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No Life Without My Mother-4

'Chup raho yeh prem nahin vasna hai, maa aur bête ke prem mein aise sambandh nahin hote'.(Shut-up, this is no love, it is lust, love between mother and son is nothing akin to what you are trying to do.)

'tum mere shareer se apni kaam iksha shant karna chahte ho aur uske liye yeh tarq de rahe ho. Tum kaise bhul sakte ho ki main tumahari maa hun. Jis yoni ko tum bhogna aur apmanit karna chahte ho wahi tumhare janm ki kaarak hai'. (You are giving unfound logics just to satiate your desire with my body, Do you realize, my vagina that you want to exploit and insult is the reason of your being in this world.)

Amma maa aur bête ka pyar hi nisswarth hota hai, sambhog to premiyon ke prem ki parakashtha hai. Phir maa bête ke bich yadi ho to burai kyon hai. Putra to maa ke shareer se hi bana hai phir wohi shareer aprapya kyun hai.'(Only love that is selfless in this world is the one between mother & son. Making love is the epitome of affection between two people then why it is sin if happens between a mother and son. Son is formed from mother's body itself, then why it is untouchable to him).

' Aapki yoni ka bhog aur apman to main soch bhi nahin sakta, sirf yoni hi kyon main to aap se sampurna prem ki yachna kar raha hun, aisi purnta jo ek maa putra ko hi de sakti hai. Aur aisi atm tripti jo putra ko kewal maa se hi prapt ho sakti hai.(Desecrating your vagina, thought itself is repugnant to me, Why only vagina I seek fulfillment of my soul from yours, such fulfillment that son can only achieve from mother and which a mother can only give to her son, her own self ).

'aisa nisswarth kaam pati- patni, premi- premika, ya kisi aur sambandh mein sambhav nahin. Stri aur purush ke beech kewal maa our putra ka sambandh hi purna hai baki har taraf to vasna aur swarth hi hai.' (Such selfless love making doesn't exist between man-wife, lovers, or in any known relationship. The only relationship between a woman and man, which can be considered complete and truly divine, is that of mother and son, every where else it is just lust and selfishness).She reached out with her hand and caressed my bald head and then moved to softly touch my cheek. I waited for push and shove to dislodge me but that never came. I knew then, that from here onwards everything will be beautiful. Now that the guilt of forcing myself on my mother was off my back, I started to live the moment. I put my index finger in too and started to rub with a little vigor. At the same time I completely enveloped her vagina with my mouth and started to suck her clit into me.

Her breathing was getting ragged and I sensed small, really small movement of her hips, trying to lift and grind herself on to me. She was oozing juices like a geyser and I was going mad with that musky smell. This continued for some time, which to me felt like a life time. Suddenly she drew back her legs, raised her knees and with her feet firmly on the bed she lifted her ass and did some violent humping of my mouth and fingers. She forced her vagina on my mouth and began to cum.

'Aaa.....rrrgg..rrgh! Chinu Kahin ka nahin chchoda tune mujhe.'(oof, chinu you destroyed me)

She was gushing fluid from her vagina and I was greedily lapping all I could. Then with similar abruptness she threw her legs around my back and caught me in a lock over her vagina.

A muffled cry left her mouth,

'Hai.....yeee....yah....he ishwar yeh kya ho gaya' (oh God how could this happen)

Which sounded as if she is gagging on to something. I raised my head to have look, she was pressing pillow over her face. Her body started to shake violently. She kept coming and her vagina kept pouring her love juice over me.

She propped herself and managed to sit upright. It sure wasn't easy for her bulk, yet she did it alright. Now my face was buried between her thighs but due to the angle I could not reach her vagina. Then amma did the unthinkable, she drew back her legs and with her feet on bed, spread her thighs wide, leaned back on her elbow and raised her hips to give me access to her vagina and in her final throws of ending orgasm, with her other hand she held my head and pushed me firmly on her mound.

With both my hands I held her ass and pulled her on to my face and lapped her flowing vagina. I inserted my finger, wet with her juices, into her anus. She raised herself more and forced my face into her. I started in-out fucking motion in her anus and she screamed 'aaiye.......yeee, kuch baki nahin rakhoge kya?' (you aren't going to spare anything) With that she oozed some more, she shivered and then went stiff. As her orgasm finally subsided, she thumped back on the bed with a loud screech.

'Chinu mere bachche kyun kiya tumne yeh. Ek pal ne sara kuch badal dala'.(Oh Chinu my son why did you do this to me, in just one moment everything changed for ever) she sobbed. My hands were still underneath her with finger deep into her anus. I pulled it out eliciting a gasp and started to lick and nibble insides of her thighs, which too were wet. I guess she came a litre or more.

