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Return to Rejoice - Pt. 01

The room they were sleeping turned sultry. Santha woke up from her sleep. There was light, diffused by the night lamp. It means then there is no problem with the power. What happened then to the fan that was running? She lifted her eyes. On the edge of the cot was standing a figure, trying to make a noose. With a long face covered with unshaved beard and mustache it was... BALA!

Alarmed, she jumped up and pulled away the boy. And with him she swayed and stumbled, luckily, on the bed.

Bala, her son, didn't want to come to the wedding in the first place, but it was she who compelled him. She thought that it was not wise to leave him alone in an empty house. But bringing him here had led him to this!

Her husband was in another room, of the same lodge, playing cards with his old friends who had turned up for the wedding. To let him know this, she had to go out of her room, leaving her son alone. And that cannot be done. She wept.

The boy too wept on his downfall. How could he tell his failure story out; and that too to his own mother? His agony multiplied as his brain was stormed by the memory of those days.


Bala was then doing his final year in college. He was around the age of 20 to 21 years. Like all the young normal boys, he too had the habit of reading sex books and releasing the tension by masturbating.

And, one day, when he was at home on leave, his younger sister Suma spotted a sex book he had hidden under his mattress. Bala was out of home at that time. She climbed up into his room to clean it. It was at upstairs. As she was making the bed, she noticed it sticking out from under the mattress. She pulled it off. It was a cheap book printed with a photo of a naked woman on its cover. The story inside was too hot to read. As she turned the pages, she felt horny.

And Bala, who went out, noticed, only when he reached the market, that his pockets were empty. On the way back he met his mother. She didn't carry any money as she was going to a bajan in the temple. She wouldn't be home for lunch, she added, and he'd have his sister to serve his lunch.

He returned home only to find his younger sister Suma on his bed and reading the sex book he had kept hidden under the mattress. As the book she held was hiding her face, she was not aware of her brother's return. He thought of climb down the stairs, at once, to avoid embarrassment. But by that time Suma ran her hand over her skirt on to her vulva. And that act riveted him to where he was standing. Only then he recalled the story in that book she was reading. It was a fiction of sex between a brother and sister. A runaway brother returns home after a longtime and involves in sex with his own sister, unknowingly. And when they come to know, it was too late. Unable to forget their too good sexperience, they cling to their fucking.

Bala pondered that why he shouldn't fuck his sister Suma as it comes in the story. He tiptoed down to the front door, locked it and climbed back. He looked around before entering his room. He noticed some strangers, digging a bore well in a neighbor house. Ignoring them, he stepped in. His sister didn't sense his presence even that time. He cleared his throat. Startled, she jumped up and hid the sex-book behind her back.

- What's it that you're hiding?

- Nothing.

- Show me then.

- No, it's nothing.

- I'd come and snatch it then.

- No. Don't come near. I'll shout.

- Shout. Even mom's not at home.

He approached her. She jumped down from the cot and tried to dodge out. But he stepped back in time and bolted the door within.

- What are you going to do?

- Whatever I want.

- You cannot. I'm your sister.

- I don't care.

He advanced. She backed up, but bumped against the wall. Standing so close in front, he tried to snatch the book she held behind her back. But she tightened her grip. In the struggle her breasts pressed against his chest. It was a sweet sensation. And through the struggle, he pressed his crotch against hers. As she sensed his hardness across the barrier of their clothes, she ceased in her movements. He bent his head and kissed her mouth. Her body stiffened. The book she held slipped down. He didn't bother to collect it. She pushed him apart, ran and fell on the bed face down.

He was confused for a moment thinking that she was weeping, but the rise and fall of her back implied otherwise. He crawled on the bed and lay by her; pushed aside her hairs and kissed her neck. She shivered.

- Did you read the story in that book?

- Mmmm.

- May I do as the brother in the story does?

- Mmmm.

She tilted up her torso. She kept her eyes closed. She crushed his lips against hers. She held him by his hairs. He moved his hands on and held her breasts. She pushed her chest up. He pressed her breasts over her blouse. She brought her hands on his, but just kept them there undecided. He opened her blouse. She arched her back to aid him unhook her bra too. Her lovely little firm breasts with its pointed little nipples stared at him. He took them in his big hands and felt they were as hard as cricket balls. He pressed them; and she moaned under his touch. Also she pulled him on top urging him to the ultimate task.

