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After Four Years - Ch 3


A few days passed without any thing. My mom did not come. I could not take any advantage in the morning when my dad went out for a walk. Because he used to go only after I left for office. I could not speak to my mom regarding this because of his ever presence. I finally asked her one morning when I was about to leave for the office and my father was in the garden in our backyard.

"Ma please come today." I said

"Ok I will try"

"No try ma you must come I need you very badly."

"Ok you go now it's getting late for you."

"Ma promise me you are coming today"

"Ok honey I promise, now go." She said.

"Yesss" I yelled and left for my office. My mom was smiling as I left.

That night my mom came late when everything was quite. She came stealthily and locked the door. I was waiting for her. She was also eager to have sex. She directly came in my arms. We hugged each other and kissed frantically. I was only in my shorts. I did not realize when my mom removed it. She lifted her sari and spread her legs for me. The sex was really good that night. We were done with it in about half an hour.

"You are really a good lover honey" she said

"Thanks ma"

"You make me feel so full 'there'" she blushed

"So please come tomorrow and everyday."

"That's not possible honey." She giggled.

"Why not mom" I asked her in a pleading tone.

"I can not give an extra pill to your dad every day"

"Then come without giving any extra pill"

"What if he wakes up and finds out?" she asked.

"Hmmm" I said disappointedly.

"We can do it on Saturday and Sunday mornings when you are at home and your dad goes out for a walk" she suggested.

"That's great ma but it feels great at night. I wish you come every night."

"Honey I will try to come as much as I can"

"Ok ma"

"So now let me go dear."

I moved away from her and she quickly raced towards the bathroom.

Unfortunately because of heavy workload we were all advised to do overtime and come on weekends. I was disappointed as this was going to undo my plans. We were also told that the situation will continue to remain so for at least three months. So our plans to have unrestricted sex on weekends were spoiled. My mother would come to me only after four or five days.

My father did not notice anything unusual. My mother was encouraged by this and her frequency of visits increased. She would come every alternate day. Only when she was experiencing her periods she would not come for a week. We were making very passionate love.

One night we were in the middle of our love making when I heard a knock on my door.

"It's father ma." I said in a terrified voice.

"Rohan open the door your mom is not in the house"

He thought my mom went out some where but he did not suspect that she was with me. I was terrified and did not know how to react.

"Rohan dress up I will handle this" She said in a firm tone.

I was surprised and wondered what she was up to? I quickly pulled on my shorts and lay on the bed inside the covers. I was really terrified. My mom pulled her sari down up to her feet adjusted her hair and got up from the bed. She then slowly walked towards the door. My heart was pounding as she removed the latch. She opened the door halfway, stepped out and quickly pushed the door back.

"What are you doing here?" My father asked loudly. I could hear him even though the door was closed.

"Let's go to our room I will tell you" My mom said.

After a few seconds I heard the opening and closing of their door. I was curious and also worried. I was worried that my father would beat my mom. Even though he could not use his right hand his left hand was enough to kill my mom. I stood terrified outside their room listening to them. I was prepared to step in just in case.

"Ok tell me now what were you doing there?" asked my dad.

"Listen now, our son is no longer a kid" said my mom.

"I know that, come to the point."

"You see he is now twenty four and his needs are not the same," said my mom.

"What do you mean?" asked my father.

"Look I just want to tell you that.."

"Don't confuse me just tell me why you were there?"

A few minutes of silence and then my mother spoke something which I never thought she could speak.

"What do you think two adults would do in the middle of the night in a closed room with lights switched off?"

"You bastard" My father shouted.

"Don't shout at me." My mother yelled. She had taken an aggressive stand.

"Are you able to satisfy me for the last four years?"

"Did I spare any efforts to stimulate you?"

My father did not say anything. Probably he was stunned by my mother's questions. She had directly attacked his manhood and humiliated him.

"Do I not have any feelings? Do I not have any desires? Am I too old not to have any sexual desire?" Her voice cracked.

After a few seconds of silence

"I have been serving you like a maid without any complains. I sponged you, cleaned your refuse when you were immobilized. I help you everyday to tie your shoes, put on your clothes." She was sobbing now.

"I do not have any existence. For the last four years I have not even gone out of the house. I have not seen a single movie; I have never been to any restaurant. I am just working as your maid servant." She was now crying loudly.

I felt sorry for my mother. For the first time I realized what she was going through.

"Our son is now twenty four and people are already bringing marriage proposals for him. What do you think when he gets married and moves out?"

"Is your pension enough for us to sustain?"

"By giving up to him I am ensuring he stays with us" She declared.

"Besides he is doing what you are not able to do" she humiliated him again.

"So what you want to do now? Want to kill me? Go ahead kill me and relieve me from my duties as your maid." My mom was very angry. I was surprised how the tide was turned.

"But what you are doing is wrong" My father finally said something.

"Don't preach me what is wrong and what is right. In our time of distress nobody helped us not even your brothers and sisters." Her anger was spilling out of her voice.

"Our son massaged you for more than one year; he took on all the household responsibilities. He even took up a job when kids of his age were enjoying."

"My heart went out for him everyday. Did you forget how many sacrifices he has made for our family?" She was now emotional.

"I know what I am doing is not moral as per the society in which we live. But I don't care for that society"

"It is pay back time now. I am doing exactly what I should do." She said in a very firm voice.

Nothing happened for a few minutes. I waited there for some more time but I did not hear any conversation between them. I assumed that they had settled in their beds and walked towards my room.
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