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Adorable Woman - Part 3

She broke the silence, "You must be stark naked. They forced you to undress, didn't they? It's good for you. As women admire your manhood, you get to realise that it's something to be proud of and your teenage embarrassment goes away. Like any man loves to see a naked woman, a woman also loves to see a man's private wealth. I haven't seen your one after you grew up, but I know you are well endowed. I would have loved to see it today. But then on a second thought decided to control my desire."

She took a dip into the water and then continued, "As a mother I wouldn't like to get easily carried away by my physical desire for my son. As a son also you have to control your greed for seeing me in the nude. I know you had a tremendous urge to see my naked body, when I was bathing naked without letting you see me. That's why I was absolutely sure you would swim behind me. I know you saw me naked from the back. I allowed to that much, but wouldn't like you to go beyond."

She held my right hand with her left hand. We were now closer to each other, swimming with a single hand.

After a pause she said, "You & I know that we are both stark naked under water. We could easily watch each other's naked bodies and also could feel each other's nudity by hugging each other. But we are not doing so and only relishing the proximity of each other's nudity. Do you think this gives you a special feeling?"

"Yes ma, this is a very different feeling. I am now loving you in a very special and a very different way." I answered.

"This is the restraint mother & son should have between them. There is no point denying that there is an under current of desire between us. Both of us would have loved to get swept away by the strong wave of desire. But if we did, we would have lost our self respect."

"Yes ma, I couldn't agree more" I kissed her on her cheeks.

As were close to the fencing, she said, "You can, of course, have some fun with your aunts. Now that you are an adult, you are free to enjoy sex. There is nothing wrong as your aunts are more than willing, though this not acceptable in the eyes of the society. I know these women intimately since child hood and they are quite uninhibited. I invited them this time to make sure your birthday is celebrated well."

As we were getting inside the fencing, we saw that the maid was sitting on the step and telling some story to mamima & mashi, who were listening very attentively to her. From the naughty smile in the maid's face, it was quite apparent that she was telling them some not too innocent story.

As I was watching the maid, ma whispered, "She is a very naughty woman, I know her very well. She and I grew up together in this house." As I gave a surprised look at ma, she winked at me.

All of them were stark naked and were sitting on the steps at the edge of the water, displaying their nudity in full glory. I loved watching these three contrasting women together. One was dark & huge, another very fair and much smaller and the third one was like a statue curved out of mahogany. The maid's huge boobs (possibly 38D) had a little sag, but were quite firm and matched nicely in her huge structure. Her nipples were pretty large, very thick and about half an inch long. Her belly wasn't flat but looked well toned. She didn't have any extra layer of fat around her waist. Her thighs, legs and arms looked pretty strong. Her skin was admirably smooth and had a lovely glow. Her butts were large but beautifully curved.

Compared to her, mashi's body looked petite and delicate. Her pear shaped boobs looked very soft with small but pointed nipples. Her belly, thighs and arms looked pretty soft. Mamima's conical boobs were still smaller but were firm and had almost no sag. Her thin waist and nicely curved hips & butts gave her a very sexy look.

Mashi's armpit was full of thick & coarse hair. The maid's armpit hair was not so dense but quite long. Mashi's pubic bush was so dense and spread out as if she was wearing a black short panty. The maid's pubic mound was huge and was covered by thick curly hair. Mamima was less hairy compared to other two women. Her armpit hair was not too thick or dense. Her pubic bush was not too spread out and was in the shape of a perfect triangle.

As I was watching the naked women, I wondered how ma looked in the nude. I was particularly curious about her pubic hair. I decided to be a bit daring and asked ma, "Are you also hairy down below?"

"You naughty boy! Can't you guess by looking at my armpits?" ma answered and she raised her arms to arrange her hair in a bun, letting me have a closer look at her armpit hair. I took a bit of courage to touch her armpits and feel the hair on the base of a smooth skin with a couple of creases. I was tempted to touch her boobs, which were very close to my hand and showed a bit under water. But I didn't dare.

