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Seducing the Village Teen

I strongly believe in sexual satisfaction in my life and I would do every possible thing for a good sex. Many male readers think that as I am too sexy, I can be easily available to them for sex. Yes! I admit that I am too sexy but at the same time, I am satisfied with my uncle and boyfriend because they are always present whenever I need them for sex.

When they are not available immediately at the time of need, I use my fingers or vibrator. There was a time in my life when both uncle and boyfriend were away for quite some time and I had a short term sexual relationship with a teen aged boy. This relationship was last for a short period and my uncle / boyfriend, both are still un-aware about this. Some time I feel very bad for being hiding this truth from them but I think that was in my fortune because of my weakness at that particular time.

I do not want to justify myself that what I did in my life is correct, but I can say that I have the required strength to accept/share the things which I did whether it was wrong or right. I strongly believe that you cannot un-do the things once it is done and you should accept the facts/reality. I know that there are many people, men or women, who had sex with close family members, but they do not want it to disclose it. I have also kept my sexual relation with my uncle secret from my parents, but I have disclosed it to my boyfriend and shared this with the readers.

Any way...........................................................................................

That time, I was 24 years old and was enjoying my sexual life better than any girl could. I have already completed my education and I have started to play a very important role in our family business for export marketing of our product. Readers are aware that we are having a very big farm where we grow nuts and mangos. One corner portion of our farm is still thick natural jungle and we left it as it is because of our love towards nature. In other words, we need not to convert this part for commercial production.

Our workers at farm lives in their quarters build by us along one of the boundary of our farm near the jungle part. Our cottage is located on other boundary of the farm. Whenever I visit the farm, I take a round of farm to see the progress and very often, I spend some time in jungle roaming here and there or to relax under any big tree.

My boyfriend went to Delhi to join his duty and uncle was away on his business trip.

One day, I visited the farm in the afternoon at about 3.00 pm. I have parked my car at cottage and took a round of farm. It was hot weather. When I was near jungle portion, I was feeling little tired. I entered in to jungle portion. It was pleasant in thick tree shadow. Nice breeze was running a cross. I took out water bottle from my hand bag to drink some water. I decided to relax little under one big tree and drink water. I was sitting with my back resting on tree. I did not know when I was gone sleep while relaxing. I woke-up after half an hour. I was feeling to pee. I could have do it under the same tree but I was fearing that somebody from farm workers may come there in search of me and I did not want to expose myself to any worker. I walked toward a rock which is little far, to pee behind it. I reached behind the rock and un-buttoned my jeans and push down it up to my knee along with my panty. I was sitting and relaxing by drain out pee.

Suddenly I heard some noise like somebody is talking nearby. I looked around but nobody was there. I finished peeing and stand up. I pulled my panty and jeans on place and buttoned it. I was still looking around to find out who is there. There was another rock little further and the voice was continued to come. I thought that there must be two persons behind that rock and talking in slow voice. I moved carefully towards that rock without making any noise. I was on top of the rock and could not believe on my eyes what I was seeing there. My eyes were wide open and there was an unbelievable, never seen before drama was going on. There was only one man, aged about 40, moaning in sex pleasure in local language. ( I put here everything in English to understand better. Actually, everybody at farm talks in local or Hindi language)

He was naked below his waist. He was wearing only a shirt and his other cloths were lying down near him. I could see his back and naked ass. The unbelievable thing was he not masturbating or he was not having sex with any female. He was fucking a goat. His legs were in spread position to adjust his cock for goat's pussy. He was holding back of goat and fucking her like a female. He was calling the goat darling and loving babe in sex pleasure moaning. His back was moving forward and backward. The goat was standing without any problem when he was making strokes and pushing his cock inside her and it was looking like she is also enjoying fuck with him. I understood that the goat must be his regular partner in fucking.
He was telling a lot of things to his fucking partner goat, some I understood and some I could not. He must have been working at our farm and could have been find this place perfect for fucking the goat. I have come across with different type of sex another method of sex satisfaction with an animal.

