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Modern Bengali Mother And Her Son

It was hot summer day at Calcutta,India. Raja was tired of hot bengal summer. He could hardly stay inside. So he came out to the long cool bheranda of his family banglo. There was a big mango tree casting cool shade on the bheranda. Raja soothed himself with the gentle breeze. Suddenly, his eyes were caught at the window of his mother Purnima. Purnima is a doctor herself. The window of her bedroom was only 20 ft away from the bheranda of Raja's room. Purnima was coming from her long duty from the hospital. She was exhausted, but she never let herself look tired even in the extreme circumstances. She is a fashionable bengali lady at her early forties. She is very fair, has long curly black hair and big deerlike eyes. Purnima makes herself more beautiful by make-uping in a rather casual fashion-not too obvious, but very attractive.

Raja always liked his mom Purnima debi. He even masterbated often imagining his dear mom. Being only 17, he has never experienced any sexual relationship with anybody. Normal girls of his age does not appeal to him that much. He likes Purnima very much. He dream about marrying some lady like Purnima someday. Anyway, Raja went back to his room and brought out his powerful binocular which he got at his last birthday from his father. He hid himself behind the drape of his window and focused hard inside Purnima's bedroom and waited to see his mom undress.

Purnima was not in the room then. Raja could hear Purnima in the kitchen giving instruction to the maid. After a couple of minutes, Purnima came to the bedroom still in her apron and light white Jamdani saree. She had her hair tucked into a big khopa and wearing her thin rimless eye glasses. Raja could not hold her breadth as his mother removed her apron. She then swithed the fan to its full speed and stand under it. Raja focused to her face now. Purnima looked so beatuiful with some beads of sweat on her cheek that if, right now, sexy bolywood heroin Madhuri comes to him and asked him to fuck her, he would swap the sexy actress for just one kiss to the beads of sweat at Purnima's cheek. Purnima was still wearing very deep red lipstick on her pauty lips. She was biting her glistening full lips as she started untucking her big khopa. She let her long black hair loose which fell below her waist. Raja now focused on her partially bare belly. As a fashionable lady as Purnima was, she had her petti- coat atleast 3 inch below her naval. Raja was very excited watchting her fair smooth skin at her belly. It was not very flat, but a little bumpy. There was even a layer of fat which gathered all the sweat from her upper body. It is normal for a Bengali lady to have a layer of fat or two at her belly. It is very sexy too. Raja again imagined himself licking those sweats out of Purnima's belly. Suddenly, Purnima let her saree to fall on the floor.

Raja was so excited that blood from all over his body rushed to his cock and it grew very big. With this erection, he lost the focus of his binocular. When he got it back, Purnima has finished removing her saree from her boby. Right now, she was wearing only the blouse and the petticoat. Raja waste no time and looked hard to Purnima's big brests. They were big and the blouse and bra were struggleing hard to keep them tame. Since Purnima was sweating, Raja could easily see her bra through her blouze. Purnima at this point turned around and put off her petticoat with out any notice. With in a flash her round ass was in full view. Her ass was even more fair than rest of her body, but areas near her ass cheek was brownish black. She did not have any hair on or aroung her ass cheek. Raja was little surprised as most of the bengali women hardly shave anywhere. They think that hairs on ass, around pussy and even armpits are sexy which really is. But Raja not seeing any hair on his mom's ass was not disappointed. Rather Purnima's clean ass mounds made his erection bigger and harder. Raja untie his pajama lace and let it fall on the floor. He started stroking his 8 inch cock gently which was hard like steel. Then, some hair clip from Purnima's hair fell on the floor and she bent down to pick it up giving a broad display of her ass hole to Raja's eager eyes. Her ass holes was a blackish brown spot in the middle of very fair skin. The ass cheeks were reddish and everyting was clean shaved. Raja was stroking his cock faster now. Purnima then did some thing very strange for a sophisticated lady like herself.

