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Priya And Her Mother

I had been tutoring Priya for about three weeks now, three times a week. Each time, we had sex. She was learning her "sex education" very well. She had learned every word I could think of for cock and pussy, she was giving me terrific blow jobs, she enjoyed my oral sex, and each week we would fuck each other. We had even started seeing each other outside of our tutoring sessions, although no dating yet, as her father was very strict about that. Each time I went to the house I was greeted warmly with hugs from her mother and father and compliments on how well she was doing since getting my help. Saturday I went over to her house for a cram session because of a big test coming up Monday.

I rang the bell, but instead of Priya I heard her mother's voice on the intercom saying "come around to the back please." When I opened the gate to the yard I saw Mrs. Choudhary reclining in a lounge chair at the edge of the pool. "Hi, Mrs. Choudhary, I was supposed to tutor Priya today, is she here?" "I'm afraid she won't be here today, she went to the lake with her father, they haven't spent much time together lately and he wanted her to be with him before he left for California tomorrow." I moved to go, and started to say goodbye when Mrs. Choudhary called to me "stay for a few minutes, I'd like to talk to you, can I get you a lemonade?" I told her sure and took the chair next to where she had been sitting.

Mrs. Choudhary got up and headed for the house. I could see where Priya got her looks. Her mother had a beautiful ass that swayed side- to-side as she walked away from me, no bounce either. Not bad for a woman her age. Her breasts were lovely to look at too. In her bikini they were barely covered and looked to be 40s easy, but very firm, as were her legs, she must work out I thought to myself. I could see Mrs. Choudhary through the glass doors standing in the kitchen. She took ice and put it in my glass and then took one cube and began to rub it along the sides of her neck. Water dripped down her shoulders, she took the cube and began to rub it along the top of her breasts, I wondered if she knew I could see her.

If she knew, she didn't seem to care. She took the cube and rubbed it in her cleavage and then along the top of her swimsuit over her nipples, her eyes were closed and she seemed to be enjoying herself. She stopped when the ice cube had melted to nothing and picked up the tray and headed for where I was. I knew my cock was hard already, there wasn't anything I could do to hide it, I figured drink the lemonade and hit the road before she notices the bulge in my shorts. She came to where I was sitting and bent at the waist to offer me the tray, her breasts were at eye level and I could see that her nipples had hardened from the ice cube, "if you see something you like, take it" she offered. Damn, I couldn't resist, as I reached for my drink I let my hand brush up against the nipple of her left breast.

I heard her suck in a little breath, but she said nothing to me, and lay back down on her lounge chair. "My daughter tells me she likes you very much, and that you are a very good tutor", "thanks" was all I could mutter. "My husband and I have seen improvement in her grades since you started with her" she continued, "she tells me you are very good with the sex education". This time it was me who gasped "uh, well Priya is a very good student and a quick learner" I stammered "she asked a lot of questions that I tried to answer" I lied. "Priya tells me that you have hands of velvet, but another part of you is like stone", I just stared at her, I didn't know what to say "perhaps you can show me these things." "I would hate for my husband to know that Priya's tutor was also her lover" Christ, now she made it clear, if I didn't play along she would let her old man kill me. "If I can show you something, I would be glad to". Mrs. Choudhary undid the strap of her swimsuit top and released her lovely tits, she handed me the suntan lotion and said " I don't wish to burn, will you help me" I poured lotion in my hands and started to cover her breasts with it.

Each fleshy mound moved under my fingers, her nipples were already hard and I drew little circles around each one with my fingertips. I pinched the nipples between my thumb and forefinger and watched as she closed her eyes and smiled. "I don't want to burn anywhere" she said as she turned over "can you do the back" I reached down and pulled her bottoms off her legs. From the rear I could see her dark black pussy hair, her lips were already becoming excited. She opened her legs just a little, enough so my hand could reach her cunt lips. I dripped lotion along her spine and in the crack of her ass, it made her shiver and she moaned softly. I massaged the lotion into her shoulders, and back, and then moved to her tight ass cheeks. I kneaded each one and let one hand rub her inner thighs just barely touching her pussy lips each time I got near them.

