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Taking care of mom and her curves

Not long ago I went skiing with my mom. She had promised me the trip if I took my driving license before I turned 19 and if I not started smoking, promises I did fulfill. Until the last day it was an absolutely fabulous trip, but sadly mom fell on the last day and broke her right hand and strained the left one heavily. She had both hands bandaged leaving just some of the fingers on her left hand out, but still with very limited mobility. Luckily for her I still lived at home and could help her out. Instead of me being the lazy son living at home, I suddenly would have to fix everything from cooking, cleaning and shopping. So much time for video games, porn and friends, I thought.

My mom is 43 years old and about 5'' 6' tall, she is curvy with both voluptuous butt and bosom. Her bra size is something I have known since way back, it measures 75E and probably a bit heavy to carry for her even though she is quite good shape and strong from regular classes at the gym. I had never thought about her more than a regular mom; of course I have noticed her curves and glanced at them the few times she wore anything revealing. Since I am 19 my interest in women or more exactly, girls, has been ever increasing. Not long ago mom came home early from her work to discover me watching a move in the living room naked with my just short of 8 inch cock in my hand, streaming from my computer to the 46'' screen some big tit focused movie. The incident was really embarrassing but mom did the best to not make too much of a big deal of it.

It got clear quite soon when we came home that she would need help with a lot of things. To start with she couldn't even dress or undress by herself since her hands was acing. She called for me from the bathroom, "John, can you come please. I need your help." I went upstairs and opened the door to the bathroom. "This was harder than I thought, the cardigan and my socks I could manage to remove myself, but the rest, you will have to help me for some days until I get better in my hands." Poor mom, I thought. "Okay, you mean your jeans?” "Yes, start with them, you will have to unbutton and trickle them down over my hips, then I should be able to do it with my toes." It was a weird situation, she was my mom, but I hadn't touched her like this before.

I was a bit surprised that it turned me on. I unbuttoned and tried to get them of her while standing on my knees before her. "They must have shrunk when I washed them she said ironically". I laughed while I finally got them below the hips. This revealed that she was wearing satin hipsters which fitted really well on her butt, it actually looked quite sexy. "I can't sleep in this bra John, why they can't they make comfortable bras, it is 2013 for god’s sake." "I have no clue, turn around" I said and started lifting her jersey so I could reach for the straps. When I unhooked them I could feel the weight of her boobs pulling the straps by gravity. "I thought I could use my bath robe, it should be easy to put on and off even for a cripple like me.

Just help me with the jersey now." I did as she said and pulled the shirt over her head and she got rid of her bra with her two visible fingers. My old mom was now standing in front of me wearing only well fitting hipsters and her back against me, why did this give me a hard on? She woke me from my paralysis. "Hello, can you hold up the robe for me dear?" When I reached for it and she held her arms out I caught a glance of her heavy tits in the bathroom mirror, wow, they are really huge with a nicely shaped hang, I thought.

That night I had dreams where my mom kept coming to my school wearing nothing but her hipsters. When I woke I desperately had to take care of my pulsating hard on and went to the bathroom to take a shower where I jerked of to relieve the built up pressure. When I was done there was just another Monday and time for school. Mom would be staying home for a while until she could work again since she was on some strong pain killers making her dozy.

I had prepared some soup under her guidance that she would eat somehow. After school she was still wearing the same robe as I helped her take on yesterday. "John, I know this may be awkward for you but I managed to take a shower today but using soap and properly wash is still impossible and I haven’t washed in almost 3 days, I am disgusting. You will have to help be somehow." "Can't you call someone, like Aunt Diane or so?" I asked before I could stop myself. "No, she won’t be here for a few weeks I am afraid".

After we ate some take away Thai food she brought up the washing again. "Either you pour me a bath and help me there or we do it in the shower. What is least troublesome for you?"I thought about it and tried not to let my fantasies away. "I don't know mom, you decide, I am not sure what you can or not can do with those fingers of yours." "Not much I will tell you today were not easy, if you hadn't fed me tonight I would starve. Let's try the shower then." We walked upstairs again to the shower. "If you can start the shower and find some nice temperature and then help me undress." After letting the streaming water free I faced mom who was now standing against me just wearing her underwear revealing her breast.

