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Me And My Father In Law Part 10

I licked her slit and then caught her clit in my teeth. Sujata jumped and cried loudly, " Ohhh Bhabi! Bite it! Lick it suck it! Godddd! You are making me cum!" I continued this and put my hands to Sujata's solid boobs. They were really hard to touch and as I explored the two mammary, I found her nipples. Ohhh god! They were really hard and big. Almost one inch long. They say that the women who have such big nipples are sluts. They love fucking any lund or choot. Ya it was proving right. I rubbed the nipples and pinched them hard. I then trailed my tongue all over her soft dark skin and found her belly button. It was deep and situated right above her fleshy belly. I put my tongue in and swirled it around. Sujata moved her body and said I was tickling her. Yes I was! I licked the tiny hole as if it was small choot and then travelled up. I found her stomach with taut muscles. I slowly trailed my tongue all over the smooth skin and then I went to her arms. The very arms that showed out of her sleeveless blouse many times!

I bit them and licked them. She had well maintained body and hence her arm muscles were taut and hard. I loved it! I trailed my tongue to her shaved armpits. She smelled of sweat there. But female sweat is different. It is aphrodistic smell that lights fire in lunds, and in my case choot! I loved the smell and licked her armpits. Sujata moved as she felt the tickling and her breasts jiggled. I put my hand on the breasts and felt the vibrations. Then my tongue slid to Sujata's sensitive earlobes. I licked the fleshy earlobe and bit on the flesh. I massaged her earlobes till they were red and hot. Really! This is wonderful. Biting earlobes makes a woman crazy and that's what was happening with Sujata. She was moaning and begging to be fucked and sucked. All the while my FIL was rubbing his lund which was now HARD and throbbing. I then winked at FIL and asked him to fuck this whore while I sit on her face. I wanted to punish this slut and licking my slit was nice punishment. Really speaking I wanted to feel a woman's tongue on my choot that would make me crazy with lust.

PURE animal lust! " Come on Baba! Fuck this young Bahu of yours! She is so young and fresh! See I have made her all wet and dripping for you, Baba! Ohhh god! Fuck this slut! Slam your lund in her choot roughly and fuck her. Come on slut! Take your fatherinlaw's lund in your dirty choot! give him wonderful fucking." Sujata looked at FIL, FIL's lund, and spread her legs wider in anticipation. FIL pushed his lund in Sujata's choot in one smooth motion and his lund burried itself deep inside the depths of Sujata's choot. Sujata cried out loudly, " Ohhh Baba! Slowly! You have big lund and it hurts! Sameer's lund is smaller than you and Vinod's too! Fuck me, but slowly." " Hey Randi! Sali harami! Spread your legs and let me fuck you like you were not fucked before! Lie still and life up your legs! I want to push my lund deeper! Come on slut!" I was surprised that my FIL could talk so dirty! I was glad! He was treating Sujata as slut and I loved it. I sat on the back of sofa and asked Sujata to lick my choot.

I caught her head and forced her mouth to my choot and told her to lick it. " Lick my choot Sujata while Baba fucks your choot hard. Make me cum with your tongue. Lick my clitty! Ohhhh move your tongue inside my choot , slut!" I caught Sujata's head and pushed it on my choot. Sujata took out her tongue and started to lick my choot. I think she enjoyed it and her tongue danced all along my slit and even caressed my clit. Ohhh god! I was being licked for the first time and that too by Sujata, after whom I had lusted so long! I had touched Manju but that did not excite me much but Sujata's touch was really toxic and made me horny. May be our relationship! The fact that we were related added to the thrill. My choot was all wet and flowing with honey. There was typical itch in my choot that indicated that I needed a big hard lund in my choot Ohhh god I wanted FIL's lund! I wanted it badly. I had to have it! I thought for a moment and jumped off the couch and stood near Baba. " Come on Baba fuck me! I want your lund badly.

Fuck your Elder Bahu now, first! Get off that slut and fuck me! She can wait for her turn. Ohh god! I am dying for your lund Baba! Fuck me" I stood shamelessly and spread my legs, showing my FIL my dripping choot. He turned to me as he was fucking Sujata and suddenly he dismounted Sujata and came to me. His lund was wet and dripping with Sujata's cunt juice He pushed his wet lund in my choot, bending down to adjust it on my choot hole. Ohhhhh his lund entered my choot like a knife in butter. It felt so nice! This lund was in Sujata's choot a minute before and now it was in my choot! So perverse! But so exciting! I adjusted my posture so that he could fuck me easily. FIL was fucking me and telling me, " Ohhh Seemu! Your choot is tighter than Sujata's! Ohhh god! It's really tight! Sujata is a slut and must have fucked many lunds! Ohhh god! Move your ass Seemu and fuck my lund!" I responded to him and smiled at Sujata. This was a smile full of poison. It was for teasing her! I wanted to show Sujata that Baba was mine! His lund was mine! He would just fuck her because she was a slut, whore and at my request! I danced on Baba's lund while Sujata watched. Sujata was frustrated and looked hurt.

