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The Saga of Incest. Ch - 12

Zaheer Fucks His Mother Ruby In front Of His Dogs

I was really very sad after mummy made Neelu, our maid to abort my child that was growing inside her womb. Mummy also punished me saying that from now onwards I will not fuck Neelu. But still I got regular sex from my mummy every night.

I enjoyed my time with my mother during our love making sessions at night in her bed. I stopped going out to play with my friends. Some times on mummy’s insistence I would go out with my friends. But those times, I would be very sad. Mummy was very upset seeing me in this condition.

One night she dressed very sexily to cheer me up. She even got a great idea to make my mood. She knew that I liked to have sex in new places, even in different rooms of our home. Mummy came near me and started to kiss me. Soon we got undressed and I pushed her back on her bed. Mummy pushed me back and got down from her bed and moved outside.

Me: “mummy, where are you going? Don’t you want to be fucked?”

Mummy: “I want you to fuck me hard beta…..”

Me: “then come her my jaan…where are you going???”

Mummy: “beta, you wanted to fuck me inn new places naaa….then come with me….”

I followed my mother. She took a mattress and a pillow along with her. I thought she was going to terrace, as we fucked there once before. That was our first new location after fucking in her bedroom.

I remembered that night when we fucked on terrace. Mummy told me about my father’s affair with my maami. I saw that mummy was not going near stairs that led the way to terrace. She was going near our basement.

In our basement, there was a washing machine and also we had two dogs that were kept in basement. My father got a Doberman dog couple some years back for the security of our home. One was male (dog) and other female (bitch). After some days, our bitch gave birth to 5 puppies. We sold four of those puppies and kept a male Doberman puppy with us. Some days later our senior male dog died due to some disease. We were left with a mother son dog couple.

The bitch name was JULIE and the puppy dog was ROCKY. Rocky was Julie’s son. Now Rocky was grown up, but he never fucked any bitch. We didn’t want our dogs to crossbreed. We were considering mating Rocky with his mother Julie.

Me: “mummy, why are we going to basement??”

Mummy: “beta, you always wanted to fuck me in new places. So I thought tonight we will do it in our basement.”

Me: “but why basement?? Why don’t we fuck in our car parking garage??”

Mummy: “beta, I got a reason for that also. You know that now Rocky is ready for mating.”

Me: “Yes mummy, I know that.”

Mummy: “I thought we will fuck in front of our dogs tonight.”

Me: “that sounds great mummy…..”

Mummy: “by seeing you fuck your mother, Rocky may get aroused and he may also fuck his mother bitch tonight.”

Me: “yes mummy. I am very excited. Lets go to basement……”

Soon we were down inside our basement. Mummy put down the mattress on the floor and sat down on it. she invited me down by giving me her hand. I got down and we sat there looking at our dogs.Our dogs were looking at us as they were seeing us naked for the very first time. Mummy put her hand on my cock and started to stroke it up and down.

After some time she came in front of me, moved her head down to my crotch and took my cock in her mouth. The dogs were just staring at us. seeing my mother suck my cock, our bitch Julie went behind Rocky and started to lick her son’s cock.

Mummy: “see Zaheer, Julie is licking Rocky’s cock. I think she got inspired by seeing us.”

Me: “yes mummy. Julie must be so horny after our big dog died. They used to fuck a lot. I think he is in the same position as you were when we started to have sex”

Mummy: “yes beta. I am very confident now that Rocky will fuck his mother Julie tonight.”

I pushed my mother on her back and got in between her legs. I took my cock and aimed at my mother’s cunt. With a hard push, I inserted it inside her pussy. I told mummy to make loud moans and talk dirty while I fucked her.

Me: “come on my bitch mother. Shout loudly….tell me that you want me to fuck you….tell that you love my cock……tell that you always waited for my cock to enter your cunt…..”

Mummy: “yes beta….fuck me hard….fuck your own mother….fuck me my baby…..give me your hard cock…….ram your monster cock in my pussy…..ahhhh yesssss…………”

We fucked for some more time and saw that the dogs were getting ready for sex. Julie would go behind Rocky and lick his dick, which became erect and came outside. Then Rocky would go behind and smell his mother Juile’s pussy and lick it. they were ready to fuck but they didn’t start. I thought of taking my mother in doggies position. I pushed mummy on her stomach and pulled her ass in air.

Me: “get on your knees and elbows mummy. I will fuck you from behind…..”

