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The End of Restless Sleep - Ch. 9

Chapter 9: Sweltering temptress

Titli asked me to pick her up by the evening and for some unfortunate reason, I was late to reach there. I looked at Titli, waiting for me anxiously at the bus-stand. The anxious look on her face added an extra stroke of beauty to her. I could feel the prying eyes of the passersby lewdly gazing at her.
I looked at her with pleading eyes, she ran towards me and slapped me playfully, “Why were you late? I felt as if getting forced by those passers-by.”

I looked at her from head to toe and said, “If you wear such short jeans and revealing red dress then everyone is going to look at you darling. Can’t you wear anything modest?”

She sat on the pillion and said to me, “Adi, I am not boring as you. I want to enjoy my life. By the way, I am going to a party and this is party wear.”
I answered her, “You could have wear something nice and modest. There was no need to wear such revealing dress.”

She spewed ire, “What is the problem with my dress? You and mom are the same. My dress is my choice, don’t say anything more.”

I shook my head and answered, “It will take time for me to get accustomed to all these frolicking.”

She asked me, “Are you angry upon me? Do you want to fight?”

I observed that the heat was brewing and the volcano could spew lava any moment. It was better to keep shut for the time being, “No I am not. Sorry, I don’t want to ruin your evening.”

I kept silent rather to poke an injured snake. I cursed her although not directly, for not listening to Auntie. She sensed that I was hurt by her ire so after sometime she held me tightly and whispered, “Are you angry? Sorry, sorry, sorry, now please forgive me. See I am holding my ears. I will surely obey to whatever you say.”

I complimented her for her sexy outfit, “Ok, I forgive you. By the way you are looking too seductive in that dress.” I then asked her, “Who all are coming at her birthday?”

She slapped my playfully, “Now you like my dress, right.” She giggled, “Basically her birthday passed away few days back. Today her parents are not at home so she is throwing a booze party.”

I exclaimed, “What?”

“Wow... there will be full enjoyment tonight. Will you stay?” She asked me.
I said to her in a stern voice, “Titli; tomorrow is my office. I am not staying in any unknown place neither you are.”

She pleaded at first but since I was adamant so at last she obliged not to stay, “Ok dear, as you wish.”

The time we reached Parineeta’s house we were late and all her friends arrived by then. The blaring sound of the music system and the gathering in that drawing room was beaming with new earned freedom. I looked around the bunch of playful young bloods. The girls present were also in party mood, wearing short dresses. Most of their assets were visible.

Parineeta greeted Titli with a bear hug. I looked at them and my heart skipped few beats. She was surprised to see me, “Welcome Budhaditya. It is my pleasure to have you at my place.” She whispered in my ears, “At last Titli has brought her handsome out of her cloak.”

I looked at her from the head to toe. She wore a red cocktail dress. My gaze traced her plump thighs and curvaceous calves. I looked up to her face; small eyes adorned with long eyelashes were looking at me with a naughty smile on her red full lips. Her plump bosoms were bursting out and her deep cleavage was clearly visible. I felt a lump to choke my throat. Titli slapped on my arm as she found me ogling at her best friend like a hungry mongrel.

She whispered in my ears, “Don’t get tempted, I will kill you. You were telling me not to wear revealing dress and what now?”

I rolled my eyes at her and said, “No dear, I am not leaving you. But such a gathering of vixens would surely make me drooling, is not that.”

She gave a venomous smile and left me. Parineeta asked me whether I would like to have a beer or champagne. I was surprised that they have arranged champagne.

I mocked her, “I don’t drink cold drinks dear.”

“Ahaa... I see. You can drink alone.” She looked at Titli and then said, “Has she restrained you? Come on, today is my birthday party and enjoy.”

I looked at Titli and then winked at Parineeta, “I drink blood. Would you serve me, honey?”

“Ok, what is that?” she was unable to make as what I wanted. She then looked at Titli and asked her as what I wanted. Titli gave me a stern look; I felt that I should not continue as what I wanted to say. I asked whether she had whisky or not.

She shook her head, “No dear, we are still children in compare to you. We are ok with beer.”

I laughed at her and said, “Can you arrange? I will pay.”

“You will pay?” she asked, “You just order as what you want to drink. My friend will bring that for you.”

“Chivas Regal, if possible.” I said to her. Titli warned me not to drink too much. I nodded at her and said that I would obey her every words.

