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Plight Of An Indian Housewife Part 4

I heard a man say "look at the flesh in her butt, my wife doesn't have that much on her chest."
Then Rajan caught hold of my open hair and placed them on his shoulders exposing my backside fully to the ogling crowd. Imagine the sight they must have got with my body in only a two- string blouse and a bikini panty. Then he grabbed my face and smooched me again.
Then came a voice, " enough of this nonsense Rajan, lets get down to business."

So Rajan grabbed me by my waist and moved me near the pool, to be followed by the eager crowd. I looked around and found Rajan behind me, making me lean over a poolside armchair. As I balanced myself holding the armrests, Rajan pushed my hair over my head, and spread it around blocking almost my entire view. Just then I felt his hand pulling my panty downwards to my ankle. His fingers ran over my pussy lips as "Oooooooohs" and "Aaaaahs" could be heard. I felt a finger enter my cunt and run in and out for some moments. I started to get wet.

This was followed by a brief halt. But then I felt an electrifying feeling as his dick entered my wet slit. He seemed really fat, making me gasp. After he had entered me fully, he remained that way for some time. Then started the jerking. I grabbed the armrest firmly as he began to thrust into me violently. Within a couple of minutes I felt his hot semen spurt into my cunt. I tried to get up as Rajan withdrew, but I felt a hand putting pressure on my shoulders.
"Not so fast bitch. You know how many dicks you have made hard tonight?"

This was followed by my vagina being ravaged by 7 more dicks of all sizes and thickness, one after the other, without any break.
At the end of it all, I felt a mixture of my as well as their juices running down my thighs. As I lost the grip of the armrest, I fell on the back cushion of the chair.
"She is tired and needs refreshment", said a familiar voice.

I turned around and was shocked to see Jayesh Patel, my husband's immediate subordinate. He picked me up in his arms and walked up to the pool and threw me in the water. The water was very cold, almost freezing. In the semi-conscious state I swam to the shallow end of the pool, which had steps to get out. The cold water seemed to counteract the effect of the drug mixed in my drink. I got out of the pool and fell to the floor. I looked towards the group. They were looking towards me and laughing. I looked around to find my husband. He was still not to be found anywhere.
Jayesh Patel shouted, "Hey bitch, don't you want your clothes?"

holding my sari and petticoat in his right hand with his left hand on his semi erect dick. This made me realize about the situation I was in. The drunken men could easily fuck me again. I could not understand how other women could stand and watch the men force themselves on me, and also why the men selected only me.
Just then I felt a hand on my shoulder. I turned around to see Ved, Rajan's son. He looked at my shivering body and said-
"Aditi aunty, you must be dying of cold. Let's go inside and get some heat."

Saying so, he grabbed me by my stomach and put me on his shoulder. He was really strong. As he did this, there were cheers from the other end of the pool.
"Dad can I take her in?" shouted Ved to Rajan.
"Go ahead son, she is one hell of a bitch", shouted Rajan.
As I struggled to get away, he tightened his grip on me. Simultaneously his other hand patted my ass. As we entered the living room, he said-
"Mom what the hell are you doing? This is the living room. Take that man to the bedroom."

Saying so he turned around and started to walk away upstairs. As he turned around, I was shocked to see Alisha in only her black thong and high heels, running her hand through my husband's hair. He was totally naked and his dick was hanging proudly at full length. He stood on all fours licking Alisha's feet, as she had her other hand caressing her own boobs.

Before I could recover from the sight, I entered a bedroom. Ved dropped me on to a bed and immediately turned me around, making me sleep on my stomach. He sat on my back and tied my hands with two scarves to the bed rest. Then I heard him closing the door and putting on some music.
"Please don't do it Ved. I am of your mother's age. And you saw what the men did to me downstairs. I am really tired", I said.

I heard him smile and say, "Shut the fuck up bitch. I have always lusted for your body. I have talked to my dad about it many times, but he has refused to use his control over your husband to set this up. Tonight I took advantage of him being drunk. Anyway your husband is fucking my step-mom downstairs, so I must do the same to you as to make the business deal equal."