He didn't want to test her patience. He pulled down her skirt to find her without a panty. While at home, usually, she doesn't wear one. Her cunt was a little triangular mound covered with a thin moss of silky soft hairs. It was so small that it could be covered by his palm. She opened her thighs shamelessly to have his cock there. But he had his trousers still. He pulled his cloths off in haste and covered her with his bare body.

Her cunt was already oozing with excitement. He placed the thick knob of his stiff cock at the pale red slit of her pussy fa├žade. Even at as much touch, she groaned. Holding her firm small breasts, he pressed his knob against her slit. It didn't sink. He pressed it again. No. He tried his strength again and again several times. No yielding.

He looked this way and that way. He found a hair oil bottle at the side table. He stretched his hand and got it. He poured some oil on his left palm. Wetting his right forefinger with the oil he dipped it into her slit. It slipped. He did likewise three four times and lubricated her hole that was already wet with her juices. He wanted to be double sure this time. So he tried to widen her hole adding one more finger. He found her hole too tight to accommodate them. If he can't make her take two of his fingers, he is not going to get into her with his thick veined shaft. He tried hard and succeeded in getting in his middle finger too. He didn't stop at that, but fucked her with his fingers. She moaned. She felt as if she was in heaven. His fingers were as good as a cock. Poor girl! For a girl who never had a real cock, tight moving fingers is a boon indeed.

Satisfied with his test run, Bala smeared the balance oil on his shaft and wiped his hand on his hairs. Placing once again his oiled knob at her double lubricated hole, he pressed. It didn't get in but slipped out. He tried again and again, but it slipped out up, down and all sides. Frustrated, he looked at her face; but she was lying there with her eyes closed, awaiting the golden moment. Though it was first time to him too, looking her in trance, he resolved to go to any extend. He loaded her calves on his arms and leaned forward. Her buttocks upturned and so did her cunt opening wide. He raised his hips and pointed his steel right above her slot. Then he stabbed down with all his strength. She let out a shriek as if she was being murdered. His cock didn't miss the target this time and his knob and an inch more were already in. She wailed aloud and writhed to get out of his lock.

Luckily her cries were drowned by the noise of the bore well machine drilling at the neighbor house.

- Ah hoy, we'd broken through the rock. No problem hereafter.

The rigger shouted. The supervisor, who was standing apart, heard him and moved in with a big grin.

Bala bored down his sister's vagina, inch by inch, until his pubic hairs meshed with her moss and his balls hit against her buttocks. She was pleading him to let her go, but he was heady with his triumph to heed her plea. He pulled out his lance and stabbed in. She whimpered and trembled. He didn't give up. He fucked her hard, but as he had become tired in breaking her seal and overexcited by doing so, he couldn't hold for long. He shot his load in stream after stream and collapsed on her. Filling her womb with her brother's seeds, she pulled herself from under him and limped out of his room.

Bala was not able to spot his sister for the next three days. But he wanted to see her desperately. On the fourth day, after her deflowering, she came up to his door.

- Would you come down for your lunch or you want it here? Mom is out on her temple visit.

He didn't answer. He was angry about her disappearance. He looked away. She entered the room, sat on his bed beside him and lifted his chin. He swatted her hand away.

- What? The prince is angry with, eh?

- What then? With you hiding away, I was shrinking in as if I've acted immoral.

- Immoral indeed, molesting ones own sister.

- Willing not the said sister to open up, no brother here wouldn't have poked in.

- Alright, I only want that noble brother to see whether the hole he made has healed after three days rest.

She hiked her skirt and placed one of her legs on his thigh. Her little cunt there was smiling wet. He pulled her onto his lap, buried his face between her breasts and wept. She was confused. She never thought her big brother would be so emotional. She ran her fingers through his hairs and kissed his temple. They remained so awhile.

- Show me now your thing.

- What thing?

- Your pussy, you life taking devil.

She laughed; and slipped down from his lap. She made herself naked and helped him get rid of his clothes.
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