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Adorable Woman - Part 6

At night, I expectantly waited for Sonadi. She was taking too long and I fell asleep. I suddenly woke up and saw her bolting the door. She closed all the windows and then switched on the light. She was wearing a white sari with green border, a bottle green blouse and her long hair was open reaching almost her thighs. I was unable to believe this charming woman was now available to me. She came close to my bed and started undressing slowly. She took off her blouse and then her petticoat, keeping her sari in tact. Her naked profile silhouetted in her sari looked awfully sexy. Her bare arms looked soft & silky and a soft fold at her underarm added to the charm.

She said, "I am already wet thinking about you." ("Ami na tor kotha bhebe agei bhije gechhi."

She made me touch her crotch and through the fabric I could fell the wetness in her pubic hair. I got very excited and pulled at her sari. But she moved away coyly. Turning her back towards me, she removed her sari. I now saw her fully naked from the backside. Her beautifully curved butts were partly hidden behind her long hair and that enticed me more. She raised her arms to her head and tied the long hair in a bun. Simultaneously she turned around allowing me a full view of her frontal nudity. Her moderate sized conical boobs had very little sag and her chocolate coloured nipples stood erect on not too large aureoles. Her armpit hair was not very long and was confined to a small area. Her belly was almost flat with a hint of a curve and belly button looked awfully sexy. Her pubic bush was thick but not very widespread. Her thighs were very long and shapely.

She switched off the light and came up on the bed. Sitting by my side, she undressed me and then we both lied down holding each other. We had a long kiss and she restlessly moved her boobs and her crotch on my body. As the kiss ended, she sat up and started licking all over my body. She started at my nipples and her tongue & lips traversed over my armpits, hairy chest, belly button, thighs, legs and toes. She turned me over and licked my balls, the hairy stretch behind the balls and then the ass hole. Wow! What a sensation it was. She briefly licked my cock at the end and withdrew her mouth.

She now lied down and asked me to lick her exactly the same way she did. I obediently followed. It was a lovely sensation as I licked her armpit and smelt the aroma of her perfume mixed with the faint smell of her perspiration. Her nipples felt lovely in my mouth and she moaned deeply. Her belly felt silky smooth and as I licked her ass hole, I got excited at the musty smell. Finally as I placed my mouth in her pubic bush, she removed my head.

She placed our bodies in a way so that my cock was in her mouth and her pussy was in my mouth. We started sucking each other. Soon we were both in a very excited state and at this point she disengaged me. She now straddled me and deftly slid her wet cunt on my cock. As the wet tunnel engulfed my manhood, I moaned in joy. She started moving her hips up & down and alternately contracted & expanded her tunnel. I felt excited at each stroke as her butts hit my thighs, initially slowly and then very fast. I held her dangling boobs in my hands and crushed them. Both of us moaned heavily and soon we were wild in excitement. Within minutes we both had strong climax. She collapsed on my body and after a while sat up. She took a cloth, which she had kept on the bed and as she slowly withdrew her cunt out of my cock, she kept on wiping the gooey liquid. Finally by the time she withdrew fully, both her cunt and my cock were wiped dry.

Soon we fell asleep. After a couple of hours we both woke up and she started kissing me. my cock was rock hard again.

She whispered in my ears, "Shall we fuck again? ("Arekbar chudbi?')

As I smiled happily, she said, "Now let's fuck in a different way." ("Ebar ekta notun bhabe choda jak.")

She made me stand at the side of the bed and she took a four legged position.

She said, "Put your hand under my butts and you will find my cunt." ("Amar pachhar niche hat dile amar gud ta pabi.")

As I touched her wet cunt, she said, "Now can you push your cock inside my cunt?" ("Ebar banda ta guder bhetor dhukiye dite parbi to?")

I positioned myself properly behind her and pushed my cock inside her wet tunnel. The new position felt very exciting and I fucked her like crazy. Again both of us had very satisfying orgasms. After two orgasms, we both were very exhausted and we slept naked holding each other. I slept like a log and when I woke up in the morning, she was gone. My naked body was covered under a sheet.

