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My Gorgeous Aunt - Pt. 03

We sipped our drinks and had usual small talks. Mum giggled from time to time and I felt cheerful. Mum finished her first drink and asked me to pour another one for her.

As I gave her glass, she asked me to check the drawer under the cellar to see if there was some packets of cigarettes left by uncle. There were a few packs and she asked me to bring one and the lighter, which was in the drawer. Now she asked me if I smoked. I told her I smoked occasionally. She asked me to light one for her and one for me. She told me that many years ago, when she was in college hostel in Shillong a tribal roommate of hers taught her smoking. She later gave it up, but now with drinks she feels like having one or two.

I enjoyed my smoke very much in her company and felt light headed. I asked her if she had a boyfriend in college. She said she had a boyfriend but broke off later. I asked her how close they become.

She understood what I meant and said, "If you meant if I had physical relationship with him, the answer is no. Our time was very different. It's not like today, when young people easily have physical relationship before marriage. But I must admit that the guy kissed me once or twice. To put your mind at rest, let me tell you I was a virgin before marriage."

I asked her how did she know that the present young generation has physical relationship before marriage.

She gave a meaningful smile and winked at me, but didn't answer my question. She asked me to pour a fresh drink for her. As my glass was also empty, she asked me to pour one for me. She asked me if I liked the taste. As I said yes she suggested that I take a large one now. So I poured large for both of us.

After taking a sip she said, "I am very friendly with Piyu's friends. With some of them I am quite close and they tell me all about their love and sex life. So I know that this generation is quite easy about sex before marriage."

Then she proceeded further and said, "If you have told me the truth, you are still a virgin. Have you at least kissed any girl? Tell me the truth."

I said, "I never experienced a kiss on my lips. Only once an elder cousin of mine hugged me and kissed me on my cheeks. That could have gone further, but we heard some footsteps outside the closed door and we discontinued."

Hearing this, she giggled and said, "You badly need some training young man".

I nodded my head. I felt quite bold and said, "Yes, I do. Will you train me mum?"

I expectantly waited for a positive note from her, but she somehow avoided my question and my heart sank.

Meena's thoughts - Now that he made the first move, I decided to take a little longer to think how to proceed maintaining the dignity of an aunt

As she finished her third drink, mum asked me if I was hungry and went up to get some sandwiches out of the fridge. She heated the stuff in the microwave and came back with two plates. As I ate the tasty grilled sandwiches, she poured another drink for herself. She put back the whisky bottle in the cellar and removed the soda bottles and ice pail. She settled back on the sofa and silently sipped the drink. She munched the sandwiches too.

As she was having her last few sips, she came own from the sofa and knelt down in front of me.

Looking straight in my eyes she asked, "When you asked me to give you 'training', did you realise what it meant? I am your aunt and any relationship between us is just not acceptable to the world at large."

I told her, "I know it's wrong, but I don't care. I badly need and want your physical love."

She held my face in her hands and asked, " I understand your feelings, but at the same time it's wrong. Will you promise that this will remain an exclusive secret between us?"

" I promise, mum" I said.

"I hope you won't feel too guilty later." She said.

"No mum, I won't feel guilty. You are very different from any other relative of your age. You were so long my friend and now you mean a lot more to me. If you do take me through the gateway to adulthood, I shall be grateful to you all my life. I did have a feeling of guilt when I secretly desired you. But now that I know you understand & appreciate my desires, I am completely free of guilt feeling. I know that the outer world would never understand our feelings. Even if you didn't tell me I would closely guard this as a very treasured secret."

Meena's thoughts – I was touched at what he said. I now knew I ran no risk with this very sensible young guy

She kept silent for a while and then asked, "If I give you fell liberty, what is it that you like do to me?"

"I want to smell you" I said.

She finished the last part of the drink in a large gulp, and lied down on the sofa, with her hands under her head.

"Ok, go ahead," she said and closed her eyes.

I knelt down very close to her and holding her face in my hands smelled her ears and the throat. Her aroma excited me beyond limits and I gradually came down to her cleavage. Removing the top part of her sari I put my nose into her deep cleavage. As I was getting intoxicated with her aroma, unknowingly I started kissing her from throat down to the cleavage. I could hear her light moans and attempted to unbutton her blouse.

