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Indian Maid Made It For Me

I am Tarun. I was aged 34 and my wife Tina aged about 30 years. We were married since the last eight years. I was about 5 ft. 8 inches; suave, fair and a handsome guy. We enjoyed married life in the best of way initially. We had sex almost two to three times a day. As time went by and responsibilities increased; this went down to once a day and then once in two or three days. Even after eight years of marriage, I enjoyed sex (which man does not?). However, the same was not the case with my wife. It was true that our sex life had reached a stage of stagnation. And was surely not what it had been.

There was monotony and lack of novelty. In bed, Tina ignored my sexual initiatives. Frankly my enthusiasm for sex with my wife Tina had also weakened. It was not because my wife was not beautiful. Far from it, she was very attractive and cared for her body and appearance. She was easily the best eye catcher in their colony. I could detect lust in some male eyes and envy in women, whenever I went around with her to public places such as market, movie theaters etc. However, she strictly shunned any hint of overtures from others and flatly rejected outright any proposal from me of non conventional sexual engagement.

Due to normal house problems, Tina was more worried about things other than sex. I was dissatisfied with our sex life because my wife hinted all the time that she was no longer interested in sex.

Hit by the monotony of routine sex, I developed some kinky feelings for sex in my mind. I had heard of wife swap, threesome etc. Such ideas excited me and I tried occasionally to talk to my wife Tina on such matters. She simply brushed them off, saying that I was a pervert to even think that. I was getting sexually restless; to say the least. My wife was not the least bit interested in any such non conventional sexual engagement and she made it clear to me in no uncertain terms, not once but as many times as I raised this issue.

We had a house maid, who came to do the house hold chores three times during morning at about 8 am, afternoon at about 1 pm and late evening at about 7 pm. She was quite a woman. She had round face with chubby cheeks. She was short but very agile and active. She came like a whirl wind, walking fast and would finish the work in no time and left. She was well built with curves in right places. She had big breasts, which caught my attention instantly. She moved seductively with her hips swaying in poetic motion. Her boobs moved as if they were inviting attention, when she walked hurriedly. Sometimes, I suspected that she enjoyed the stares, which movements of her boobs attracted by the hapless male onlookers. There was one quality in her, which I liked the most, which was that she loved to talk.

I heard her and Tina talking about small things regarding work or her house hold problems. She talked about her husband, who drank and smite her. She was short of money almost all the time. She had two kids. Perhaps her husband drank her income and left little to feed the family. Several times, she came to sweep the floor near me and asked me to move my feet away. She smiled mischievously as she asked me to move my feet. I smiled back with more mischievous look and stare at her boobs, if Tina was not looking. I sensed an undertone of something she had wanted to convey, but could not.

One morning, Tina was in the toilet. The maid was sweeping. She came near me and gave me the same mischievous look. However, that time, she did not ask me to move my leg. Instead, she came near my leg, moved my leg aside with a push of her thigh and made room to bow down to sweep the floor. I could clearly see her cleavage from where I was sitting. She also saw me staring at her boobs. She bent more so that I would have a better look at her boobs.

I suddenly had an idea. I had a hundred Rupee note in my pocket. I quickly looked around. My wife was still in the bathroom and I knew that she would take some more time. I slipped the hundred Rupee note in her cleavage. I controlled myself taking care to avoid touching her boobs. I pressed my index finger on my lips and said in her ears, "This is between you and me. Do not tell madam or anyone else. When you need money badly, come to me."

I saw an expression of great relief and gratitude. I was sitting on the bed whilst she was bending in front of me to sweep. She also looked around. Ensuring that we were alone, she brushed her breasts deliberately on my face and walked away looking back at me with a look full of mischief. I was turned on at her gesture and knew that she had signaled to me that I could go for her at an appropriate time. I signaled her to come closer and whispered in her ears, "Today evening at about 4 pm, I will be here, when Madam will be away. She has a kitty party and shall be away for about to hours. Will you come then?" She looked at me, smiled, nodded and got back to work.

