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Hiking in the Mountains - Pt. 3 - Ch. 2

I looked at my mother, mesmerized. In just few minutes she had changed from a simple loving mother to a horny, fuck starved slut. However, it was a welcome change for me, opening the doors of unlimited opportunities to fuck my gorgeous mother.

Without wasting a second, I mounted over the rock and lowered my body between her legs. With one hand opening her cunt wide, she grabbed my cock with her other hand and guided its mushroomed head to her wet opening. I lowered my body into her and my rigid cock slowly started moving inside those ravenous depths. She felt tighter than the day when I had fucked her in the cabin, but her wetness helped my cock by providing sufficient lubrication and inch-by-inch my complete length was inside her.

“Oh…! Yes baby.” Mom sighed. “Your cock feels so good inside my pussy. Fuck son, fuck mommy.”

I accepted her request and started sliding my dick in and out of her pussy. She moaned passionately as I dug deeper and deeper into her famished pussy. For a mother of a son of my age, she was tight, quite tight. Certainly, she was not getting enough of fuck. Her soft cunt muscles clung to my manhood tightly, moving up and down with my cock.

“Oh…! That’s the way son, oh yes.” She started humping back to meet my thrusts. “AAAh…! It’s fantastic.”

I looked below at my cock, moving back and forth in my mother’s hungry pussy. I groped for her waist and started pumping with increased pace. Mom too responded by increasing her rhythm. My cock was making a strange sound while moving inside her sloppy wet pussy. Mom was in a state of pure bliss, she was crying, moaning, babbling incoherently, her utterance not easy to comprehend. Together we were approaching the inevitable.

Suddenly, mom lifted her legs high in air and locked her thighs around my waist, exposing her hot cunt to me for greater penetration. I rammed my cock into her savagely and she let out a scream of utmost pleasure.

My point of deliverance was approaching fast and I could feel the tremendous pressure in my balls. With a sharp cry, I dug into her and shot my load deep inside her pussy. My cock jerked incessantly; splashing her cunt with thick gobs of cum. Mother too grabbed me tightly into her arms. I could feel the distinctive twitch of her cunt around my cock length. She was heartily enjoying her orgasm together with my warm ejaculation.

Though the pressure ultimately subsided, we remained there in the same position. We both were gasping with effort. I lowered my head over mom’s breast, closed my eyes and relished the delightful feeling fucking my own mother.

Finally, we were back to our senses. Mom pushed me to move away from her and reluctantly, I moved away from her body, my flaccid cock moving out of her cunt with a low plop sound. Mom too got up from her position and sat on the rock, her ass resting on the rock and her thighs still wide opened giving me a clearer look of her cunt. I could see my juice oozing out of her cunt and slowly settling on the surface of the rock.

“Oh God!” Mom was rubbing her back. “My back is sore. You should not fuck a lady in such a brutal manner.”

“I am sorry mom,” I replied showing feigned concern. “But it was you who told me to fuck. So you should blame yourself only.”

I went behind her. Her back looked tender; deep red from the thrusting it had received during our lovemaking. I put my hands over her back and ran my palm over it trying to sooth the skin. Soon, her skin was back to its original color. I put my lips over her neck and planted a warm kiss, my hands again trying to trespass towards her stomach, into her cunt area. Mom suddenly jumped from her place.

“No, we must move now,” She pointed towards the hill. “We must reach there before sunset otherwise we’d be stranded here.”

Unwillingly, I got down from the rock. Mom was busy collecting her mountaineering gear. I realized then that mom was not putting her clothes back, and instead she had packed them into her knapsack.

Then she put opened her bag and removed her tools of mountaineering, the rope, the pitons and the carabiners. She put the gear over her body and turned towards me. She was standing before me, still completely naked but with her mountaineering gear properly fitted over her body. I looked at her foolishly, her knapsack and gear at her back, her safety gear in position, and a bundle or rope dangling over her shoulder along with her naked cunt and boobs glaring at me.

“Nothing special honey,” She smiled at me, as if reading my thoughts. “For years I’d dreamt about climbing these heights naked. It had been my deepest fantasy to roam around in this wilderness completely naked, to run in these forests, to climb on those peaks, to fuck on those peaks. When I was younger, your grandpa always accompanied me and I was never able to fulfill my fantasy. Today I’m going to live my fantasy. If you want, you can put on your clothes but I’ll be going like this.”

