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An aunty of Lahore

I am turning 23 and reside in posh area of Lahore. I am doing Chartered Accountancy with my articles in Bank Alfalfah. I possess lean body with decent look. My family is well educated and belongs to a noble norms. I brought up in good ethical manners and everything was available for me so i don't have any wish left here but the starvation of pussy is still here and biting me inside..

This story relates to an aunty who met me in a local market of Lahore. It was 3 months back when i was roaming in a market to search some household necessities in different shops when i got a look of that aunty. She was almost 40 with attractive look. She was wearing a shalwar kameez which was revealing her big breast with a huge ass in black shalwar. She was normal through face with brownish complexion. The main thing was her eyes which kept a deep ocean, so, i dove myself in. It takes few seconds for both of us to look at each others but i can assure that she got attracted towards me as well. I lost my thoughts since then. She completely snatched out my memory and i was there as a lost survivor. I couldn't resist myself to stop looking at her. She was there to buy a toys for her kid who was 6 in age. Her slightly hidden smiles with shy actions drove me crazy at that time. It was 4.00pm noon. I gathered my thoughts and walked away with the hope of getting her. I was sitting in my car since she was running through my veins and i was waiting for her to come outside the shop so i can approach her. I had many friends in college and collagues in Bank so i didn't have a bad habit to sit in markets and act like a pervert. Unfortunately, she was mature lady and it was my weakness that i can attract towards mature ladies. I was planning many ideas to go near her and talk about any baseless topics. It was tough though as i was inexperienced since then and never ever tried to approach anyone like this. It makes me sweat. It passes half an hour when she came out of that toys shop and going towards the site where Rikshaws parked for passengers..She was wearing a Duppata on her head and the rays of sun over her face making her like a perfect desi housewife. It was merely an attraction for me which was making her more beautiful for me. She was busy with her kid and approaching towards riksha when i approached her.

Hello Assalamualaikum. I am Adnan. I just saw you in a toy shop where you were buying toys for your kid. By the way, he is soo cute and lovely MashaAllah. Hey kiddo, what's up!

Aunty: Waalaikumsalam. Yeah, i noticed you to stare at me but i forgot it as it happens many times in market. Anyways thanks for your concern.

Me: I am Adnan as i told you before.

Aunty: So, What? (Smiling)

Me: So, you should make me fortunate by revealing your name.

Aunty: Why so?

Me: Because it was a first time that someone bothers me to wait for half an hour.

Aunty: Are you waiting for me?

Me: Yes. I answered her with making an innocent face.

Aunty: Cute. By the way, my name is Uzma.

Me: Beautiful name. MashaAllah you are cute too.

Aunty: I didn't call you cute. The wait you did for me was cute. Hahaha

Me: Oh! I am so dumb. Isn't?

Aunty: Well, i have to leave now. It was a nice meeting to you.

Me: Yes. Sure. ThankYou, Allah Hafiz. Can i ask you something?

Aunty: Sure. Why not?

Me: Can i have your number, please?

Aunty: Give me your number so i will text you later.

Me: 0331*******.

Aunty: See ya! Bubyee you clever kid!

So, she got a riksha and left from site. I was extremely happy by having a 10 minutes conversation with her in a good manner and achieved my target to handed my number over her. I bought my necessities and reached back to home. It was really a different feelings after meeting her. I was damn happy from inside and was waiting for her text. Every tone on cell reminds me the meeting with her and i thought that she must be texted me but every time my hopes went low. She texted me after a week.

It was just a formal hello hi with her. We introduced ourselves each others. She was a teacher in a school with having 2 kids. Her husband was in frontier. He usually visits them twice in a year. It was really an excited thing for me. I was thinking in my mind that ways are getting open for me. I am either luckier or she is fortunate that we both got each others. We were getting close to each others. We were talking for many hours through whatsapp then on call in nights. We started to share pics. Soon we became friends on Facebook. She was so good to me. We met many times at outside. She dwells near my home. We went for outing for many times with her kids. One was 6 years old and the second was was 2.5 years old. Her kids were so frank with me. We became very good habitant of each others. I started to go in her home and tried to help in her assignments and household chores. She was a nice lady with educated mind and free mindset. She been a very good friend of mine..