"Hold on, dear" she said softly.

She lifted herself up and peeled off her blouse. Now I had more access and moved my face under her silky armpits. The aroma was stronger and out of excitement, I started licking her armpits like mad. Unlike last night, she didn't resist. She moaned stronger now.

As my nose was back on her cleavage, she reached behind her back and unclasped her bra hooks. I didn't wait for a moment and removed her bra revealing her wonderful breasts. I was amazed to see her shapely breasts. This is the first time I saw a fully exposed female breast in real life. She now sat up and the breasts looked really full. The two mounds were conical in shape and were well settled on her body with a little downward tilt. She had golden brown aureole, which looked gorgeous on the golden skin of her breasts. Her brownish pink nipples matched the diameter of my index finger. They stood erect, about half an inch long.

She held my head in her arms and pressed it on her breasts. Without any prompting I sucked the nipple hard. As I sucked one nipple, my other hand fondled the other breast enjoying the smoothness & softness of the mound.

She very softly said "Jore jore bukta tep Babu" Press my breasts hard

I immediately responded with full strength and her moaning become louder.

"Aro jore, aro jore" she almost screamed.

I don't know how long I was on her breasts. I got disengaged as mum held my face in her hands and raised it up close to her face. She looked straight in my eyes and slowly planted her wet & soft lips on mine. She pressed my lips and pushed it with her tongue. I opened my mouth and her tongue went in. Momentarily I was caught unaware as her tongue played in my mouth. But it excited me to the hilt and I started moving my tongue. Our tongues now played with each other in perfect harmony and it continued endlessly.

As the kiss continued, mum pulled at my vest. I lifted it up completely exposing my chest. Her hand moved over my hairy chest and she tickled my tiny nipples with her fingernails. It was great sensation and I urged her to do it faster. My hands were on her breasts and played with her large erect nipples.

Finally mum ended the kiss and both of us felt a bit breathless. Taking a short pause, she pulled at my vest and I and I took it off. Mum now placed her lips on my chest and played all over with her tongue and lips. She finally attacked my nipples and played havoc with her lips, tongue and teeth.

After raising her head from my chest, she gave me a loving smile and said, "Now let me see you" "toke ebar ektu dekhi".

She stood up showing off her naked torso and unbuttoned my shorts. Pulling it down, she exposed the bulge in my crotch under the sexy designer brief. Sitting down at my feet she pulled the brief down. As my cock jumped out, she gasped. She grabbed my cock with both hands and lovingly fondled it. She moved her fingers all around it. She opened the skin and looked at it as if she was worshipping it. She ran her finger along the vein on it and kissed it from time to time. She held it in her hand and felt its thickness. She held it on her face and brushed her cheek along it.

"That's a great asset you have. Any woman would love to possess it" she said in an admiring voice.

She made me lie down on the sofa and brought her face very close to it. She very slowly licked it and I felt heavenly pleasure. She moved her fingers around it, through the pubic hair, over the balls and between the thighs going up to the crack. After playing with it for quite some time, she stood up again. She exposed the lower part of her body – she peeled off the sari, untied her petticoat string and as it dropped it on the floor, stepped out of it.

I just couldn't believe that mum was standing in front of me stark naked. She looked so different compared to when she was fully dressed or even when she was partly clothed. I was awed at the gorgeous patch of dense black between her thighs and couldn't help touching it. She came closer and spread her legs. Encouraged at this, I pushed my fingers in and could feel her pussy lips. I inserted my finger through the lips and found it totally moist. She stood like that for a while allowing me to feel her moist tunnel and then moved.

Now she straddled on my legs and bending down took my cock in her mouth. As she moved her lips and tongue over my cock my excitement hit the roof. As the movement became faster I was on the verge of throwing off my fluid.

I didn't want to discharge in her mouth and screamed "No more mum, no more. I can't bear it any longer. I will explode any minute" "Ar na mum, ar na, ami ar thakte parchhina. Amar ekhuni pore jabe"

I held her at her arms and almost pushed her.
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