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Shyam, Savita Bhabhi And Kajal Part 8

Savita remained awake for a long time that night. Although it was not her intention to keep tabs on Shyam and Kajal's activities, she found herself unable to fall asleep. Her sensitive ears picked up occasional sounds emanating from the bedroom. She thought she heard moans, an occasional muffled scream, some scuffling, tinkling of anklets and once, some laughter. Her imagination ran riot as she tried to picture what might be happening inside. She found herself getting aroused as she conjured up visions of Shyam's thick, hard cock belaboring Kajal's tight young cunt. She hugged a pillow tightly against her aching breasts and tried to go to sleep...


Savita was up early next morning, as usual. As she busily went about her morning chores, she heard Kajal go into the bathroom. It was unusually early for her; Kajal normally never woke up before 8:30 or even 9 AM. In a short while, Kajal sprang into the kitchen. While Kajal was by nature a happy, good natured person, that day she was in an exceptionally cheerful and energetic mood. She felt as if the world lay at her feet. Her heart sang and the song found an echo in the tune she hummed under her breath.

"Didi, mai taiyar hoon. Aapki kya madad karoon?"

"Didi, I am ready! What help can I give you?" Kajal asked.

Well! That's a change; thought Savita. Kajal wasn't one to wake up so early and on top of that offer to help her in her chores. She held Kajal at arms length and took a long look at her. Kajal wore a loose, thin cotton caftan gathered at the waist by a thick cotton cord. Her long, damp, freshly washed hair hung loose, held together at the nape of her neck by a clip. She wore a gold-and-black mangalsutra around her neck, a few green glass bangles on her wrists and vermilion colored sindoor in the parting of her hair, all indicative of her married status. Other than that, she didn't wear any ornaments or makeup. Her complexion was glowing, smooth, satiny and flawless. A slight inflammation of her eyelids and faint dark circles under the eyes testified to the fact that she hadn't slept much the previous night. Although Kajal's dark brown complexion didn't bruise easily, Savita's observant eye picked up a swelling on her upper lip and a bite mark on her dainty chin. In spite of this, Kajal looked wonderfully fresh, lively and cheerful.

However, the most striking thing about Kajal that morning was the expression on her face: relaxed, happy, fully satiated and almost complacent, like a cat that's swallowed a canary. A naughty, knowing smile playing on her lips, Savita wordlessly cocked an enquiring eyebrow at Kajal. Kajal blushed and rushed to Savita, hugging her tight. Suddenly, a dam seemed to have burst and Kajal started to talk. With hardly any prompting from Savita, Kajal began narrating her intimate experiences and innermost feelings, interspersed with periods of silence when her mind went back to re-live some of the secret moments that she had spent with Shyam...

"Didi, aaj mai bahut khush hoon! Itna sukh ab tak meri zindagi mein mujhe kabhi nahi mila tha."

"Didi, I'm so happy today! I've never before experienced such bliss in my life." Kajal said. Her still sore pussy spasmed and moistened her fresh panties as she remembered the time she'd seen Shyam standing at the bedroom door last night...


The bedroom had been lit by a dim night lamp. It was a small room, having just enough space for a double bed, a compact wardrobe and a dresser. A window mounted air-conditioner hummed in the background, cooling the room down to a pleasant temperature. Kajal had been sitting on the neatly made bed, eyes downcast; her back to the bedroom door. She had been decked out like a bride, dressed in a beautiful, intricately embroidered red on white ghagra-choli outfit with a translucent odhni covering her head and upper body. Shyam had noticed that the choli was completely backless, with just two thin spaghetti strings running across at the top and bottom, tying it in place. She'd worn a full set of gold ornaments. Her long, thick tresses had been piled high on her head, held in place by pins. She'd worn white mogra flowers in her hair. The smell of a heavy Arabic perfume had greeted Shyam. Although Shyam much preferred her natural scent to any perfume, he appreciated her effort to make herself desirable to him. Kajal seemed lost in her thoughts and hadn't reacted to Shyam's entry into the bedroom.


"Come." Shyam had said, clearing his throat and stretching out his arms.

Kajal had spun around and looked at him, her pussy liquefying at the sound of his voice and her heart hammering against her ribcage.

"Uhh..." She'd let out an involuntary low whimper. Shyam had stood still at the door. Almost in a trance, Kajal had got up and advanced towards him, her legs shaking and her palms sweating in excitement. She couldn't bear to look at him as she'd stopped a couple of feet away, her eyes fixed on the floor.