She brought on of her finger with long nails near her ass hole and started scratching her ass cheek. She then inserted the finger inside her ass hole only a little bit and poked her ass for some long 30 seconds. She then brought her finger out and smelled it holding it before her nose. Raja could not hold his cum anymore and shoot a big load to the floor. But his cock was as hard as it was before. He then concentrate on the eyepiecec again. Purnima has turned aroung by then. Raja could not clearly see her cunt as she was standing. But he could tell that her cunt was also completely shaven. Purnima then raised both of her hands over her head for some reason. It looked like she was streching or something. But to Raja the reason was the least important. He was watching the big bloch of wetness from sweat at her armpits. Her offwhite blouse had become transparent from all the sweat and showing clearly that she had a big bush of black hair on both of her armpit. Raja had never seen something so sexy in his life. He wiped his toung over his lips imagining how delicious and sexy it would be to lick the sweat out of his mom's armpit hair. Purnima umaware of all these, started unbuttoning her blouse. Her tits looked bigger under her bra now. Purnima finally put off her bra too.

Now she was full naked. Raja had never seen any tits so beautiful in his life, not even in porno movies. They were fair, full, little sagged with pink nipples and very large. They seemed to be lager than what appears from outside. He imagine himself touching his mom's tits with both hands and licking her nipples. Raja could not think any more, but shoot second session of cum to the floor. Purnima then wiped all the sweat from her body with a towel. She raised her armpit again and wiped the sweat from there too. She then brought her nose close to one of the armpit and smell it. She looked satisfied with the smell. She then went away from the window and probably went to the bathroom for shower. Raja was by now completely mad with desire and sex, he started to masterbate vigoruosly. Coming twice just minutes ago didnot even have any effect on his erection. He was dreaming about fucking his sweet mom Purnima and stroking with closed eyes. "Raja, what are you doing, young man?"

It was Purnima. Raja never heard her coming. He must be masterbating for quite long time. Purnima came to Raja's room to find his rajor to shave her cunt and foung her son masterbating himself. Purnima is no old fashioned prudish lady. She understands the feeling teenage boys have about sex. So she was rather shocked than mad at Raja. Raja, on the other hand, never dreamed about been in a situation like this. He could not even look at his mom. If he did he could see that his mom is only wearing the saree with out any blouse or petticoat. Raja could not think of anyhing to say. Purnima sensing her son's embarrassemnt said, "Don't feel guilty son for what you are doing. Only that it is not the best way to meet your sexual urge. Have you ever thought about seeing any girl?" Raja was relieved to hear what his mom was saying. He gathered some courage and said, "Mom, I don't like girls of my age. I like lady like you and want to marry some lady as beautiful as you." 'Oh, that's interesting. You are not going to marry soon and where would you find a lady like your mom? So what can be done mean while." Purnima smiled and said, "Unless you want to do things you like to do with your wife when you are married with your mommy." Raja could not believe his ears.

He only said, " Mom, you let me love you like my wife." "I don't know your wife, but I surely would let you love your mommy as hard as you can. Now don't talk and come to me. Let me see your big cock. It is not good to waste cum by masterbating. " Raja was entranced. He walked to his mom. His cock had become only 2 inch from the shock. Purnima hold Raja's cock in her soft hand and instatly it began to grow. It assumed its full length and widht within a minute. Purnima was very happy to see her hands causing magic to her son's cock. With out giving Raja any chance to react, Purnima took his 8 inch cock in her mouth and started sucking it very hard. Raja was not ready for this. He reached heaven with the experienced sucking of his own mom. He only managed to say, "Mommy, I might come in your mouth." He could not wait a moment after that but came with strong waves inside his mom's mouth.

Purnima swallowed every bit of fresh cum from her son's cock. She then smiled at his son and said, "your cum tastes so good, my boy" Purnima then put off her saree and became full naked. She gave one of her tits to Raja to lick. Raja licked like a baby to her mom's boob. He then sucked the other tit too. Raja was hard again. He gathered himself somewhat from the early shock and said, "Mom, you are not going to shave your armpit hair? are You? because, they are so sexy. They made me desire you even more." "So, you were looking at my bedroom all this time I was undressing. You naughty boy. I'll never shave hairs on my armpits. Only my pussy and ass will be clean shaved. Now fuck your mom good. I am so horny giving you head." Purnima then lie on Raja's bed and he inserted his cock in his mom's cunt. she asked Raja not to rush things, take deep breath and relax. Raja was fucking his mom very good especially for his first ever fuck. Purnima raised her armpit and let Raja lick her hairs there. They smelled so kinky that Raja started fucking faster.
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