirt up around your waist, I don't think you're going to mind too much about how I search you..." This exchange made me realise that his car had been there for some time before we noticed him, and he had seen everything I was doing. The thought brings a flush of shame, mingled with a thrill of excitement as his leather gloved hands was now running over me as he searched my upper body.

"Have you had a drink tonight?" he asks. "I'm afraid I have" I replied, "but I don't think I've had enough to put me over the limit." "You will let me be the judge of that", he says, and asks me to touch the tip of my nose with my index finger, while my eyes are closed. I was able to do his test easily, and the policman then decided to make things difficult for me. "I'm not convinced your eyes were closed" he says "I'm going to have to blindfold you to ensure you are not cheating."

At this point I felt helpless, certain now that this policeman is not going to let me go easily. He affixes a strip of black cloth over my eyes, coming close enough to me that I felt the heat from his crotch against my thigh, feel him pulsing, hard, beneath the cotton of his uniform trousers. Once i was blindfolded, he again asks me to touch my nose, and this I did. "perhaps this test is not rigorous enough" he says "I am fairly convinced that you must be influenced by illegal drugs, otherwise why would a respectable woman like yourself be driving around the streets, frigging her cunt like a whore..." These words shocked me, and it was combined with the shock of my dress being pulled off my shoulders, to reveal my breasts, my nipples were already erect from the cold air combined with me touching myself in the car... "So, how do you want to proceed?" he asks "do you want to come down to the police station for a drug test, or do you want to finish the matter right here? Besides we already found marijuana with your friend over there." I knew exactly what he meant - he will let us go if I let him do what he wants with me - and, quite frankly, all the drinks and touching has made me horny anyway. "And Dont worry about your friend, he's passed out in the police van." He said.

"I'll take my punishment here" i replied. "that's a good girl" the cop replied, "now bend over the hood again." I was still blindfolded, and let out a gasp as i feel him rip the rest of your dress from me, leaving me totally naked, apart from my high heeled shoes, and with his headlights still shining full on me, making me obvious to anyone who might drive by... The next thing i felt are his hands on my ass, still gloved in leather, parting my cheeks as his tongue runs over my ass - pushing into my ass as his fingers begin to slide in and out of my already soaking wet cunt, making me gasp and moan. "You acted like a whore, so I'm going to treat you like a whore" he says. "Turn around and lean back over the hood" he commands. I do as he asks, and gasp as i feel another set of hands over my breasts. Since I was still blindfolded, I couldn't see who it was but I could make it out that it was the other policeman as they were talking to each other and laughing amongst themselves.

Then I felt a hard, smooth object at the lips of my cunt. "I'll never be able to take that inside me" i gasped. "Oh, I think you will", he says. I moved one hand down at what he is holding between my legs, it was the policeman's stick, but my hand was soon drawn to his cock, which was now free of his pants, and stands erect, it felt as big and as hard as the stick... A moan erupts from my throat as he manages to slide the head of the stick into my pussy, and with my legs now up around my shoulders, he begins to slide it in and out of me, ordering me to stroke his cock with my hand for his pleasure.

He demanded that I tell him what a whore I am, and how much I want to be fucked, and before I knew it I was saying every dirty talk they wanted to hear-
gasping with lust, calling myself a dirty cum slut, as he brought me close to my orgasm time and again, but never letting me cum.

He then demanded that i get down on my knees, still blindfolded i obey. Then i felt a thick cock pushing at my lips-
"No" I gasped "I can't do that."
"I didn't ask your permission, my hot cunted drunken whore" he says, and begins to rub the head of his massive cock against my lips, and forcing it inside my mouth. His cock tasted strongly of precum, which was now smeared all over my lips. I start moving my head slowly at first, taking the tip of his cock inside my mouth and slowly taking a little more deeper every time.

The other policeman moved behind me, and using his cock he was lubricating the area around my ass with the juices which are now flowing from my dripping cunt... Just as I was starting to passionately suck on one cock, taking it as deep as my throat allows, I felt his cock enter inside my ass, and the sensation was incredible - the feeling of fullness made me moan with every stroke, and the heat and sensation of his hot, hard cock in my ass soon had me coming again and again, gasping with lust as these old men fuck me on a public road, the headlights full on me, and the fact that my boyfriend was passed out just meters away from me adding to the thrill as they made me come harder than ever before, my hands reached for my pussy as I was being filled in 2 of my holes, and I started sliding 3 fingers in and out of it feeling every movement of the cock in the tightness of my ass as he pumps his thick cock into me, seeing this they started laughing, and calling me a slut and a dirty little whore.

i gasping as I fingered my clit, with both cocks still filling me up bringing you to a final shattering orgasm..
"Aaahhh" I let out a scream. "Fuck me" "use me like a slut" "make me your dirty little bitch." I screamed as I felt both of them pump their cum in me.

"I think that will be all for tonight" they said buttoning their trousers. I then heard the sound of camera shutters, they were taking pictures of me, naked with their cum covering my face and ass.
"I suggest you keep out of trouble or you and I will have to have further words." With that, they left me, with cum still all over my face, mouth and gushing out of my ass. My asshole was still spread wide open, I was exhausted, but completely fulfilled.
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