I too didn’t have any intention of not following my charming coach. I simply stuffed my stuffs back to my knapsack, and put the gear on me. I had complete faith in my horny coach and I too was ready for our expedition.

“While climbing don’t let your fantasies run wild.” Mom warned me, her hand softly moved over her mound. “Carefully listen to what I’d be saying and follow that. And,” She pointed at my cock. “Just take care of your friend, don’t bump it on the rocks, I’ll need it’s services at the top.”

We started climbing again. I was keenly following mom. Mom was moving forward with agility, attaching the pitons at every appropriate length and fixing the rope into it with carabiners. She explained the technique to me at every stage and as an apt pupil I was trying to follow her. It wasn’t easy for me; whenever I looked up, I could see mother’s gyrating pussy and ass in front of my face, making it difficult for me suppress my hard on. And I had to continuously guard against knocking my cock against stony walls of the mountain.

Many a times, her ass and cunt were only a lick away from my lips, diverting my concentration from the on-going lecture. My cock was in continuous state of erection and I was finding it very difficult to climb with a hard on. I learnt a very important lesson that day, never climb a mountain naked and that too with a gorgeous nude lady.

I was so engrossed with my problem that I didn’t realize when we reached the top. Mom mounted over the peak and she helped me to cover my final steps. She looked at me triumphantly. I was standing on the peak. I had completed my training successfully. I smiled at her and she grabbed me in her arms and greeted me with a warm kiss over my dry lips. We stayed there for a long time kissing each other. I could sense my hardness nudging into her pubic region. Then she withdrew from me and moved to the centre of the hill. She left the ropes in position for our retreat next day.

Little Thumb was almost flat on the rocky top with almost no vegetation, an area of about twenty by twenty square feet. I could see on one side at some distance, a thin trail emerging among the tall pine trees, the detour that was generally used by common tourists. The remaining three sides of the peak were open and falling straight to about hundred to three hundred feet. To prevent any accidents, local municipality had provided iron railings on all the open side making it safer for visiting tourists. Surprisingly, most of the surface of the peak was flat like a plateau with only a rock of about ten feet height protruding above the ground on the extreme end.

We dismounted our gears and kept them at a centre place. The sun was heading west and soon it would hide behind the other hills. Within an hour the mountain range would be covered into darkness. Mother opened her sleeping bag and spread it on the ground. She then bent and started removing her hiking shoes.

“Oh God,” Lifting her hands high above her back she stretched her body; breathing deeply, thrusting her naked mounds forward in the thin mountain air. “I love this place. It always makes me horny.”

I rested my rump over a small stone, looked at my mother’s naked beauty bending in an erotic sensuality. No wonder my cock was in a continued state of hardness. I could see her dark brown hair glowing in the evening sun, her dark areoles pointing lasciviously. Both, the instructor and her student were equally horny.

Suddenly mom moved towards the rock erecting at the corner of hill and like an eager child started climbing it. Within a moment she was standing over the highest point of the rock. She extended her hands on her side like the wings of a falcon who was about to fly. She remained in that position, her eyes closed and she was inhaling deeply.

After a while, she opened her eyes and looked at me. I stood from my place and moved to a position where I was standing exactly below her. I looked at my beautiful mother, her swinging tits and her trimmed bush covering her charming pussy, her whole body gleaming in the evening sun.

Mom’s face was filled with a childlike excitement. She was enjoying every moment of her fulfilling fantasy.

“HELLO!” She shouted suddenly at the top of her voice. The air was suddenly filled with the echoes coming from all the sides. “I AM ON THE TOP OF THE WORLD AND I AM FUCKING MY SON, FUCKING… MY… OWN… SON…” The reverberations seemed everlasting.

And suddenly without any prelude her cunt quivered and a hot stream gushed out of it with a sharp hissing sound. Spellbound, I looked at the yellow fluid emanating from mother’s cunt, falling on the rock below, splattering into millions of tiny droplets and finally landing over my face and body. I watched it mesmerized, perhaps the most erotic visual of my tiny fuck life, her hot pee glinting orange red under the evening sunlight.
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