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Fun at the Photoshoot

Banu and her neighbour Rajesh were friendly chatting as usual late at night for some time. Rajesh’s wife ( Banu’s friend) was at Maike (mother’s house) with kids and Banu’s husband had gone abroad on work assignment.

Banu: OK. Goodnight. Sweet dreams

Rajesh says: this was for Husband I suppose?

Banu says: no, for u Rajesh.. to think of ur wedding anniversary

Banu says: it is noon for him... he cannot go to bed now

Rajesh says: wot sweet dreams? All scary 1’s only

Banu says: bye and good night Rajesh

Rajesh says: bye but u din tell me when u wan 2 use my digi cam.

Rajesh says: u'll click for urself or need help?

Banu says: what time u r back normally... actually he was on leave today so i could get him for so long today

Banu says: otherwise we cannot chat so long.. Ok if we take and send it he can see it whenever he log in, no,

Rajesh says: i'll take out time at ur convenience Rajesh says: i'm jus free

Banu says: ok, i will fix up some time .. common time with him also .. an d let u know ok

Banu says: i will leave a msg for u, ok

Rajesh says: but digicam u hav to take beforehand and email them 2 him

Banu says: that means what?

Rajesh says: not like webcam

Banu says: ya ya i understood

Rajesh says: digital camera snaps we hav 2 take and send them 2 him by email

Banu says: it is like taking photos no

Rajesh says: tats it

Banu: How can I take myself?

Rajesh: Yeah. Its difficult. That’s why I offered to take for u

Banu says: then we can take it in the night after 8 or 9 and send it to him, ok

Banu says: i wil see if u have come home then i will ask u, ok

Banu says: actually i m too tired in the eve

Rajesh says: whenever u prefer........we could hav taken today becas tomorro i dunno i may be late

Banu says: or morn what time u leave

Banu says: or after 2 or 3 days, ok no prob

Rajesh says: i can leave late also no prob but i don want bhabhi (another neighbour) to know

Banu says: ya thats waht i was telling Husband

Rajesh says: what ? what were u tellin him

Banu says: and that is the reason i did not initiate though u offered.. actuallly

Husband was asking for it for a long time..He asked me to borrow ur digicam

Banu says: i told him that we stay in a cozy aptmt and my neighbnours especially bhabi knows all our movements

Banu says: also she is very orthodox and nosy.

Rajesh says: during day or by 8 or 9, they r watchin

Rajesh says: u wan 2 take now?

Banu says: even today Husband was asking for some new photos

Banu says: it is too late now and i m tired too.. may be some other day this time may be better i think

Rajesh says: as u wish...........jus a min my wife is callin

Banu says: in fact one hr back Husband was asking me to request u for digicamera and i told him it is too late .. i think it would have been ok.

Banu says: ok Rajesh; she must be wanting to wish u... bye have a good time

Rajesh says: wait a min

Banu says: ok

Rajesh says: she jus called 2 wish

Banu says: i guessed so

Banu says: continue talking to her

Rajesh says: no its over

Banu says: she must be surprised to see u online for such a long time

Rajesh says: its no prob for me anytime provided bhabhi is not watchin

Banu says: for us it is common we most of the time spend like this.. that’s why i dont miss anything

Rajesh says: no not online

Rajesh says: she called on phone

Banu says: u got 2 sep lines is it?

Rajesh says: ya

Banu says: ok we will plan it and execute it , ok. But my husband does not know

that you will take the photos. OK

Rajesh says: ya sure. I will not tell him. U tell him your frined(my wife) took

snaps.ok…..But when and how u want…

Banu says: i will let u know , ok

Rajesh says: no probs

Banu says: ok good night Rajesh

Rajesh says: Rajesh says: where do u go for yoga

Rajesh says: i think i'm keepin u awake for so long

Banu says: ok good night Rajesh

Rajesh says: good nite ! sweet dreams

Rajesh says: u din tell me where u go for yoga

Banu says: in M G Road.. one gym called "Essence"

Rajesh says: ok ! how’s it. !t only for ladies or wot

Banu says: no general one

Rajesh says: good eh?

Banu says: but morn 5.30 to 7 more ladies are there and i found it simple and comfortable

Rajesh says: how many ppl in a batch

Banu says: nowadays it goes upto 15 due to hols

Banu says: otherwise 8 or 10

Rajesh says: is it really beneficial

Rajesh says: any difference

Banu says: ya, ya i found it good for me provided u do it regularly.. now one week i missed it

Rajesh says: i 2 wanted to join ! thas why askin

Banu says: but i make it a point to go regularly if i get time

Rajesh says: did u join to lose weight or to meet people.LOL

Banu says: ya to lose wt only. Only guys come there for that.

