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The Saga of Incest. Ch - 34

Daddy Zafar Comes To Know About His Sister’s Affair With His Own Son Zaheer

I just fucked mummy and came out of her bedroom when daddy just arrived from choti daadi’s home after fucking his stepmother. Mummy was still recovering from our lovemaking in her bathroom when daddy entered our home.

Daddy came in asked me to serve him a glass of water. I went to kitchen and got water for him and gave ot to him.

Daddy: “beta Zaheer..... didn’t you go to college....????”

Me: “no daddy.... I was tired after picking you from airport last night.... That’s why I did not go...”

Daddy: “ok.... Where is your mummy????”

Me: “don’t know daddy.... I went in her room... she is not there now... I guess she is in bathroom and having bath now.....”

Daddy: “ok....and where is your phupi????”

Me: “I think she is sleeping till now.....”

Daddy: “ok... I will go and wake her up.... I want to see her baby.... And hold him in my hands.... ”

Since daddy didn’t knew about my affair with phupi, he was also not aware that she was sleeping in my room permanently. Phupi was sleeping in my room and that too naked, because we always slept naked, even if were not fucking. If daddy sees her in that condition, he would definitely be shocked.

I thought that daddy should know the truth about our son Zabair. Truth that I was the father of Phupi’s child. Since daddy was staying in the same house, it was very important for him to know about my affair with his sister because I was used to fucking.

Since I couldn’t fuck mummy in his presence, the only option left for me was fucking my phupi in her brother’s presence who was my daddy. But for now I had to stop him from seeing Phupi naked in my bed.

Me: “daddy wait.... She will wake up after some time... why don’t you take rest here and talk with me....”

Daddy: “ok beta..... so tell me... how is your college going???”

Me: “come on daddy.... We are talking after so many days.... Lets not talk about studies..... we will talk something else....”

Daddy: “ok beta.... What you want to talk about???”

Me: “daddy.... How is choti daadi.... Did u meet her....???”

Daddy: “yes beta.... Choti ammi is fine.... And she was also aksing for you.... Why don’t you go there sometimes and meet her..... afterall she is your grandmother.....”

Me: “who else was there at daadi’s home???”

Daddy: “yes beta.... Choti ammi is fine.... And she was also aksing for you.... Why don’t you go there sometimes and meet her..... afterall she is your grandmother.....”

Me: “who else was there at daadi’s home???”

Daddy: “your daadi was alone at home beta..... your chaachus went to college and Asma went to school..... so were alone at home......”

Me: “ooooh..... so you two were alone.....what did you do there daddy.....”

Now it was daddy who got worried this time. He got panicked and diverted the topic

Daddy: “beta.... Where is your mother.... She never took so long in taking bath..... I will go and check her.....”

Me: “ok daddy.....”

I let him go but I forgot that my parents bed was all messed up because I just fucked my mummy in my parents bed. I thought what if daddy finds the messed up bed and smell sex in his room that was very fresh. But fortunately, he didn’t suspect anything as I was his son.

After an hour mummy was preparing lunch in kitchen. Zara phupi was sitting in the hall with our son in her lap and chatting with daddy. I thought this was the best opportunity to meet mummy in alone and tell her about my decision to reveal the secret about the relation between me and Zara phupi as I need a cunt to fuck.

I entered kitchen and saw mummy preparing dough to make chapathis. I went behind her and as usual grabbed her from behind and put my arms around her waist. I moved my hands up from her stomach to her boobs and squeezed them hard with both my hands.

Mummy: “betaaa..... what are you doing..... your daddy is sitting outside.... What if he catches us...???”

Me: “no mummy, he will not come here.... Daddy is busy playing with his grandson.... “

Mummy moved her ass backwards so that my cock was getting rubbed by her soft ass. I was playing with her boobs and she was making dough by moving forward and backward.

Mummy: “you just fucked me sometime back beta.... Want to do it again?????”

Me: “mummy.... You also wanted to do it again.... But daddy came and disturbed us.... “

Mummy: “yes beta... I also wanted you.... But never mind.... Now I will be fucked by two two cocks daily.....”

Me: “you will get fucked by two cocks mummy..... but I cant fuck anyone of you if daddy stays at home.... And you know that I cant sleep till my cock is satisfied fucking your pussy or Zara phupis..... so I need anyone for the night....”