We never talked about sex/romance because my thoughts never interacted in this regard. I took her my good fellow. I could share my each and every thing with her. My mum and siblings came to know about her. She was a woman of words. I praise her cause she deserve. I can say that many other things lies in good friends more than sex..

Sometimes she sent me kisses on whatsapp through whatsapp emoji's. She mostly sends me red beating heart on whatsapp. I have a kidding nature so everytime she sends me a kiss through whatsapp then i replied her that you made my cheeks and lips wet. "You naughty fellow", she replied mostly. We had been very frank with her each others. Now, i can even hold her hands in my hands when we sat together in car or in her home. I can hold her hands for long while having conversation. She never resisted at me.

A month had been passed that we came so close to each others. It was a short time but it was due to the intensity of us that we got so close others. It was july 14 when i rang her home bell at 12 in midnight. When she opened the door and found me there. She nodded her head in shock cause whenever i had to meet her then i conveyed her in advance that i am coming. It was first time when i went there without her approval..

I went inside her home and placed my hand bags which i carried in my hands and held her hands and went near to her and called, "Happy Birthday, Uzma." She was really shocked with these wishes because she didn't tell me her birth date. She smiled so beautifully and hugged me and passed a kiss on my cheeks. ThankYou so much, Adnan. You made my day. She commented. Well, i sat in Tv lounge and we blew candles and cut her birthday cake. I threw all the cake pieces over her and she did it to me in return. It was a great time. I presented my gifts to her. She was glad though!

After an hour passed when i sought her permission to leave. She rejected it and asked me to spend some more time. I happily accepted. It was first time when i went in her bedroom where her two little naughty kids were napping. I sat on a sofa with her. As usual we were talking on random stuffs when i held her hands and started to remind her the first meeting of us. How i attracted towards her and how i lost my thoughts when i saw her in shop. She was listening me so carefully when instantly i stood up and kissed her on forehead. She hugged me in return that we kept hugging to each others for 5 minutes. Then, as usual, we talked, laughed, cracked jokes and i left for my home.

Next day in evening she asked me a very different question that, "Are you horny for me too?"

*Too* ? It means, you are horny for me as well, Uzma? Therefore you used the word TOO.

Yes, Adnan, she replied. It was a blasting moment and excitement apart me in tears..

She orders me to come at 9pm when her kids fall asleep. I obeyed her.

In night at 10. I came in her home and she directly directed me in another room where only one sofa and a mattress on floor were found. She ensures her kids sleeping and approched me in room. She was wearing a night dress without bra cause her breast were loose and hanging. She locked the room and sat on mattress with me. It was first time when we both started to talk about romance. She told me that it was 7 months gone that she didn't have sex. She told me that, she wants a wild sex. I was really roaming in dreams. Her untidy hairs, rough night dress and falling big breast were driving me nuts. I had already got a hard bonner and she was holding my dick in her hand. She was playing with it over the jeans. I couldn't resist myself and came near her and kissed her on lips. It was too soft. We both were kissing to each others. I was grabbing her tits. The breast were soft and big. We were smooching hard and trying to press each others bodies. We were sucking each other tongues and lips. It was a dream for me that a mature lady was with me on mattress with holding my dick..

We were kissing to each others madly and very badly. Then i started to lick her neck, her ears, her cheecks, i was biting her neck, which was leaving marks on her neck, you can say, love bites. I was treating her my slut, i was grabbing her tits badly and she was screaming with moaning, Ahhhh ahista Adnan, yeh mammay hain mere, dard hota hai. Dard bardash karo ab Uzma, i said. I held her breast, and put my tongue on nipple and licking it and after some seconds, i took her nipple in mouth and started to suck it badly, i was putting her breast in my mouth as much i can. Haaaaaan chooso inhe , aur zor se, kha jaa inhe please kha jaaa...Mein unk boobs ko buri tarha kaat raha tha, choos raha tha. I was out of sense. Those big breast made me mad really, i could feel the red spots and marks on breast which were difinitely hurting her. Her nipples were erect and fully got wet by my saliva. I then started to giving her smooches again, then i was sucking her stomach, puting my tongue in armpits and her sweaty armpits were getting licked by her own friend.
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