Rajesh says: there r many other ways 2 lose weight. easy ones

Banu: How? ….Oh. I got it. Don’t be naughty

Rajesh: LOL. U know how!

Banu says: I have to logout now .He will logon or call soon.

Rajesh says: Am i'm borin u

Rajesh says: ok ! gud nite ! sweet dreams! bye

Banu says: good nite Rajesh bye

Rajesh says: Wait Wait

Banu says: What?

Rajesh says: Why don’t we take few photos quickly now and u send now. I charged digicam and ready.

Banu: says: Its too late now and I’m tired

Rajesh says : takes just 10 mins. Also bhabi etc are all asleep.

Banu says: wait

Rajesh says : OK

Banu says: I checked outside and all lights out. You sure you don’t mind taking now. Just a few.

Rajesh says: no problems for me. My pleasure actually. u know that.

Banu says: He will be happy if I send today. His day off.

Banu says: Ok. I will come now. Wait near door.

Rajesh says: Don’t knock or Bhabi will hear

Banu says: ok. Bye.see u

Banu logs out

NOW THE STORY:---------

He was very excited and hinted me while chatting that I can go to his house for the photo session and he will keep everything ready. He had charged the digicam and kept his bed room also ready. He was excited and hot as his wife was out of station and was thrilled to have me there so late in the night(11.30pm).

I wore a thin salwar kameez without chunni and took other nighties etc and slowly peeped outside my door and saw nobody in the hallway and quickly went to his door and he was peeing through the peephole and immediately opened the door. As soon as I went there he looked at me and then the tits first and his eyes were big. The bra can be seen through the tops.

Then I told him to take the normal photos first and he took few with salwar and kameez which was normal photos.

Then I told him that I will change to a nightie and he told me “ok” but did not give me privacy and sat on the chair facing me. I asked him to turn around but he replied,” Kyon sharmatee ho? Photo laethe waqt saab kuch tho dekunga” (Why are you feeling shy? While taking photo I will see everything)

His logic was sound, so I did not object and turned the other side and lifted the tops. He could see the tits in bra from the side but I quickly changed to the nightie and then removed the bottom and removed the bra as that nighty was not made to be worn with bra. That was a red see through low cleavage negligee nightie with strings on top and I was without bra and wearing only thin panty below.

The top of nightie was so see through that the nipples could be seen clearly. Also the cleavage was so deep the entire tits could be seen clearly. I was feeling shy but excited and also wanted to take some real nice photos for my husband and hence continued silently. But the huge heavy tits were hanging without bra so he told me to adjust it and bring it up. I was trying to do so but when I bent to pull the tits up, it went back down as I had to lean down to see it as well as try to hide it from him.

Then quickly he came near and without asking me he lifted the tits with his hands and said it is gorgeous and lovely. He was looking excited but smiling. I told him “thanks” and he adjusted the tits a bit putting his hand inside the nightie and coolly lifting it with the hard nipples. He went back to the camera on the tripod and took few photos with that pose. In fact he wanted me to give more sexier poses but I was bit nervous and uncomfortable...He told me to put one leg on the other so that he can take more good ones...

Then he said that the nighties are not as sexier. I then changed to swim wear in front of him and he was sitting and watching me change and then he took some photos of it in his bed in the master bedroom room lying on his/wife’s marital bed. He again casually came near me and without asking, adjusted the tits like before and the nipples to show them well in the photos and lifted the tits and he was very excited when he did that.

He then made me lie down on the bed. He then asked me to raise my knees and bit and I did so but the bottom lower part of swim suit was crumpled. So he again came near and adjusted my swimsuit bottom and casually put his hand underneath and adjusted the bottom while his hand rubbed against my soft thighs and it made me shiver and excited.

Then he sat down on the edge of the bed and asked me to sit next to him and showed me the pics and asked me whether we can take some more spicier ones. He sat next to me very close touching my thighs with his naked thighs below my swim suit (he was wearing shorts and t=shirt) and re-winded the pictures and showed me. His naked thighs were touching mine and his elbow by mistake was touching my tits too.

He told me to make the photos sexier and to remove the swim suit and take some pics in bra and panty. I removed the swim suit and wore the bra and he took one or two photos in bra and panty and then said that the bra covers the whole tits so I better remove that too. I was excited so without hesitation I removed the bra too and he asked me to sit in the chair and hold the tit in my hand and pose it for the camera.
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