Mummy: “not in my ass son. You know we don’t fuck in ass…..”

Me: “shut up bitch….i am not fucking your ass hole. I just want to take you from behind in doggies position”

Mummy: “ok beta……take me now…..”

Mummy got on all fours and swayed her ass for indicating that she was ready. When I went behind her, she took hold of my cock with her hand from under her pussy and guided it to her pussy. She told me to push when I was ready.

Me: “Hell mum….you know that I’m always ready to fuck you……”

Mummy: “then fuck me hard beta…….massage my boobs while you fuck me from behind….”

I did as my mummy told me. I took both her breast in my hands and was squeezing them very hard as I fucked my mother’s cunt. After massaging mummy’s boobies for some time,

I pulled my hands back and took hold of her hairs which was kept open. I took them in my hands and pulled my mother’s hair back. She was getting pain when I did this. When I pulled her hairs back, she moved her neck also.

I felt like I was riding a horse. Mummy kept her eyes closed while I fucked her from behind. We were so lost in our fucking that we forgot to see what our dogs were doing.
After some time, I look at our dogs and saw that Rocky was trying to mount his mother Julie to fuck her. mummy kept her eyes closed still. Seeing this, I spanked mummy very hard on her ass.

She cried:“ooouucccccccchhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…………aaahhhhhhhh………”

Me: “see mummy, Rocky is trying to fuck his mom.”

Mummy: “oh yesss beta….fuck me…..fuck me harder….i think your dog got inspired by watching you fuck your mom.”

Me: “yes mom……see he got inside her.”

Rocky successfully put his penis inside her mother Julie’s pussy. He started to pound her. After fucking his mother for some time, Rocky would dismount from Julie and roam inside the cage. He again goes behind Julie and mounts her again to fuck her.

Me: “see mummy, Rocky is fucking Julie again….”

Mummy: “yes beta, he will fuck her till he comes inside her pussy…..”

Me: “mummy, I think I am also close….i will cum anytime soon……..”

Mummy: “beta, but don’t cum inside my pussy…..we forgot the condoms tonight….”

Me: “ohhh mummy, I want to cum inside your pussy…..just like Rocky will cum inside his mother Julie’s pussy.”

Mummy: “but beta, Rocky is not having a father. Even if Julie gets pregnant, no one cares, but if I get pregnant, there will be a lot of problems”

Me: “please mummy, let me cum inside your pussy and make you pregnant…..please mom.”

Mummy: “Zaheer no beta, we discussed this many times…. I want to have your kids, but not now…this is not the right time.”

Me: “ok mummy…. I will remove my cock when I am ready….”

Mummy: “now that’s like my good boy……”

After fucking mummy for some more time in doggie style, I removed my cock from her cunt as I was ready to explode. I rubbed my cock on my mother’s sexy ass crack. She was also rubbing back my cock by pushing her ass on my cock to make me cum faster. I released my sperms on mummy’s white ass.

When I was done, mummy told me to rub the sperms all over her ass. I did as I was told. We laid down on the mattress looking to our dogs. Rocky was still fucking his mother Juile. After some time also, he ejaculated his sperms inside Juile’s pussy.

Me: “see mom, now Rocky is a big dog….he can fuck any bitch from now on…..”

Mummy: “no beta…. I won’t allow that. I don’t want him to fuck some another bitch when his own mother, Julie is here with him to fuck.”

Me: “just like us….”

Mummy: “yes beta…..just like us…..from now onwards Julie will take care of Rocky’s sexual desires as I take care of my son’s need every night.”

Me: “yes mummy, I will fuck you but you will not allow me to fuck anyone else…….that’s why you told me not to fuck Neelu again…..”

Mummy: “No beta, it is not like that…..”

Me: “then why told me to stay away from our maid, Neelu”

Mummy: “I told you to stay away from Neelu because she may have your child and then one day she will come to claim your property for your illegitimate child.”

Me: “that means can I fuck some other woman…..”

Mummy: “yes beta……you can fuck any other woman. But she should not be a maid. Find someone whose status is like ours”

Me: “OK mummy, then can I fuck some ladies from our family??”

Mummy: “from our family?? Whom do you want to fuck???”

Me: “you know, I have so many beautiful aunties…..not your side and also on daddy’s family side……they all are beautiful…..and sexy…..”

Mummy: “of course beta, you can fuck them…..when you fucked your own mother, then you can do incest with your aunties also……”

Me: “but mummy, first you have to promise me something….
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