Mummy: “but beta.... I cant fuck you at nights... your daddy will be at home and he will be fucking me every night.....”

Me: “that means, every night I have to fuck Zara phupi only.....”

Mummy: “yes beta....but if you fuck Zara every night...... your daddy will get to know about your relation with her....”

Mummy: “yes beta....but if you fuck Zara every night...... your daddy will get to know about your relation with her....”

Me: “in that case mummy, we have to reveal our secret to daddy, so that he can let us fuck his sistrer....”

Mummy: “how will you do that beta....”

Me: “I will make a plan mummy.... You leave it upto me.....”

Mummy: “but beta.... Be careful.... Your father should not know about our affair.....”

Mummy turned around to tell me this. I kissed her on neck and pulled her closer to me by grabbing her ass. We were snuggling and suddenly Zara phupi came in. mummy got scared and pushed me back. She thought daddy came in and caught us.

I asked phupi to help mummy in making food and then I went out and took my son and sat beside daddy to talk with him. We had lunch after some time and then I started to think about how I should let daddy know about my incest affair with my aunt who was his sister.

Soon it was time for dinner and we were all again together eating food. By that time, I knew what I had to do. When we were sitting together, I asked to my daddy, “did you get any presents for us daddy????”

Daddy: “ofcourse beta..... I came back to India after so many months. Obviously I got gifts for everyone.... And especially for new parents, Zara and Naeem and their baby......”

Me: “so daddy... why don’t you unpack your bags and show us our gifts.....”

Daddy: “ok beta.... Go with your mummy and get my bags from our room.....”

I took mummy to her bedroom with my daddy’s permission and we closed the door as soon as we got in. I put mummy on her bed and lifted her kameez to suck her boobs. For sometime she was also enjoying with me, but she stopped me and pushed me back as daddy called our name from outside and asked us to get the bags.

We got up and mummy was adjusting her clothes. In the meantime, she asked me to lift the bags and take them outside. We went outside and saw Zara phupi and daddy discussing something slowly. I was worried as I thought she may have revealed the secret. But when daddy saw me, he was smiling. When mummy came out, we went near daddy and sat there on the sofa.

Daddy: “see Rubina.... I got these sarees for you.... And this jewelry also.....”

Me: “and for me daddy.... What did you get for me.....”

Daddy: “beta..... I got this clothes for you..... jeans and t-shirts..... and look.... Your favorite.... Olives.... Your favorite fruit.....”

Mummy looked at me and smiled as she recalled the first night when I fucked her. That night I used olives while seducing her and eat those fruit keeping them in her cunt.

Phupi: “bhaiyya what did you get for my baby???”

Daddy: “for your son.... I got one full bag of toys... and clothes.... He will not need any more clothes for two years”

Me: “and what did you get for phupi daddy???”

Me: “and what did you get for phupi daddy???”

Daddy: “yes beta.... I got something for her too......”

Daddy took one box and gave it to Zara phupi. She opened the box and looked very happy. She forwarded the box to mummy and then mummy gave it to me. The box had two expensive watches in them for a couple. One for man and another for woman. They were very expensive watches.

I took out the big watch and put it on my hand. Daddy said, “beta Zaheer.... Take off that watch....that is not for you,.....”

Mummy: “then.... For whom did you get that watch???”

Daddy: “Rubina.... That watch is for Naeem..... Zara’s husband....”

Phupi: “why did you get so expensive watch bhiayya???”

Daddy: “see Zara.... He has given so expensive gift to us.... Your son.... And cant I gift him this small watch.....”

Phupi: “ok bhaiyya... give this watch to Zaheer....”

Daddy: “no Zara.... These watches are for a couple... and I got this watch for Naeem because it is a gift for him as he became a new daddy....”

Phupi took the watch from my daddy and put it back on my wrist. Daddy said, “Zara.... I told you naaa.... Zaheer cant take this watch.... I got this watch for the father of your baby.....”

Mummy: “then the watch is with its rightful owner......”

Everyone looked at mummy. Now the secret was out in open but not clear with daddy.

Daddy: “what??? What do you mean by that Ruby????”

Mummy: “you listened it right.... You got the watch for the father of your sister’s baby.... And now he is wearing that watch....”

Daddy: “you mean that... Zaheer is the father of Zara’s child???”

Mummy: “yes.... That baby in Zara’s lap is not only your nephew but also our grandson.
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