He could not notice that I was watching him because I was on height behind him and there is no shadow due to thick jungle with a lot of tree. He was fucking the goat carelessly and enjoying. He increased his speed and started moaning more loudly. I understood that he was near to finish. Suddenly, he holds the goat tight and bends upon her. He must have fired his cum inside goat's pussy and the goat was still unmoved.

After some time, he removed his cock from goat pussy. It was dark, long and thick cock and I thought that the goat must have enjoyed the fuck with that cock. He started to clean his cock with help of dry tree leaves and goat had moved little forward started to clean her pussy by self licking.

I turned back and started to walk towards our cottage. What I have seen was first time in my life. I wanted to reach cottage as early as possible because I was becoming horny and my panty was started to wet.

I have reached the cottage and locked the main door from inside. For your information, nobody is allowed in our cottage except a female worker in every morning to clean it. The watchman remains on the outer gate. I removed all my cloths in bedroom and went in to attach bathroom. I was under cold shower and my hands were moving on my body. I was feeling and wishing that either my uncle or boyfriend would have been with me for a fuck. But both were out. I moved my right hand up to my pussy and I was squeezing my boobs with my left hand. My hairless pussy was completely wet with juices and water. I could not control myself for a long time and started to stroke/rub my clit/g-spot with my middle finger with a great speed.

As I was hot since quite some time, I experienced orgasm soon but it was not so strong. My middle finger of right hand was still in between pussy lips and my legs were tightly gripped on my hand. After some time, I have removed my finger out of my pussy lips and turned the shower off. I have opened the tap in full speed and sat down with my legs wide open. I have adjusted my sitting position in such a way that tap water was coming directly on my pussy. I have started to enjoy tap water on my pussy giving a lot of pleasure. This is a unique way of female masturbating with tap water. My body started to stiff and stiff and I was in haven with a strong orgasm.

I came out of bathroom and that time it was 5.30 pm. I wanted to give some instructions to watchman on night duty and I came down after wearing all my cloths.

Day watchman was on his duty in his cabin and I asked him about night watchman. (His name is Madan) He told me that Madan is in his room behind the cottage. I decided to walk up to his room instead of calling him.

I reached up to his room and his room was seems locked from inside there was sound coming OOH............... AAH................ OH...........OH AAAAAAA AAAAAAAAH --OOOOHHHHHHH.

I was aware that he is single and unmarried. He must have brought some woman to have sex but there was no female sound. I walked towards a window and second time on the same day; I was surprised to see another abnormal drama.

Our watchman (Madan ) was naked and there was another boy aged about 17/18 years who was also naked. Madan was fucking ass of that boy. They were in doggy position and his cock was inside ass of that cute boy and I could notice that the boy was in pain saying ohhhhhhhhhhh..............................aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh with his every stroke. The boy was very cute and handsome. His ass was small but in very good round shape. Cock of boy was of pinkish and it was not so thick but a longer one. Madan's cock was also not thick but the boy was feeling pain when he was fucking his ass.

Boy's cock was visible to me very clearly as he was in doggy position allowing Madan to fuck his ass. I have seen this gay fucking in movies only but first time with my naked eyes. Madan was stroking in boy's ass and he moved one of his hand down to hold the boy's cock. Now his cock stroking in boys ass and he was stroking the boy's cock with his hand. He is fucking boy's ass and at the same time masturbating the boy. After some time, he removed his cock from boy's ass and cleaned it with a cloth. Madan's cock is smaller one, not very thick but strong one. Now both were sitting opposite each other. Madan asked the boy to masturbate his cock and the boy followed his instructions. He holds his cock between his palms and started stroking it up and down...........up and down.

As Madan was already too hot and have fucked the boy's ass for some time, he soon fired his cum.

Now Madan hold the boy's cute and pink long cock in his hands and started to stroke it up and down with full speed.
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