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Christmas day swap-1

I suppose I should explain certain things before I go any further.

I have been friends with the "Girls" since we attended State college over twenty-five years ago. In that time, we always kept in touch and never moved more than an hour away from each other even after we married and started raising families. As women tend to do, we talked about everything under the sun. Hence, when more than one of us started feeling that our sex life was at a standstill -- too vanilla is how Gina had put it back then -- we came up with idea of "Christmas amongst Friends."

I won't go into the specifics of how this decision was made because to be honest, it took a couple of years. And we only have been putting it into practice for three years now; this will be the fourth. We just all simply came to that point in our lives -- and marriages -- where we were ready for something new and different. We had enough trust and love in our husbands and each other, that we could actually feel safe in undertaking something of this nature. And the fact that our husbands not only like each other but consider themselves friends as well, only solidified our decision.

Essentially, the four of us couples no longer exchange gifts for Christmas. Now, we exchange spouses instead.

On Christmas morning we all privately open the little holiday envelope that we receive the night before at an elaborate Christmas Eve dinner. In this envelope is the name of a local pricey hotel -- four different hotels so that no one will run into another couple -- and a key to one of its honeymoon suites. We then say goodbye for the next 36 hours to our Everyday Loves, and race down to the hotel, not having a clue as to who will be waiting for us on the other side of that door.

After our time spent with our "Christmas present" -- of which at least some must be recorded, to prove that we actually participated -- we head back home and do not mention a word of it to anyone until the following week. Then on New Year's Eve, while everyone else is out bringing in the New Year, the four of us couples get together at one of our homes and watch the videos. We laugh and get embarrassed and we tease and of course, we get extremely aroused by everything we see.

And then after that, we don't mention it again. Except to your Everyday Love, you are not permitted to say a word to anyone else about it ever again.

I cannot even begin to describe the rush of pure adrenaline you feel from the moment you get that little envelope in your hand and feel the keycard sliding back and forth inside. It could be any one of my best girlfriend's husbands; or even more electrifying, one of my best girlfriends themselves! I get wet just writing this down and explaining it for you.

That first year, I must say, was one of the most exhilarating experiences in my life! The eight of us ate dinner at Karen and Spence's house; none of us acting all that much different than any other year when we all got together. That is, until the table was cleared and everyone was sitting in the family room watching the fire and sipping our drinks. It got very quiet all of a sudden and everyone was just looking at each other.

My husband Doug had his arm around me on the couch, pressing his fingers into my breast secretively, while I had my shoes off and my feet tucked under me as I snuggled into him. The others were in similar romantic poses, with Gina and Gary on the floor by the Christmas tree, lying in a very suggestive spoon position with him behind her stroking her long hair. Dana was on the loveseat with her ***** feet in Phil's lap while he gently massaged them and tried to make a point of not getting too excited -- as we all knew how laid back he was, except for when it came to feet. And Spencer was sitting on the floor right to the side of my husband and me, with his wife Karen sitting behind him on the couch, rubbing his shoulders and neck or kissing the top of his head from time to time.

"Well. I don't know about everyone else, but I'm ready for my present. And like, now!" Gina said, looking at no one in particular. Although I did see her reach back and touch her husband's smoothly shaved head immediately after.

We all laughed nervously and someone shouted over the din, "Way to get things moving, G!"

Karen got up and went back to their home office, returning a few moments later with a small box which she took over to the sofa table. She proceeded to lay out eight identical green envelopes with little red bows on them. All of us girls had examined them when we had arrived; all of us staring at them as if they were too taboo to even be in the same room with. Karen and I had gone and checked in at the four motels in advance and returned with the two sets of keys. And then we placed the keys and a hotel lobby card into each envelope and sealed them before the others arrived, making certain that no distinguishing marks could be seen.

