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Well folks I'm 21 and from Kolkata, we live in a flat and my family consists of me, my mother and my father who works in the gulf. He comes only once a year. My mother is 45 years old but I must say she does not look her age. She is very fair and 5 feet tall, 60kgs and a bit bulky with a big ass and stans(tits). She is damn cute and beautiful, even now when she goes to the market people stare at her, but she is very modest and very strict.

Now we stay in a building with two flats on a floor, and the person who stays opposite us is Uncle Sunil. Uncle Sunil is a business man and comes to Kolkata for 15 days in a month and then he returns to his family in Mumbai. He is a garment exporter. Uncle Sunil is 55 years old, and nearly 5 feet 11 inches tall and huge, he has got a big paunch or rather a pot belly. He is grey and black haired, partially bald and he's got grey and black hair all over. He is damn strong and is hairy all over and he has got one of the finest grey moustaches I have ever seen. Uncle Sunil and me are the best of friends, though his age, he is still young at heart. We drink together when he is in town and have a nice time going to cinemas and restaurants. So mother is always annoyed when uncle Sunil comes cause I'm home late. This went on and whenever he used to come, we used to send food to his place sometimes and he really used to appreciate my mothers cooking and say that her food is just beautiful like her. Now Uncle Sunil is a very horny man and we used to watch porno films together. At times when my mother comes to call me, I have seen uncle Sunil looking at her ass closely as she walks, but I never suspected anymore cause he is a very descent man.

One night as usual we were drinking and he asked me when my father is going to come etc and then said that I had a very beautiful mother and I thanked him taking that as a compliment, then we watched some blue films and we both had an absolute hardon. I could see uncle Sunils' massive hard on through his lungi. He went to the toilet, his toilet door is cracked at the bottom, so I carefully went and peeked inside and saw Uncle Sunil stroking one of the biggest lund I have ever seen, I never even thought that man could be such long, all he time I used to see big lund on the internet, I used to think that they are just tricks but I could not believe this he had a very long lund which must be at least 10 inches long and very thick, around one and a half inches thick and he had huge balls hanging and covers with lots of grey hair all over, I saw him stroke himself for 20 minutes then finally I saw him come, he just kept spunking like anything, there was so much of his thick semen all over the place, he never seemed to stop, spurt by spurt he kept spunking like anything, I was thinking to myself that his wife must me the most satisfied woman in the world but also I was wondering how she could take such a big ling inside, I never thought it possible, I thought his wife was the most luckiest woman but then little did I know at that time that not only his wife but also my own mother was going to be very lucky.

After this I quietly finished my glass of drinks and he too came out and he seemed very much relieved. Just then the bell rang and it was my mother asking me to come home. I went home and as I went, I saw him stare at mothers whole body like a hungry wolf. In the next morning at 7am, my door bell rang, I did not get up from bed and kept my eyes closed and wondered who it was, I pulled over the sheets and partly opened my eyes, I heard mother open the door and then I heard uncle Sunil open my bed room door and ask mother whether I was still asleep, she said yes and he left the bedroom door wide open and from here I could directly see my mother in the kitchen in a tight yellow saree and she was pouring milk in the vessel Uncle Sunil brought (sometimes he used to take milk from our house cause he used to be fast asleep when the milk man comes) I heard them talking something and then I saw Uncle Sunil keep his hands on mothers shoulders and she immediately moved away from there and ignored his move and kept pouring the milk. Uncle Sunil moved near to her and this time boldly cupped her right ass tightly in his right hands and pressed it very hard I guess, cause mother cried ouch and she lost her colour in temper I guess, she asked him to behave himself and never expected him to be like this and to leave right now. He went near her and took her in his arms and tried to kiss her but she tried her level best to push him and said I would wake up and he just pressed her against the wall and managed to kiss her cheeks and his one hand was around mothers bare kamar trying to move up her stan (tits) and the other behind pressing her ass. She called him bastard and son of a bitch and he said he loves her and he will do anything to have her, the milk was spilled all over the place, my mother was wriggling all the time trying to free herself from him and finally she got away and she ran to her bed room and locked the door, Uncle Sunil took his milk and went home quietly and closed our door. Then I got up and Knocked at mothers room and said its me and where is the coffee? She immediately opened the door and was looking distracted and he hair haywire and then she said she would get it right away and she went to the kitchen. I kept mum about the whole thing and acted as if nothing happened. After tea I went to Uncle Sunils' place and he was very cheerful and asked me did mother get up? I said yes and he said ask for some sugar, I went and told mother that Uncle wants sugar, mother dejectedly gave some sugar, I gave it to him and then after sometime he left for work and I left for college.

