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Fun Starts at Tuition

After the initial couple of months in the rented house with the landlord acting as our guardian, very much like a fatherly figure aiding in almost all issues, and myself enthusiastically nurturing my toddler son, things started changing when my husband faced problems in his workplace. The factory in which my husband was working issued work suspension notice and it hit us very badly. He started getting curtailed wages which was not at all sufficient for our livelihood. On some months there was nonpayment also making lives choking for us.

My husband naturally remained very upset and agitated for his job status and his luck was not favoring also as he was unable to get another job. He started remaining outside the house for long hours in search of job and I noticed that he grew drinking habit soon! My marital life was naturally in a dismal state and with the burden of the rent to be paid, buying the baby food for Harpal, and paying school fees and books for Rampal and his increasing demand for guidance (tuition) for his studies… things looked really out of hand for me.

Chacha-ji (I called the landlord by that name) was a retired person and he had to feed his handicapped grownup son. Moreover, there was another dependent on him - Haria, the servant who looked after Sanjay. Chacha-ji was very particular about the rent part and one day there was a stiff quarrel between my husband and him regarding that and Chacha-ji even threatened to evict us if nonpayment continued. The overall situation was very grim and I was in a pure hopeless situation with no money to run the family and had no other alternative but to talk to Chacha-ji to save the situation.

Chacha-ji: Yes Beti… you said you wanted to talk to me…

I actually was breastfeeding Rampal at that time; had it been any other person I had to quickly recompose and cover myself up, but since Chacha-ji was like a fatherly figure to me and was always around in the house, I had stopped covering up myself each time seeing him while executing daily chores. Though initially I was hesitant but his age, calm eyes, non-ogling attitude, and well mannered approach made me feel at ease. Since I had to breastfed Rampal frequently those days, I had stopped wearing the churidar at home and always wore sari so that it was easier for me to quickly push up the blouse and feed the kid to stop his yells.

Me: Yes…. Yes Chacha-ji.

Out of reflex action I pulled back my pallu over my blouse; my wheat-colored round and fleshy left boob was completely out my blouse and was entirely visible as Rampal was eagerly sucking it.

Chacha-ji: Arre Beti… you can complete the feeding naa…. I am waiting…

I nodded and indicated him to sit down and continued feeding him and gently swinging my thigh and knee so that Ram quickly gets to sleep while breastfeeding.

Chacha-ji sat down on the couch.

Me: Ji… itna shararat karta hai… yehi ek waqt hai jab thanda rehta hai… ab so jayega…

Chacha-ji (smiling): Okay, okay… tu use sula de pehle…

I nodded and checked my son’s condition. He had already sucked quite a bit of my milk and was almost sleepy. As I continued to swing him on my leg muttering a tune and patting his forehead, Chacha-ji was nodding his head to the tune and looking at me with a calm smiling face.

What I did not gather was my pallu was rather transparent and hence even when I covered my breasts with my pallu, Chacha-ji, from the close quarter, was able to view the complete beauty of my ripe left breast as my son was sucking it. Moreover, as my son had the habit of not continuously sucking the nipple while breastfeeding and used to give short pauses and removed his mouth off the nipple after sucking may be for a minute or two, Chacha-ji got all the more chance to see my swollen, moist, and succulent left nipple through my transparent pallu. My areolas were also big and rather prominent on my mammaries and my husband was very impressed from day #1 seeing those large circular cherry-colored areolasmaking my breasts look very sexy and eye-catching.

Soon Rampal was asleep and made him lie down on the cot and quickly covered myself properly.

Chacha-ji: Ab bol kya baat hai?

Me: Chacha-ji… (I could not control weeping) aap se to kuch nehi chupa hai… unka factory mei to lockout chal raha hai… ab main to pagal ho raha hoon ke paisa aayega kaha se…

Chacha-ji: Dekh Beti… if I had any connection in any factory or in any business… main kabka bol deta tere marad ko… par aisa nehi hai…

I continued to weep.

Chacha-ji: Beti… Beti… (coming closer to me and patting my head) Don’t get upset… tell me the constraints…. let me see if I can do something…

Me (controlled my weeping): Chacha-ji see... in the past Rampal’s school fees and books were the only costs pertaining to him… but now he is demanding tuition classes… tell me Chacha-ji… in a family like us… where from will I get that extra money for tuition?

