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Finally Fucked My Lovable Aunty

Hi readers, I am Nikhil 25, 5’8, reasonably good looking, living in Gurgaon, working in an MNC. I am narrating my real life experience with a married lady last month, name Suma (Name changed), height 5.3 I am a regular reader of RISS and I use to always dream about fucking mature ladies but as I am a bit shy I never fucked anyone even I get the chance many times as I use to talk to lot of women in my area.

The lady I fucked is a woman of dreams with perfect figure. she has a nice pair of big boobs that anyone who look at her would never take their eyes off them and pretty big butt and she looks huge than me I met this lady in the gym, I go every day. There are more handsome, muscular guys than me in the gym but I am very lucky to get a chance to talk to her.

The reason later she said was I look decent. Initially we used to say hi, how are you only and one day when we got some free time after the work out we talked for some time and got good friends. I came to know that she is 28, house wife and her husband is a mechanical engineer works in an MNC and they are a happy couple with a school going kid.

We exchanged our contact numbers and never talked like that again in the gym other than smiling at each other to say hi. She also introduced me to her husband when he came to gym to pick up her to home and he talked to me for a while and left for home. After 3 months have gone by now since we met, one day I got a call from her when I was in the office and she said that she was feeling lonely so she called me to talk for a while.

As I was also not having much work and was eager to talk with her, I thought this could be a good chance and talk to her for 1 hour all just casual talk. After that she never called me and I was so eager, as I read in the sex stories I thought that she had crush on me and she will call every day, but it never happened. I was getting desperate every day for her and I finally called her after a week but she didn't respond.

I tried again, she disconnected the call and I never called her again. Next day she was ok in the gym, smiled at me when she saw me like a friend. I thought that I was obsessed with these sex stories and thinking in the same way and blamed myself for my behavior. After a week, she called me again, I didn't pick the call for some time and I picked it up after 5 to 6 rings.

She shouted at me for being late in picking up the call. I could not understand what she is thinking; I simply said sorry and continued the chat. This time I asked her about her family, I came to know that after her husband leaves for office, her kid leaves for school, she will be alone at home, for my surprise she stays in the apartment adjacent to the one I live.

Again the same, she didn't call me for a week and I was desperate to fuck her, I also started masturbating thinking about her. I got the call after 10 days this time but she was dull while talking, when I asked her the reason she said that they are leaving for Pune next month as her husband got transfer. I got frustrated and decided to do something and before I ask her about her husband she said that he has gone to Pune And will be back only after 3 days till then her brother who also settled nearby will visit their house frequently. She also said that he has left just now and will be back in the evening. I continued the chat and started to her home from office. By the time I finished the chat I reached her home and rang the door bell. She opened the door and gave look of surprise and happiness and immediately changed her expressions to serious mood to hide her feelings for me.

I already noticed wht I need to and gave a simple smile. She was wearing a blue nighty and no bra inside, I can clearly understand that as her cute boobs are shaking as she moves around. She invited me in and asked me when I came and where was I. I said that I was in office; I came here 'cause I wanted to see her as she will be leaving soon. "You can see me tomorrow at the gym right" she said.

I told her that I wanted to see her right now after knowing that she will be leaving. she said "Ok. Do you like to have coffee? I said yes. When she turned around to kitchen, I was looking hungrily at her delicious hips waving. She noticed it at the corner of her eyes while she enters into the kitchen. She brought the coffee and while having it she asked me "why do u behave so stupid why you came 30 km riding bike just to see me. What happened to you I didn’t answer,
I finished my coffee and went to the kitchen to put the cup, she followed me asking to give it to her. I put the cup and while I returned she was behind me, I pulled her close and hugged her tightly and planted a passionate kiss on her neck which is very beautiful and smell was amazing I could not control and started kissing all over her neck, also I sensed a movement in her huge breast due to heavy breathing.