Shyam had switched on an overhead light to bathe the room in diffuse light. He'd put a finger under her chin and gently raised her face. Her large, liquid eyes had met his and again she'd looked down, her lips trembling. He had never before seen her so nervous and excited. He had been rather surprised. After all, this was hardly their first time together. Some of her excitement had rubbed off on him and he too had started getting breathless and felt his cock harden and swell. He'd gently caressed her face with his fingertips, allowing them to drag across her smooth forehead, soft cheeks, and moist, half open lips. She'd gently held his finger between her teeth as it slipped inside her lips. His fingers had continued their lazy journey over her ears and then down the side of her neck...

"Unhh... unhh..." Kajal had started moaning under her breath, almost inaudibly.

Shyam had then gently removed the pins holding her odhni in place on her head and the smooth translucent silk odhni had slid off. She'd stood in front of him clad only in her brief backless choli and silk ghagra (ankle length skirt) tied low on her waist. She'd looked ravishingly sexy and beautiful, her bosom rising and falling in time with her short, gasping breaths and her navel winking out above her waistband. She'd worn a full ensemble of ornaments: heavy jhumkas in her ears, a diamond stud in her nose, a couple of necklaces, an arm band around her right arm, an assortment of gold and glass bangles on her wrists, anklets with tiny bells on her ankles... Shyam had thought that that was too much of a burden on her.


"Take them off." He'd whispered a command, pointing to her jhumkas.

She'd complied. He'd then pointed wordlessly to a necklace and soon it had come off too. One by one, she'd taken off her ornaments and placed them on the dresser, except for the diamond stud in her nose and the anklets on her feet. His fingers had caressed and gently pinched her bare earlobes. Goose pimples had risen on her flesh and a shudder had passed through her slender frame. Without his prompting, she'd turned around and offered her almost bare back to him. He'd gently untied the knots on the upper and lower spaghetti strings holding her choli in place. He'd made her face the mirror on the dresser while standing behind her. A gentle nudge and the loosened choli had slid off her breasts, although the tight sleeves had remained in place on her arms. She'd not been wearing a bra under the choli. His fingers and palms had roamed all over her bare back and shoulders as he'd looked into her half closed eyes through the mirror. With a low moan, she'd leaned back and rested her back against his chest. She'd felt his hard cock against her buns and rubbed herself against his erection.

Shyam's cock had grown fully hard and he'd felt precum oozing out. He'd put his arms around her and started fondling her high, round, plump breasts. They were big enough to make nice handfuls. Soon Kajal's eyes had closed completely and her nipples had become stiff and sticky to touch as she'd lost herself in the indescribably pleasurable sensations emanating from them. Shyam had licked her earlobe and then planted a kiss on her open mouth as she'd turned her head sideways, seeking his lips. After enjoying the pleasure of playing with her breasts and nipples for a long while, Shyam had stopped. Kajal was fully aroused and he'd wanted to get her talking in that state.

"Meri jaan, tu aaj mujhse kya chahti hai?"

"My darling, what do you want from me today?" He'd asked.

"Bhaiya, mujhse pyaar kijiye."

"Bhaiya, please make love to me." She'd whispered shyly, eyes closed.

"Wohi toh kar raha hoon!"

"That's what I'm doing!" He'd replied naughtily.

"Waise nahi!"

"Not like that!" She'd exclaimed.

"Meri nazar mein nazar mila kar thik thik bataa tujhe kya chahiye."

"Look into my eyes and tell me what you want." He'd commanded.

She'd finally opened her eyes and looked into his through the mirror. Then wordlessly she'd taken his hand and placed it on her crotch, thrusting her hips out against it.

"Lekin tu ne to ghagra pehen rakha hai. Mai kya kar sakta hoon?"

"What can I do, your ghagra is in the way!" He'd teased.

She'd taken the hint and undone the knot of the drawstring of her ghagra. Soon, it had fallen off and pooled around her feet and she'd stood completely naked before him; there were no panties under the ghagra. She'd then turned around to face him. She'd undone the buttons of his kurta and helped him take it off. He'd worked the tight sleeves of her choli off her arms and it had fallen to the floor. Her hands had brushed his hard cock as she loosened the drawstring of his pajamas and pushed it down his legs. She'd run her fingers through his chest hair, and then slowly knelt down, her face level with his hard throbbing cock. She'd taken a deep breath, savoring the masculine smell of his crotch and then exhaled slowly, her hot breath playing on his sensitive cock head.
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