"Mom! Sorry, I didn't know." "Don't be ridiculous, and don't make it such a big deal now and let's get over with it." I tried to not look to obvious at her body, but I was somewhat perplexed. She walked to the shower." Now, remove these and let me shower some before you help me with the soap and shampoo. I pulled her hipsters down seeing her fine white butt. "John, care you eyes, I am not one of those porn girls you seem to like watching." "I was not mom, sorry.” I stammered and walked away to wait for her to call for me again. John, the servant was formerly known as son. "Aaaah, it was so good feeling that hot water finally, she said standing with her hands up on the wall to not wet the bandage. You can use that shampoo first." I turned off the shower and poured some in my hands and started to massage it into her wet hair that was brown and reached down to her shoulders.

I couldn't help looking at her butt again feeling a sensation in my body. "That is perfect, now use the soap honey." "Where should I apply it?" I asked somewhat unsure where and how to start this memorable experience. "Come on, the faster you do it the more easy for us, try my backside to start with." I washed her neck and upper back with circling motions and continued down to her butt and quickly continued down her legs. "If we do this properly you won't have to do this every day, wash me everywhere John, otherwise I will smell bad you understand? You have to wash my intimate parts too." I washed her butt more carefully one more time and also did the butt crack. Her wonderful buttocks filled my hands and I couldn't help being turned on. I did the outside and inside of her legs not knowing how far to go, she couldn't ask me to clean her pussy? "Great work John, you are doing well, it feels really good, and you have good hands. Now take care of my front side, I guess you can reach from behind." I swallowed, her warm soft skin felt good, my hard on reached rock hard state, luckily she couldn't see it.

I took some more soap and started with her arms and upper chest, now was the moment. I continued down over her breast, they were so big and soft. Completely different from the girls I had been with so far. Her nipples stood far out from the air chill. I couldn't help fondle them an extra time. "Mom, they are so big." "Yes dear and I think they are clean now, you can proceed. I blushed and continued down her belly which also was softer than I was used to but still nice. "Not that impressive, right?" "Your are beautiful mom." Now finish up, as I said you will have to clean my intimate part, can you do that? Is it okay?" "Sure, I guess." Her pussy was only roughly trimmed and more hairy than younger girls. I moved my hand over her bush quickly, shaking from ecstasy. "So, that should be it?" "Thanks so much, I feel so much fresher. I can take it from here, see you downstairs honey" I turned on the shower again and went away dazed from this erotic experience.

After surfing on big tits and milfs before sleeping I dreamed that I was lying next to mom sucking her breast like a small kid in public and trying to hide while others walked by. When I woke, I did the same routine as yesterday in the shower spraying more cum than I ever had down the drain. Mom met me by the breakfast table; I was tired since I had to go up more early since I had to make the breakfast. "John, I need help getting dressed.

I was thinking of going for a walk, being inside all day kills me." My tiredness went away in a second. "Sure, now?" We walked to her room and she told what to take from the different drawers. New more comfortable were underwear, socks, soft trousers, a long armed sweater and finally a white bra. She removed her robe and placed it on her bed facing me. "Don't even try to hide that you look at these all the time, it is okay to look, and I am your mother. Better look now than on girls you meet in school for example, they might think you are creepy." I just mumbled a yes in reply.

She guided me though the different steps, first the lower body and the bra. "I might be able to have skipped this today, but I don't want to end up with back pains too. Lift it from under my breast and try fitting it over them. I tried which wasn't that easy, her breast was so big and heavy. Finally I went around attaching the strap. "You have to lift up the left one a bit or it will hurt after a while."Mom, come on, you are nuts." I had to sound disappointed by this heavy workload, but I loved every second of it. I grabbed her left tit and replaced it in the cup which gave her a long nice cleavage. She was satisfied and we took on the sweater. "Thank you John, see you this afternoon.
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