She pulled me off and pushed away and broke into tears and said Nik! Why did you do that? I didn't expect this from u. I treated u as a good friend. I thanked god for not being slapped. I said "I am very sorry Suma. I could not control any more. Your looks and beautifully carved body are driving me crazy. I love you and I want you. Every time I see your lips I wanted suck them. You are such a cute girl that if I have known you earlier I would have married you for sure.
All the time she was staring at my lips and eyes and tears also dried up so soon. I went to her again and hugged her tightly this time I put one hand on her left boob and pressed hard and looked at her face to find her closed eyes with mouth slightly open. I pulled her head and caught her pink lips and sucked them like an animal. She just stood like that and didn’t respond at all.

I slowly pulled her nightly up and put one hand on her big buttocks, she was not wearing panty either, and pressed them and put my middle finger up her cunt, it was wet due to the long chat we had on the phone probably she got wet. For the first time in my life I felt the warmth of a woman pussy and licked my finger to taste the juice. Wow man, its taste great but salty. Now when I look at her, she was staring at me with wide open eyes.

She immediately grabbed my head with both her hands and kissed me like mad. She shove her tongue into my mouth and licked my tongue, bit my lips, hugging me tightly, breathing heavily, her soft melons are pressing to my chest and the feeling was great. We went on kissing for 15 mins and my lips were swollen due to her rigorous sucking. I sat on the sofa and dragged her to me. She put her hand on my penis which is already hard and pressing hard from my pants.

The moment I put my hand on her thighs close to her pussy and pressed them hard, she let a loud scream and I was sure that the scream was not due to ecstasy. I asked her what happened, she calmly lifted her nighty and showed me a couple of circle shaped burns on her milky white thighs and said the truth about their married life. Her husband was in love with another woman before marriage and he still continuing. When she questioned him about that yesterday, he burn her with the cigars.

Her husband’s parent forced him to marry her for the money and from the day he married her he never loved her, sometimes he won’t sleep with her for months. With that I got very upset and my penis became normal. When I got up to leave, said that she hasn’t had sex for months and she want to be loved by a caring man like me. She gave me ointment and asked me to apply it so that she will not fell pain anymore. I applied it and now I started observing her thighs and started feeling them how soft and beautiful are they and how cruel is her bastard husband to do such an act. After I finished, I washed my hands and came back to her and sat beside her. She came to me whispered in my ear Nik, make love to me and she took my hand and put it on her pussy, I started pressing it gently as it is so soft and slowly rubbed my finger on her pussy crack and slowly inserted the middle finger in her glory hole,

She was wet, breathing heavily again, pressing her melons with her own hands. I slowly lifted her nighty completely off her and she is completely nude infont of me. She crossed her hands over her boobs to hide from my eyes, but she couldn’t as they are big I can see the partial areole. She got up and asked me to follow her. We went to the bed room; she lied on the bed facing her back to me. I removed all my clothes and was only on my underwear and jumped on her kissed
And licked all over her bare sexy back, bit her buttocks, she said “aah. I turned her to face me, she again crossed her hands, I kissed her hands and parted them to see the most beautiful tits I have ever seen, perfectly shaped, round brownish areola, 1 inch nipples standing straight and stiffened. I started kissing and licking her all over the boobs except on the nipples and pressing them as hard as I can, after some time,

I took her nipples in my mouth started sucking them hardly, she said aaah Niksss please be gentle but I sucked them hard. She was moaning slowly that only I can hear aaaaah. I took both the boobs in my hands and pressed them from bottom to areole area so that the pressure lands under nipple area. She said ooh Nik this is great do it again this time while doing that I sucked her nipples hard. She said that the feeling was great.

Next I licked her pussy, played with clitoris, shoved my tongue into pussy hole and drank all her juices. I asked her to suck my cock, but she holds it and stroked it. I didn’t want to force her so I didn’t ask her again. Finally, the last thing, I put my penis near her pussy; she understood and lifted her legs and placed it on my shoulders. With one thrust my penis went inside her glory hole and the feeling was amazing.

She is very hot inside and her cunt muscles were holding my cock tight. I couldn’t hold it any more with 2 strokes I injected all my sperms into her cunt.
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