As the women noticed us, they fell silent. Possibly they were not comfortable to continue their naughty chat with me around. Leaving me behind, ma started walking up the steps and her body was exposed waist upward. While I wondered if she would let me see her butts, the maid (whom I called Minudi) came down in the water and wrapped ma in a large Indian type towel (gamchha). She made her sit on the step and completely guarding her body from my line of vision, started wiping her dry.

I could only see Minudi's back & butts. I was charmed at the beautifully curved huge mass with the wet skin shining. Under her butts, between her thighs I could see a tuft of curly hair. I realised that this big built woman was awfully sexy in her own way and my cock stirred.

Minudi wiped ma with lot of care. Though I couldn't see ma's naked body at all, I could sense what Minudi was doing from the movement of her hands. She wiped the armpits making ma raise her arms, she took her time in wiping ma's breasts and made them bounce. She made ma spread her legs and wiped her crotch. After wiping her dry she generously sprinkled talc on ma's body and within minutes ma was dressed in bra & petticoat. Wrapping a sari on her body, she waived at us and left.

By this time all three women were in water. Mamima waded through the water and came close to me. Mashi & the maid also followed her and three women surrounded me. As I realised that my naked body under water was so close to three very attractive naked women, I started feeling a stir in my already hard cock.

Mamima said, "Why are you so shy to display your wealth dear?" and coming closer held me in a tight embrace.

The touch of her naked body on mine gave me a sensation of a new dimension. She moved one step up to bring her face to same level as mine and kissed me passionately on my lips. As her tongue darted in my mouth, her boobs were pressed on my chest and her crotch brushed my belly. My cock was between her thighs and I could feel our pubic hair enmeshed together. She started moving her body sideways and her boobs played on my chest. I felt the movement of her pubic mound on my crotch and her thighs clasped my cock. As her kiss ended, she held my cock in her hand and lovingly fondled it under water.

In the meantime, mashi had come closer to me. Mamima made space for her and she hugged me softly. She started with a kiss on my cheeks and then kissed my ears. As she started moving her tongue in my ear a felt a wild sensation. As I felt her naked body touching me, I moved my hands over her boobs and was enamoured at the softness melting in my hands. Her nipples, which looked small earlier, felt like two nice grapes under my fingers and I explored the puckered skin of her aureoles with my fingers. Mashi's kiss continued on my neck and then she placed her soft pink lips on mine. I parted my lips to accommodate her tongue.

As her kiss became more and more ardent, I responded not with my tongue alone, but by lovingly fondling her body. I moved my hands over her belly and thighs and the abundance of hair in her pubis. I was amazed to find her hair extending all along the joining line of her thighs and abdomen. As I ran my fingers, I found a line of hair going up from her bush to her belly button. Exploring downward between her thighs, I found the hair extending all the way towards the rear side and was amazed to find the hair going up all the way up along the crack between her bum cheeks. The puckered skin of her ass hole had plenty of hair all around. This was such an unexpected discovery for me! As she held my cock in both hands and rubbed it on her crotch, I felt a wild excitement.

Mashi's kiss was much more passionate than mamima's and drove my excitement to a great height. I suddenly felt it was ma, who was giving me all the pleasure and I went crazy with excitement. I wildly crushed and squeezed her boobs and thrust my rock hard cock on her crotch. While mashi was shaking in excitement and I was out of my senses, both of us felt someone's touch on our bodies. It was Minudi holding both of us. With this interruption, our excitement subsided.

Minudi slowly separated us, placed her arms around me and said, "I am waiting for my turn in the queue. Today I must have my chance to join the birthday celebration." ("Ami kintu tomader dujoner pore line e achhi. Amio aj khokar jonmodine anando korbo.")

Saying this, she held my face against her breast and I started sucking her nipple. Disengaging me after a while, she placed her thick & wet lips on my lips. She sucked in my mouth and played with my tongue. That kiss was very different as it radiated high sexual energy and she sort of overpowered me. She moved her firm & huge boobs on my body and squeezed my butts. She held my cock in her hand and placed it on her pussy. Within seconds, I realised that my cock was in a soft & wet tunnel. This was a shock to me and I was totally dazed. She pushed my cock in & out a few times and I wondered if I was fucking her. Somehow she didn't continue and took my cock out.
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