So now, the way this would be done is to have each husband get up first and pick an envelope that he would give to his wife as her gift. I took my envelope from Doug and was surprised to see my hand shaking as I returned it to my lap. He leaned down and kissed me softly on the lips, smiling and winking before settling down in his seat again. Now it was the wives' turn to return the favor. So the four of us went over to the table (Gina actually crawled on all fours in those tight slacks of hers, causing all of our husbands to stare) and grabbed the last of the envelopes before returning them to our men.

Doug just looked me in the eyes the whole time and then leaned on one side to stuff the envelope in his back pocket without even glancing at it. I hurried over to my purse by the door and slid mine into the zipper, all safe and sound while others hid their's away in similar fashion.

Well, after that, the evening was just a dud. None of us could concentrate and after finding ourselves staring off into space and just sipping our drinks for the longest time, we all decided to just head home.

Doug and I couldn't help it. We fucked like rabbits almost the moment we got in the door. It was fast and furious and noisier than I'd remembered us being in months. We took turns whispering the names of our friends in each other's ears as we moved beneath the sheets, laughing softly and sighing as we pictured not our Everyday Love but instead someone entirely new. I came when he whispered, "Spence is going to make you come all over his big cock," right in my ear. He had saved him for last, knowing me so well.

And after I realized he was watching me eagerly through my entire little shameful display, I tossed back at him, "Fucking Gina's tight little ass from behind now!" He tensed up and came so fast it was funny. He immediately apologized and looked down at me for reassurance. And I just smiled back at the face I'd loved for twenty-five years and squeezed him tight inside me. "Just don't forget about my hot little pussy, when you're in Gina's tight little ass...Husband."

Making love helped, because I don't know that I would have been able to sleep at all that night. And the next morning both of us seemed very subdued as we prepared for our little rendezvous. There was a lot of touching but not much talking as we took our showers in turn and then got dressed. We needed the reassurance that both of us were going to be OK with this no matter what.

"Please, don't be too disappointed, Sweetie," my husband said as he watched me spritzing my bare chest and neck with my favorite perfume this time, not his.

I looked at him in the mirror, understanding perfectly. I did have a secret thing for Spencer for quite some time and he had always been overly flirtatious with me over the years, long before this little Christmas thing had ever been dreamed of.

"There is very little that would disappoint me right now, I think. How about you?" I saw the look in his eyes go distant as he stared off into space with a smile. "I take that back. I think you should be the one worrying about not being disappointed!"

"Me?" he asked.

"Yes, you. I bet Dana and Karen are going through this exact same thing right now too. Gina and that little ass of hers last night. What a display that was!"

"Who says Gina is top of my list? She isn't the only one with a great ass, you know." He smacked my bottom, in only my French cut laced panties that I'd bought special for that day.

"Yes, Dear. You keep telling yourself that why don't you."

It took me much longer to get dressed than it did Doug, of course. He came back into the master bathroom probably ten times to just talk about things that didn't need to be talked about at all at the moment.

"Doug... Honey. You don't have to wait for me. For all we know, your present is already there wondering where you are."

The look on his face was priceless, as if he hadn't even thought of that.

"Well, I didn't want to just run off and leave you know... What if your car doesn't start or you slip going down the steps or something? I'd kill myself!"

I walked over and pushed back a loose strand of his hair on the side, the spot where it was turning a sexier gray each and every day.

"You go on now. I'll see you tomorrow, Love." He bent to kiss me on the lips but I turned my face and let him have my cheek instead. "Save it for Gina," I laughed.

There is no point in describing my clothes or the weather or the fact that my heart was pounding to the point of nauseum the closer I got to the Hilton, my ultimate destination. The lobby was deserted, with only one bored attendant behind the desk who didn't even look up as I made my way to the elevator. Stepping off on the 12th floor, I fingered the key-card that I had been gripping so hard that it was forging a crease in my fist.

Here goes nothing, I thought.

The room was still dark. I breathed a sigh of relief and went inside. It was a marvelous suite, with a tub that could easily fit six people; with two large shower heads angling toward the center from either side.
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