Evening I came home and mother was not there at home, for a second my heart raced thinking where she is gone? Even uncle was not there at home, I stood at the balcony waiting for her when I saw her come in an auto with vegetables from the market, she did not see me standing at the balcony, I watched my beautiful mother dressed in the cutest white silk shiny saree that my dad had given her. She got down from the auto, paid the fellow and during this time another auto came and Uncle Sunil got out and he was staring at mother and smiling at her, she panicked and picked the bags and started running towards the building cause I guessed she did not want to be in the lift with him. Uncle Sunil also paid fast and started walking fast towards the building all the time staring at my mothers beautiful ass that shook very seductively as she ran, uncle Sunil fastened his pace and looked up and saw me and slowed down and smiled at me, in minutes I heard my door knock and I ran to open it and mother hurried in all nervous and sweating. She settled down on the sofa with a cold glass of water and the fan at full speed. she looked worried. All this time I kept quite and was watching to see whether uncle Sunil could get her and also I wanted to see whether my beautiful mother would give in to him and the thought of her receiving Uncle Sunils' huge big monster ling deep in her made me absolutely horny. Somehow I wished that Uncle Sunil should succeed, but I knew that he could never succeed that easily cause my mother was the very modest type and very strict.

Later on in the evening I had a bath and was ready to go to Uncle Sunils' place for a drink. My mother said don't go there, I said no I'm going and took my house keys and went there. We drank quite a lot and then Uncle Sunil started asking about mother and said that looks like your mother had gone to the market shopping, he said tell her that she really looks very very beautiful in that silk saree. I could see his hardon in the lungi and he was trying to hide it, then she grew more bolder and said, that Saree suits perfectly for her beautiful figure, I ignored it and he got up and went to the toilet, I peeked in and saw him masturbating again, I knew he was thinking about my mother at the time and wanted her so badly, and looking at his monster lund I wondered if mother could take it and then also looking at how badly Uncle needed her, I decided to do something to pair them up, somehow I wanted them both to enjoy each other. Cause I wanted to see that monster lund in action and whether mother can handle such a huge thing so I decided to leave my house keys at Uncle Sunils' place so I kept it on the TV set.
After I had the drinks, I went home. Mother was still there in that silk saree, she opened the door, we had dinner together and I wondered whether tonight she will be with uncle Sunil, wondering whether the silk saree will be taken off by uncle Sunil! Then finally she went to sleep with the silk saree on, she was very tired. I went to her room and saw her lying there in the beautiful silk saree and she really really looked very beautiful, I put on the A/c and closed all the windows and covered her, she was fast asleep, I thought to my self that soon Uncle Sunil will be here and she has to keep awake to have a wonderful time together. Still I wasn't sure, I could lock the doors and go to sleep and in that case Uncle Sunil could not come in, finally I decided that lets see whether they end up having sex and so I went to my bedroom lit a cigarette and called uncle Sunil and said that I had left my house keys there and that I would collect it tomorrow, he said ok and we said Good Night to each other. Finally I masturbated thinking of all this and lay waiting to see what happened this night. Suddenly the phone rang, I waited for mother to pick up, it rang for a long time and finally my mother picked it up, I also picked up the parallel phone, it was somewhere around 12:00am, she said hello, and Uncle Sunil this time said its him and that he is really sorry about what happened today. She said this is not the time to talk and that she would talk about it tomorrow, then he said please understand you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen and I want to make love to you and so it is better to co - operate since you don't know me, if I like something I make sure I have it at any cost so please co - operate with me, it will be a great enjoyment for both of us.
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