Sonadi stayed for two days more. Out of these two nights, once she managed to slip in my room. This time, I stripped her naked as soon as she bolted the door. I made her kneel down and pulling down my shorts & brief exposed my cock in front of her mouth. As soon as she gulped my cock, I started stroking her mouth. I pressed her boobs with both hands and moved my leg between her thighs. I moved my toe on to her pubic bush and pushed it through her pussy lips. I pushed the toe as far as possible and managed to reach her clit. As I moved my toe fast she shook her hips strongly. By the time I ejaculated in her mouth, she climaxed strongly. Later I fucked her twice, once from top and once from behind.

After I massaged grandma and had a bath together, I was expecting more massage duties. But there was no such occasion later. As the vacation was drawing to a close, ma & I were scheduled to leave within a few days. Grandma was feeling sad about our imminent departure and one night she asked me to sleep with her. She went to bed early and asked me to join her after finishing dinner. When I entered her room, she was still awake and sitting on the bed, she was reading a book. She was wearing only a long chemise with nothing underneath. Her salt & pepper hair was tied in a bun. As I entered, she put down the book, took off her reading glass and asked me to bolt the door. As I sat beside her, she placed her arms around me and softly kissed my cheeks. I was enamoured at her aroma, which was a mixture of soap & sandalwood oil from her evening bath & massage.

She said she would badly miss me and wanted to have me close to her at least for a night. Her golden skin was oily and shined under the reading lamp. Her ripe & mature body was almost fully visible through the thin cotton fabric of her chemise. Her nipples and aureoles could be clearly seen and the black triangle between her thighs was also quite visible. She lovingly held me close for a long time and I revelled under her soft & affectionate touch.

She started kissing me initially on the cheeks and forehead and then on the neck and the ears. She pressed her parted lips on the ears and licked with her tongue. This was so pleasurable that I started moaning strongly.

As she was moving down from my ears, she whispered, "Get naked my child and get me naked." ("Nangto hoye jao dadu ar amakeo nangto koro")

Saying this, she lifted her hips and raised her arms letting me pull out her chemise revealing her ripe naked body. As I took off my vest & shorts, she started kissing my hairy chest and pulled at the waistband of my brief. As she tickled my tiny nipples with her tongue, she pulled down my brief exposing my cock, which was rock hard. As I took off my brief, she lovingly fondled my cock. After a while she placed her pussy on my mouth and bending down the other way, she hungrily gulped my cock. Her pussy under the salt & pepper hair looked very inviting and it had an exotic aroma of sandalwood oil mixed with the smell of pussy juice. I thrust my mouth in her hairy mound and started sucking like a wild animal. My tongue reached her swollen clit and I almost chewed it. Grandma was sucking my cock and playing her tongue on it. We both got totally excited and within minutes we both climaxed. Grandma completely swallowed all my cum and I also relished her pussy juice in my mouth.

Grandma had a towel in her bed, with which she wiped my cock, which was still dripping. Her touch on my cock felt so nice. She also wiped her pussy and then she lied down on the bed. She placed one arm behind her head and her one leg was folded. She looked like a nude goddess and I closely watched her gorgeous body. Her belly looked awfully soft with nice lines of crease at the top edge of her pubic bush. Her exposed armpit with salt & pepper hair on smooth skin with lines of crease looked very sexy.

I asked her if she wanted me to massage her. She said that though she would love it, she wouldn't like me to take the trouble. I told her she needn't be polite with me and made her turn around. She lied on her belly with her head turned on one side and legs spread out.

As I massaged her hips & waist, she said, "I must tell you something. After that day, when we pleasured each other, I felt very guilty. To get it off my chest, I confessed to your ma. I told her in detail what happened. I told her I tried my best to check my temptation but your manhood was so attractive, I finally succumbed to my lust. I sincerely apologised to her. Surprisingly, her reaction was completely different from what I apprehended. She said she felt bad for me as I am deprived of sex and she knew that you & I could feel physically attracted to each other. She saw nothing wrong in this and felt we should have made love to each other."

She now excitedly sat up on the bed and continued in an emotional voice, "I never realised my daughter was such an angel and she felt so much for me. My physical need, I was surprised, is so important to her that she was ready to ignore the social taboo. She is so keen about my physical pleasure that she forced me to have you in my bed for one night."

I told her, "You are not fully correct. Apart from her concern for you, she genuinely believes that social taboo shouldn't stand in the way when there is strong physical attraction between two persons.
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