Mrs. Choudhary moved her ass up, raising it off the lounge chair so that my fingers could enter her love hole. I let two fingers slip easily inside her wet passage and massaged the walls of her pussy. "I feel the velvet hands, but what of the part that is like a stone" she whispered to me. As I stood to remove my shorts Mrs. Choudhary sat up and helped me undo my belt, she took my shorts and pulled them from me and did the same with my underwear. Her hands were suddenly everywhere; one stroked my cock up and down the other cupped my balls and squeezed them gently, I could feel her breath on my belly as she put her face near me. This was incredible, she was even more lovely than her daughter and I was about to have her! Her lips closed on the tip of my cock, she reached around me and held my ass in her hands, her fingernails digging into my flesh. She pulled me to her, letting my dick slip into her mouth until I felt it hit the back of her throat, then she slowly pulled it out and started again.

She took her time, letting me fuck her face easily, my balls banging her chin each time she took me in her warm throat. When she could feel I was about to cum one hand began to squeeze my swollen balls, ready to milk them of all the cum I had in them. I felt myself tighten and then let go with a hot stream of cum, it startled her at first but she kept swallowing, like daughter, like mother. My hips bucked, my cock went deeper into her mouth and she milked my balls, letting her finger play with the spot just behind them. When I finished I fell back to my chair and collapsed, she smiled and got to her knees and licked me clean. "My daughter was right, you are very good at this sex education, but now you must teach me a lesson tutor." "Did you have something in mind" I stammered. "My husband does not wish to do what you call oral sex, I wish to know what it feels like, perhaps you can teach me as you have my daughter." I had Mrs. Choudhary lay back down on her chaise lounge, with a leg on either side so her cunt was completely open to me. I folded the end of the lounge down so that I could kneel between her legs.

"Close your eyes and relax" I whispered as I took her leg in my hand and began to put kisses on her ankle. I slowly worked my way up her leg, licking and kissing her calves, the back of her knee, and finally her inner thigh. She squirmed as I got closer to her pussy, I could smell her lovely sex scent, and felt with one hand that she was already wet between her lips. As my warm breath blew across her soft cunt hair she moaned and began to touch her own nipples. I covered her cunt lips in soft kisses, every once in awhile pulling on the lips with suction to open her cunt to me. Her juices were already flowing and I tasted her sweet juice on my tongue. Using my thumbs I opened her lips to my tongue and let it circle her clit, flicking it over and over and biting it between my teeth. Mrs. Choudhary was bucking her ass off the lounge now and one hand held my face between her legs. My tongue continued to flick at her hot little button while my finger found her g-spot.

The combination sent her over the edge. With a loud moan, that I'm sure the neighbors heard, she came in waves, her pussy walls closing on my finger and tongue. I lapped at her wet cunt sucking up each drop of her sex juice, when she had finished her orgasm she let out a soft sigh and let her body relax. "My daughter is very fortunate to have a tutor of such skill" she grinned. "Yes mother, I am and I didn't expect I would be sharing him with you," Priya declared from the patio door! "She threatened to tell your father we were....." "I know what she said," Priya interrupted, "I heard every word, I've been watching since you got here." "If you wanted to see how good he was mother, why didn't you just ask to watch" she glared at her mother. Priya started to walk toward us, and as she did she pulled off her t-shirt, unbuttoned her shorts and stepped out of them as she walked across the patio. "Let me show you what we do mother." I was still on my knees when Priya reached us.

She took my head and shoved it between her legs, "Now show my mother how you eat me." I ate her like a starving man. I let my mouth pull at her cunt lips, my teeth scraping along the soft folds of skin. My mouth covered her entire pussy at times, my tongue licking and forcing it's way into her warm tunnel. My hands dug into her ass pulling her into my face, and her hips ground her wet mound into my mouth. I could barely catch my breath, but it was incredible. We were like animals, and we were doing it in front of her mother. I felt Priya stiffen and then she came in a shuddering orgasm, the strongest she'd ever had. Wave after wave washed over her and her juices covered my face.

I sucked hard on her clit making her shake and shiver with every touch. When she was finished she collapsed on a beach towel, but she wasn't done with me yet. "Fuck my ass" she spit out "watch mother as his cock fills my bunghole, I'll bet daddy never does this to you either.
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