A young man approached Titli and greeted her. She introduced me to that person, Samudra.

I felt bit jealous on seeing Titli getting cosy with her old flame, Samudra.
After sometime, a boy handed me the bottle and a glass. I sat quietly at one couch savouring my drink and looking around the gathering. I was feeling left off since I was the odd man in that pack. Stealthily I walked to the roof, leaving those merry making pack. I looked up the dark Prussian blue sky studded with billions of twinkling stars.

“Hi” I heard a husky voice behind me, “Drinking alone? Feeling lonely after seeing Samudra?” Parineeta stood close to me. Her musky fragrance was quiet enticing. Her lush eyes were depicting that the alcohol have taken effect to her blood. The sight of that sweltering siren created a tempest in my veins.

“Nah! Not jealous. Alone yes.” I looked at her inviting eyes while sipping my drink, “What about you? You don’t have any boyfriend?”

She shook her head, “Nah!” She stood facing me. Her soft bosoms touched my chest. She sported a naughty smile, “Everyone down there has someone to hold them except me.”

I was astonished, “I don’t believe that you don’t have a boyfriend.” I put my hand on the small of her back to appease her, “Don’t worry you will have a handsome one someday.”

The touch of my hand made her go weak. Her voice sank, “My birthday and I am alone.” She looked at me with inviting eyes, “Will you hold me for a moment?”

Already I was feeling tempted to find Parineeta so close to me. I thought that a simple hug could give some respite to that lonely siren. I placed my hands on both sides of her thin waist. The alcohol in her veins did the rest. She threw her arms around my neck and hugged me tightly. I felt her soft hillocks crushing on my broad chest. Those twin peaks studded with pebbles felt, poked on my chest through the dresses.

I whispered in her ears, “Feeling ok now?”

Her intoxicated eyes were half-open. She whispered in husky tone, “Feeling in heaven.” She pushed herself on her toes to reach my face. I felt that I was swinging away from my heart. Somehow, I controlled myself from drinking the nectar.

I kissed her forehead and said, “Parineeta, you are inebriated. You should go down.”

She gave me a sweet smile and hugged me tightly, “I am jealous of Titli.”

“Hey are you stealing my boyfriend from me?” We both got startled as we saw Titli staring at us with a beer bottle in her hand.

I unwrapped my arms from Parineeta and looked at Titli. Her piercing gaze was trying to fathom as what we were doing in that lonely dark night.

Parineeta walked to Titli and gave her a bear hug. She said to her, “No, dear. You are one lucky girl. I thought that I could loan him but he is unavailable.”

I looked at those sirens, Titli and Parineeta. One was looking like sultry temptress another was seductive angel. Few moments ago, I was about to snorkel in some incog waters. It was hard for me to keep myself under reins. Parineeta kissed Titli and went downstairs, giving us the most awaited privacy.

Titli gestured me to dance with her. I shook my head and said, “Dear I don’t know how to dance.”

She held me by my hand and pulled me with her. I followed the enchanting temptress as if caught in a sheer trance. My throat became dry as my eyes got riveted on her deep cleavage. She threw her arms over my shoulder and asked me to hold her by her thin waist.

She looked deeply in my eyes and said, “Know how to move your legs? Now move slowly imitating my steps.”

Titli’s buxom bosom crushed on my chest sending jolts though out my frame. The dim light on the roof caused the effect. I felt my blood boiling. My ram swelled up with blood. I started to move my legs along with her. I was gently caressing her hips occasionally kneading her soft flesh.

She gave me a sleek smile and said, “Enjoying the dance, honey?”

I smiled at her and said, “Going to kill me tonight? Are you?”

“May be, may be not.” she mocked me. “If I kill you then who will love me then, so killing is cancelled” she laughed at me. She then asked me, “What were you and Parineeta doing on the terrace?”

I confided to her, “Just giving her some company as she was feeling lonely.”

She winched her brows and said, “Don’t get tempted too much, else I will kill you.”

“Nah! Dear.” I stooped down to touch her forehead with my lips.

She asked me, “I know you were feeling jealous on seeing me talking to Samudra, right?”

“Yeah little bit.” I answered her with a soft smile, “But now all are gone as you are in my arms.”

Titli’s peaks were flattened on my chest with each passing moment. I could feel her blistering pebbles poking through her dress pinching on my chest. That touch, the sensation made me mad.
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