Saying so, he put a velvet blindfold on my eyes. Almost immediately, I felt his fingers getting inside the waistband of the wet panty. In a single swift motion, he peeled off the wet undergarment from my body. I instinctively closed together my legs, covering my already exploited cunt. But for some time I lay on the bed alone, with him not around. I almost got a shock when his hand pulled apart my legs with a jerk and positioned himself between them. He lifted my lower body holding my knees and repositioned my legs.

Now I could distinctly feel his hardness on my ass. My abdomen was resting on his knees. He moved back slightly and then with a thrust, pushed his erection into my pussy, which was filled with the sticky sperm of the 8 other men. He let his tool slide in fully and stayed that way. His manhood was really long, but thin. It was longer than any I had felt inside my body before. He stretched forward and squeezed my breasts over the wet blouse. Muffled NO's came out of my mouth. He kept mauling my breasts. Maybe this was after a long time that he was with a woman. His dick was throbbing inside my pussy. He then stopped the mauling and moved back.

Then I felt his hand undoing the knots of the strings on the back of my blouse. As the two strings were opened up, he put his hands inside my blouse and caressed my hanging boobs. Keeping his hands cupping my breasts, he started stroking his dick. After some time, he removed his hands over my breasts and caught my waist. Within a couple of minutes he was spurting inside my pussy.

He then withdrew and I heard him opening some door. Soon I could hear the shower. I lay in that state for some 10 minutes. He came out of the bathroom and removed my blindfold. I turned around my head to see him standing wet and naked. His 20-year-old body was perfectly chiseled and hairless. He even had a shaven crotch. His limp tool was more than 6 inches long. He got into a T-shirt and shorts and coming to me he said-
"You are wonderful Aditi aunty. You can come to me anytime you want. You know you can get any man you want anytime. Thanks for this wonderful time."
Saying so, he smooched me.

As he was about to open my hands, there was a knock on the door. So Ved opened the door slightly. It was his friend Aziz. Ved tried to turn him away, but he managed to get into the room. Looking at my nude body, he pleaded Ved to let him have me. He said he didn't want Alisha's dirty panties anymore. So as it had to happen, Ved left the room and I was fucked by another 20-year-old boy, in the missionary position. He was definitely a virgin. He left me in the room soon after sex.

I dozed off after sometime. I woke up in the morning due to the sun falling on my body. I looked around and found myself alone in the room. My naked body was partially covered with a sheet. I was hurried to cover up my nudity as the maid entered the room. She stole glances at me as she started cleaning up.
"Where is Ved?" I asked her.

"There is nobody in the house. Everyone has left for a Christmas vacation to Australia. Don't you know?" she replied.
I kept quiet, looking for my clothes and at the same time covering up my breasts with the sheet. She may have understood my problem and said-
"Madam, you wait here.

I'll get some of my madam's old clothes for you before the house keeping men come to clean up the house."
She came back with a skirt and a sleeveless vest and a shirt. She also had some old panties, which I declined to wear. I got into the clothes and wearing a spare sandal from the shoe rack, walked to the ground floor.

I looked at the spot where I had seen my husband with Alisha. It reminded me of how cruel my husband was. I looked around and then over to the pool. It was in a total mess. I could see my sari lying near the very spot I was fucked.
It was almost 10:30. As I was about to walk out of the gate, a driver stopped me and said that he was instructed to leave me by Ved. So I got into the luxury Sedan. As the driver drove me to my house, I controlled myself from crying and maintained a straight face. As I got down at the gate of my building, the driver called me and said- "That was a good show madam. Call me when you feel lonely."

As he drove off, I rushed up the stairs to my house. My husband was not in the house. That day I cried a lot, cursing myself for being a beautiful woman and being born in India. Maybe this was the fate I had to face, as I was an Indian Housewife!!
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