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Shristhi and Nipun First Time Sex-2

she again said that this is not done, how can I do this, I tried to calm her down, and said just relax and take me as a friend. She hardly had anything to say, she simply went and I came back to my place. Then I messaged her ordinary joke, to see her reaction, she messaged me one good night message. It was a first step to my lovely relation with a girl.

After that our friendship gradually increased and with in three four weeks we started sharing mild naughty jokes and then full fledge non-veg jokes, using desi words like LUND, CHOOT, CHUDAI etc. more or less she was aware of all the words and there meanings. I started fucking Shristi’s cunt in my fantasies and masturbated many times thinking about her.

Her body was so luscious, that I use to get hard, even on seeing her, whenever she came to study to my house for tuition. Many times she looked at me and smiled, when I passed through hall during her class. Once she kept her mobile in my room for charging again, so I copied few good clips of fucking videos in her mobile and later massaged her to view.

With every step forward towards her in this context means from jokes to light naughty jokes and then from light naughty jokes to proper non-veg jokes, then to fucking video clips. I was bit scared because it was first time that I was dealing with a girl on this subject. And above that I knew that if some how her parents will come to know anything about this then I will be killed by my father,

but the attraction of getting closer to a girl was much more than the fear, so I continued and gradually we became free to each other and we started talking in the night on phone. We asked each other if we have any girl friend and boy friend, she did not had any boyfriend, neither I had a girl friend, so we did not had any hurdle in getting closer.

I had few question about girls body, and she wanted to know few things about boys organs, we educated each other. After some time and bit of hesitation she shared many of her secrets, like her periods dates and size of her bra etc. I told her about size of my penis. I expressed her, my views about a girl, means which part of the body of a girl I like most and few more things like that.

Once I told her that whenever I talk to her, I get hard. She also admitted that she also gets wet inside her pussy and gets leaked, while talking to me. We talked to each other about our masturbation habit, and we both admitted that we think about each other while masturbating. Further I asked her about the way she masturbates, and with lot of hesitation she told me that she do it with her finger.

I also told her my way of masturbation. Time passed like that, few more weeks and we talked to each other, and not only about sex, about everything. Her and her family’s life style, and her likings and disliking. I tried to make her understand the importance of studies, as I knew she was weak in studies not because she was dull, but because she was not focused.

and she promised that she will concentrate, and she did that, gradually her performance improved in terminal tests, may be because she wanted to impress me and prove me that she also stands somewhere in my comparison, as she knew that I scored more than 70% in boards.

Oops Sorry I forgot that I was writing my sex experience with her, anyways our telephonic continued and somewhere in daily conversation I asked her what she thinks about me, she said she take me as a friend, I asked her “friend or boy friend” she went silent, I forced her to speak up, by saying, “come on Shrishti, tell me”, she said “Ok,… boyfriend, and what about you, what do you think about me, friend or girl friend”? I said “obviously girl friend”. Again I started by asking a sensual question “so do you know what girl friend and boy friend do”? She blushed with bit of laugh, I could feel it from her humming sound, and she said “no, I never had a boy friend”.

I said “even I never had any girl friend but I know, in beginning they kiss and slowly they move further”. She said “what do you mean by moving further”. I said “you have so many videos of that, anyway you will come to know when we will move further, first tell me when we are going to kiss”. She laughed again, and said “we are not going to kiss, I can’t and please don’t force me”.

I said “I will never force you, but believe me it’s a wonderful thing, I will give you some videos, you just try to feel them, just visualize that you are doing it me, and tell me if you won’t like it”. She laughed again and said ok. That night I masturbated twice and slept around 3, as I was making a lovely kissing clips, by cutting out from some movies which I had,

and by downloading it from you tube. Next time when she came, again she kept her mobile on charging and with in 5-10 minutes I copied those clips in her mobile. She saw those videos and admitted that she liked it, but she was not ready to do it, because she was little afraid. I tried to convince her but not much, as I was not supposed to force her.

That night we talked to each other for more than an hour and in the end I said, in future whenever she would like to kiss, she had to come with open hairs, as generally she use to make pony tail. She agreed on that. Later on telephonic conversation, I told her about the site which I access for sex stories, and few other sites through which I get clips.

She showed some interest in reading sex stories, but she was afraid to access this site on her PC directly. I told her I will send her some good hot stories in her mail in ms dos file format. Then I sent her some good hot incest stories and few first time stories. We talked to each other about those stories and while talking to her I could feel the excitement which was rising in her gradually.
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