I rose from between her legs went up to her toe and started sucking them, then ran my tongue on her in step and kept moving upward slowly tracing my path through calves. As I reached just beyond her knee she parted her legs a little and I continued caressing inside of her thigh.

I moved up put my mouth on her vagina again. She again shifted very slowly, coyly opening her thighs a little more. Taking the cue I again lipped and lapped her vagina, the holy place that is the genesis of the humanity. It was not long before her breathing quickened and grunts and hisses escaped her lips. I noticed wave like moves of her hips, which were not blatant but certainly not coy as before.

'Meri jaan mat lo beta, ab bas bhi karo'.(stop now son, do not kill me)

I reached up to lie on her side, slid my left hand behind her neck and with my right began to gently caress and rub her bare shoulder. Then I kissed side of her breast and put my lips on her nipple. I gently started sucking on them as I sensed them getting hard I lightly nibbled on it. She let out a muffled oooo...ooh, but did not try to dissuade me.

I shifted a little and guided her right hand, lying on her belly, to my penis. She at first just held it but then jerked it away. The way she held it, though for few seconds only, put me on a trip to heaven, and then I decided to take the plunge.

All this while she got her face turned away from me and remained quite. I got on top of her and in an instant she was aware of my deed. She tried to turn and rise but I held her firmly and clamped my mouth on hers.

After initial resistance she melted and parted her lips, welcome or surrender I didn't know. I caressed her breasts and then sucked on her nipples, I licked, swirled my tongue around her areolas and nibbled to get her going again. Seeing her loosening up I pushed my hand between us, held my penis and started to rub it along her wet slit. She lifted her hands and clutched the headboard and shrieked.

'Chinuu yeh mat kar beta, main hath se tumhara kar dungi par beta ab is seema ko mat langh'. (Don't do this chinu, do not cross the line, I'll do you with my hands) I knew she is trying to be fair. I made her cum so to get even she was offering a hand job. Her offer laid bare the events of the evening.

She acknowledged achieving orgasm and now she knew that I too need to cum. Her open offer to give me a hand job was blatant enough to encourage me. It was a matter of choice, either I take her offer or she surrenders to my wish.

'Chinu bahut pachchtaoge beta baad mein , maan jao'.(Chinu you will be sorry later, listen to me)

I slid up ran my tongue over her lips and said, 'agar aise he karna hai to munh se kar dijiye'.(If you really want to do, use you mouth)

She said 'nahin, lao haath se kardun'(NO, let me do it by hand). Saying this she snaked her hand between our bodies and held my penis. I made a little room and she started to jack me. I sensed that her jacking off was not perfunctory, she was actually caressing my penis and sighing as she played.

This got me even more excited I allowed her to play awhile, while I mauled her breasts, and fingered her vigorously. She was sighing and giving out sounds that were driving me nuts. I caught hold of her wrists, pulled her hand away from my penis and got on top of her. She said, 'tum nahin maanoge?'( so...Will you not listen) Her tone defied her pretense, it was like as if she really wanted me to go ahead, or may be I was mistaken.

I knew this is it, so I pried her legs open with my knees and dug my knees underneath her thighs. So now I was kind of kneeling between her open thighs and her thighs rested on top of mine. I nudged my penis forward and started to rub it up and down the entire length of her slit.

Her face was contorted, eyes closed and breathing so heavy that her breasts were swaying. I couldn't hold any more, guided my penis to her vagina and parting her lips placed it on the entrance. It was like I am at the entrance of a stove, wet heat emanating from her aroused vagina was driving me nuts. As I tried to press it in, she shifted upward with a jerk trying to avoid the inevitable in her last bid, 'Chinuuooo... nahin....rukajao beta maan jao nah....nahin.....aaaaaah...aaaahh oooo..oof maaaaaa' and in one smooth stroke I violated the most sacred of the moral codes of our society.

I went in half the length, stopped, pulled out and then jabbed firmly yet gently back inside all the way till her stubby shaved pubes pricked my groin. Amma gasped aloud 'oooooooohh! Maa' ,and I stood still trying to soak in the feeling. I closed my eyes and stayed still, her vagina was deep and quite snug. I felt a ring like tightening traversing along the length of my shaft, insides were nice and soft but entrance to her vagina was surprisingly tight.

I opened my eyes to look at her, what a sight she was. Thighs wide raised, legs bent , resting on mine, belly quivering with her short labored breathing.
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