Chacha-ji: Hmm…

Me: Upar se Harpal ka baby food bhi kharid na hai… aur apka rent bhi to mujhe bharna hai…

Chacha-ji nodded in agreement of my pathetic condition. He was silent for sometime and looked up at the ceiling for a probable escape route for me.

Chacha-ji: If I could waive your rents I would have done that Beti… par as you know… I have my disabled son and a dependent sister to feed… and I have no other source of income…

I could understand Chacha-ji’s frustration level; his grownup crippled son who did not contribute a single paisa due to his physical limitation.

Me: I know…

Chacha-ji: What have you thought Beti?

Me: I can’t think Chacha-ji… aise chalega to Rampal ka padhai bandh karna padhega… waise to Class VIII tak to pahuch gaya hai… ab kisi dukan mei….

Chacha-ji: W-h-a-t?

Me: Chacha-ji… ap hi bolo main kya karoon… Harpal ka babyfood bandh karu? I can’t do that… Aapka rent bhi mujhe dena hai… to mere pas ek hi upai…

I couldn’t even complete my words that Chacha-ji almost howled at me!

Chacha-ji: Khabardar jo Rampal ka school bandh karne ki baat boli to!

I was slightly taken aback by Chacha-ji’s strong reaction, but soon realized that he loved Rampal very much and they spent quite a bit of time together in the house.

Me: Chacha-ji… I didn’t mean to say that… but it is simply impossible for me to grant his demand for tuition classes! No way I can manage that Chacha-ji!

Chacha-ji: Chal… iska hal ho gaya!

I was quite surprised. How can he solve this problem! His tuition would cost some money for sure and I was sure Chacha-ji was in no position to bear that! Naturally I looked questionably at him.

Chacha-ji: Dekh Beti… you have enough in your plate… I can understand… and I cannot help you in every aspect, but in this case I can… so I will.

Me: You mean…???

Chacha-ji: Yes Beti… Rampal is growing up and you must not shut down his demands … just like that… what I have decided is… I will give him tuition… so at least that financial burden is off of your shoulder.

Me: O Chacha-ji! That’s really kind of you… this will be really helpful for Ram! How can I thank you!

Chacha-ji: What thanks? I have not done anything Beti… let me start taking account of his studies and then get the reference books… then you thank me naa…

My eyes were almost filled with tears of joy as Rampal was pressurizing me for tuition for quite some days now but due to dearth of money I was not able to fulfill his desire, but now with my landlord Chacha-ji taking care of that I was much, much relived.

Me: Chacha-ji… I really can see some light now and Rampal would love to get coaching from you… as he likes your company.

Chacha-ji: Yes I also feel that I can be a good teacher for him as I had given tuition previously to the sister duo.

Me: Who? You mean Parvati and Shalini?

Chacha-ji: Yes... aur kaun!

Parvati and Malini were our neighbor’s daughters and were almost of same age as my son. Previously they used to take tuition from Chacha-ji but now they go to a coaching class for tuition.

Me: Okay Chacha-ji… Rampal will be very happy to listen to this!

Chacha-ji got up and put his hand on my head and just nodded expressing through his eyes as if he was with me and that I should not worry. I again thanked him and he went upstairs. In my joyful mood I was not able to realize the dirty plan of my landlord behind this offer and I got completely trapped in that!

Rampal was grownup enough, now reading in Class VIII, and realized when I explained him about the financial constraints and that Chacha-ji willingly agreed to give him guidance and notes. He was also pretty serious and seemed to be extremely happy to be getting tuition from my elderly landlord. Everything was so normal until Chacha-ji hatched his dirty plan. I was simply bowled over by his crooked mind and was exploited like anything under the created circumstances. Not even in my wildest of dreams I could assume that the filthy old man would use the basic relationship of a mother and son to satisfy his perverted mind! Chacha-ji used my natural blind love for my son and made use of me for his visual and physical pleasure!
Chacha-ji was very particular about the timing of teaching and it was the late afternoon time when he taught Rampal. Automatically a very good impression developed in my mind towards Chacha-ji but during that time period my dirty landlord was only preparing ground for his plan to work perfectly. I was obviously too innocent and naïve to realize that. For the first month there was nothing abnormal and things moved on pretty smoth; Chacha-ji coming down from upstairs to teach Rampal and he was also doing his homework regularly. In general there was no disturbance unless baby Harpal cried and I tried my best to minimize the noise such that Rampal’s studies were not disturbed and at times when I was unable to persuade the baby to stop crying I breastfed him.
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