But she could not do anything. She just pleaded! " Ohhhhh Bhabi please allow him to fuck me first! I was about to cum! Ohhh please Seema! Please ask him to fuck me first then you can take him. Ohhhhhhh Please!" " Shut up Sujata! Let him finish with me and then you can have him. I need that lund in my choot. Just watch us fucking and finger your choot. Come on Baba fuck meeeeeee! Show Sujata how you make love to me" Now Baba was enjoying this teasing and I too. Sujata was watching us and breathing heavily. Her fingers were busy as she massaged her clit. Now I wanted Baba from behind! So I turned around and put my hands on the couch. Baba came behind me and thrust his lund in my choot from backside. Ohhh he was deep in me! I love this position because the lund goes deep in ones choot, unto the cervix and may be deeper who bothers! I just love it! Baba was fucking me while we both watched Sujata, mad with lust and needing some lund in her choot. I felt pity on her and told Baba to go and fuck her. I told Sujata that I am going to allow Baba to fuck her and she has to give me her husband's lund as soon as possible. " Yes Bhabi! I will surely give you my husbands lund.

He is always in search of new choots and as such lusts after your plump body. He has told me many times that he likes you but could not speak frankly about fucking you. NOW I will arrange it for you. Will you join us baba? Fuck Seema along with your son? Ohhh god! Fuck me Baba! Fill my choot with your big hard lund! Fuuuucccckkkkk mmmmeeeeeeee!" and Sujata danced around my FIL like she was mad. FIL caught Sujata's ass and pushed his lund in her choot from behind. I went in front of her and pulled her mouth to my choot. Sujata began lapping at my choot like she was an expert! Her breasts dangled as she moved her ass to meet FIL's lund. Ohhh they looked so good to eat! I caught them in my hand and weighed them. They were really heavy! Suddenly I had an idea! I wanted to see my Father in law fuck these heavy mammary glands! " Ohhhh Baba! Stop fucking that choot and put your lund in between thesre hard breasts and fuck them. They are so hard! Come on baba! Breast fuck Sujata!" My FIL pulled out his lund from Sujata's choot and made her lay on her back. His lund was dripping with choot juice and was shining with all that wetness.

I held Sujata's breasts together and asked FIL to push his wet lund there. Baba crawled over Sujata's chest and then pushed his lund in between her breasts. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! Sujata moaned loudly, " Ohhh Baba! Fuck my breasts! Your son has never done this! Ohhh! Ahhhhhhh your hard lund feels so fuucckkinnnggg gggooood on my tender breasts! Fuck! Come on Seema bring that sweet choot of yours over my mouth and let me wet my lips with that honey of yours." I was happy that Sujata was demanding my choot! I hurriedly squatted over her mouth and pressed my wet choot on her face. I was facing FIL and watching his lund slide in and out of the valley between Sujata's breasts. It looked so nice! The lund head peeked out as he fucked Sujata's breasts. I put my hand near the breasts and touched FIL's cock head. It slipped past my fingers and I had an urge to lick it. So I bent forward and put my tongue near the fucking lund and I touched it as it fucked Sujata's breasts. FIL's lund brushed my face and tickled me. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh! My choot was on fire and Sujata was licking it! I then took Sujata's nipple in my mouth and chewed on it. Ohhh it felt like a tiny lund. Ohhhhhhh I was about to cum! I shouted, " Ohhhh Baba! Sujata! I am cumming! Ohhh lick my clit. Chew on it slut! Yeesss! Hmmm! Ahhhhhhhhh! Cummingggggggg!" And I came! My choot poured honey right into Sujata's mouth. She gulped it down her throat and continued to lick my choot. FIL watched my ass moving and my body relaxing.

That triggered him and he too shot his load on Sujata's breasts. The white cream sprayed on her breasts and tickled down, like snow falling from a mountain! Sujata stopped licking my choot and lifted her face to see the fun. I got down and sat besides them and spread the cum cream all over the breasts. Sujata watched it and then put her hands on mine and we together did the spreading. Then I licked all the cum off Sujata's breasts and kissed her so that we both could taste our FIL's spunk, his sperm! We had to stop our game as FIL had cum on Sujata's breasts. But still Sujata had not cum! She had to have FIL's lund in her choot to her hearts content. " Ohh Seema! I want FIL's lund in my choot. Ohhh god! I am so hungry for his lund. He has nice big lund and I want him inside and feel him shoot his cum, his hot cum inside my choot.
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