When Tina came out of the bathroom, I told her that I was not feeling too well. She appeared concerned. She asked me what the matter was. I pretended some illness and said that I was not feeling comfortable and needed some rest. I said, "There is a lot of work in the office. I have to go in the morning. I can only come back and rest in the afternoon."

Tina said, "In that case, you can come home and lie down. I shall be away for the kitty party, but will be back at about 5.30 pm. You can take some pain medicine and sleep until I return." The maid heard our talk. When Tina was not looking, I showed three fingers to her, to indicate that she should come at 3 pm. She nodded to indicate that she understood.

I left my office by two pm. Before I reached home, I phoned my wife to ensure that she had left. I was excited and thrilled in anticipation of things to come. I reached home almost half an hour after Tina left the house. I opened the door with my key and left the doors open. I waited in the drawing room, with abated breath to see if the maid would indeed arrive. To my surprise, she came almost half an hour earlier, than agreed time. She came in without knocking. I could see that she was also equally excited and nervous. She was uncertain unlike in the morning. She stood in a corner, as if awaiting further orders from me. I bolted the doors, sat on the sofa and asked her, if she had anything to eat. She said that she had. I then asked her if she would like to have a cup of tea and if she can make a cup of tea for us both. She smiled gratefully and said that she will make tea in no time. We both had tea.

I extended my arms to signal her to come in my arms. She came hesitatingly into my arms. She had gone to her house, washed and cleaned herself. She smelled fresh of soap fragrance. I raised her chin and brought her mouth to mine. I could feel her heavy breathing. She was quite ill at ease. I doubted, if she had been kissed before; because she reacted clumsily to my moves to kiss her. However, after initial confusion and hesitation, she gradually learned the art of kissing. When I spent a little bit of time in inserting, withdrawing and sucking her tongue, she reciprocated the same artistically and enthusiastically.

I reached her back and felt for her blouse buttons. I quickly opened them. Her bra was not the conventional one but a cloth stitched to make a bra. She quickly removed it. She was fully top less then. I felt her luscious breasts in my hands. They were firm and big. Her nipples were rather long and firmly erect. They looked like nipples of baby's feeding bottle. They were dark chocolate color. (I love chocolates!). Her areolas were also quite larger than most women. There were goose pimples on the areolas. It was obvious that she was also aroused.

I massaged her breasts for quite some time. It was a treat to experience her breasts in my palms. They were tight and yet flexible. She seemed to lose control of her mind when I kissed her breasts. She let out a mild hiss, when I kissed her boobs. When I bit her one nipple under my teeth, she let out a barely audible shout saying, "Saab, please..." I saw her massaging her pussy over her petticoat with one of her hands. She must be leaking juices.

She fumbled to search for my penis in my trousers. She could feel my erection under the pajama. She manipulated my cock for a few seconds with one hand and then wanted me to uncover it. I opened the zip and took the cock out. By that time, my rod had become rock hard. She took it in her palm and felt it for some time. She said, "You are really big. Yours is bigger than my husband."

She began shagging my cock. I lifted her up in my arms, took her to the bedroom, laid her on bed, lay beside her and climbed over her. I locked my lips on her and kissed her hard. This time she was not found wanting. She kissed back with vengeance. She caught my shirt and pulled it hard. She wanted to feel my naked skin. I quickly removed my shirt. I simultaneously threw away my pajama. I was on top of her naked from top to bottom.

She wrapped me in her arm and scratched my back ferociously. I had scratches on my back. I weep out in pain. It was pain driven by pleasure. She was turning out to be a tigress in bed. She nibbled my neck, my tummy, my navel and reached down to begin kissing my cock. We were now in 69 position. I began to kiss her pussy. Her pussy was leaking profusely. Her initial hesitation and confusion disappeared. She was an expert in the art of satisfying her lover. From the way she was making love to me, I knew that she had mastered the art of sex. She sucked and handled my testicles so artfully that I was almost getting over the edge.

I wanted to last and make an impression on my new found lover. I halted her and made he remove her petticoat. She was wearing a panty, which she removed in jiffy. She now stood naked in front of me. She stood slightly bent sideways in an awkward pose, perhaps thinking of trying to hide her vanity. Her hands were half raised.
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