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My Wife Sohini And Her Boss Part 11

Pradip said something from the sofa then, and Old Man turned Sohini around. She complied without protest, so that her back was to the European and then as Old Man pushed between her shoulder blades and she bent over at the waist. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Old Man flipped the back of Sohini's dress up over her waist, so that her backside was exposed to the European, then slapped her hard enough to leave a light mark again. The European studied her backside for a moment, then took a turn to smack her as well, although not as hard as Old Man had.

I looked at Pradip to see his reaction to all of this, but he was just sitting there drinking his Champagne, his trousers tented but loosely covering his still erect cock. He had a smile on his face, and was saying something that I wish I could hear, probably encouraging the European to spank her again. Was the mother of my children just going to let some strange guy spank her like this? She certainly didn't seem bothered at all, she looked over her shoulder at him with a smile as the European slapped her bottom again. Then the European knelt down, so that his face was just inches from her bottom, and Old Man kicked Sohini's feet apart so that her legs were spread. I realised the European was looking at her pussy! He seemed to study her for a moment, then Sohini stood up and pulled her dress down before going back over to the sofa and sitting down next to an amused Pradip.

Pradip said something to Sohini who shrugged in response, then he pulled down first her top and then her bra, so that her pale breasts were exposed to the two men standing in front of them. The European and Old Man shared some comment, probably talking about how much they liked her tits and then Old Man started to undress. He stripped off his shirt to reveal a very hairy chest and a paunch which hung over the front of his trousers. They came off next to reveal an equally hairy bottom half, and a surprisingly long semi-hard cock. It was half-erect, so was flopping around as he undressed. I stared in disbelief; it was as big as Pradip's was fully hard, although quite a bit thinner. It was also surrounded by wiry black pubic hair. Naked, Old Man looked even less attractive than he did dressed, with his hairy back and big belly hanging out. Was Sohini going to do something with him? I really couldn't believe she would stoop so low.

The European walked over to Sohini, and sat on the other side of her from Pradip. She looked at him and smiled as he put a white skinned hand on to the breast nearest him, cupping and squeezing tit before moving over to the other tit and doing the same. His whitish red hands looked so strange against Sohini's creamy pale Asian skin as he gently stroked and then pinched her nipples between his fingers, using both hands now. While that was happening, Pradip lifted the skirt of her dress and Sohini's legs opened in response. One of the European's hands slid down over her belly to her pussy, and his dark fingers ran through her fluffy brown pubes to her slit. Sohini shivered in pleasure and she leaned sideways to kiss Pradip as the European began to slide his fingers in and out of her.

The Old Man walked towards the settee where the three of them were sitting, tugging on his long, thin cock. Sohini broke off the kiss to Pradip and sat forward as he approached. Pradip got up and still holding his discarded trousers over his erection he vacated the seat to the older fellow and wandered off to my left and out of view. As Old Man sat down, Sohini leaned over him and took his hairy dick into her mouth. I was aroused yet again, but also slightly disgusted with her for sucking off some one so much older than her.

After a minute or two, Old Man began to get fully hard and Sohini pulled her head back for a moment. She held his cock in her hand, which only covered half the length of his shaft, which must have reached 9 inches or so. Sohini tugged up and down on it for a moment but then Old Man grabbed her head and quite roughly pushed her head back down on to his dick. With his hand tangled in her hair, he bobbed her head up and down his cock quite fast, making Sohini gag a couple of times as he shoved his entire length into her mouth. When she coughed, he laughed as did the European who was watching while still playing with her pussy. Old Man did let her up for a moment to catch her breath, and then he would shove her back down there again.

If I felt that Sohini wasn't enjoying it, I would have broken the window and jumped through, but every time she did break free for a breather she would smile and laugh and then go back down onto his cock with no complaints. Her hand had crept to Old Man's hairy balls and she was stroking and caressing them as she blew him. Pradip came back then, now fully naked, with a fresh bottle of bubbly in his hand and he proceeded to top up the glasses on the table before saying something to the European, who moved so that Pradip could take his place.

Old Man was at one end of the settee, sat upright and Sohini was in the centre, laid on her side and sucking his cock. Pradip knelt on the sofa, lifted her uppermost leg upright and stuck his cock inside her. I had a wonderful view as he began to fuck her while the mother of two kids continued to suck the fat hairy old man on the other side of her. I was watching my wife being spit-roasted at either end and it looked fantastic. European man was the next to take his clothes off. He was much slimmer than the other two, but quite hairy, if not so much as Old Man. His cock however, was a massive disappointment. Mine was the shorter end of average, but the European's was just short and stubby, fatter than mine, but maybe only 4 inches long at the most. It was rock-hard though, and stuck up towards the ceiling like an arrow jutting from his course reddish pubic hair.

When Pradip and the Old Man changed ends, I actually felt a twinge of concern for Sohini. Old Man's cock was fully hard, and though it was still thin, it looked really long. It curved upwards too, almost as much as a banana and I really wondered if Sohini would be able to take it inside her without it hurting her. She wasn't the tallest, biggest or most robust of women and Old Man's cock really looked like it could do her damage. I needn't have worried though, she never even flinched as Old Man bent her over the arm of the settee and rammed his tool into her from behind. Pradip was kneeling on the sofa still, and Sohini took him in her mouth so that she was facing the other way to before, with the guys at the opposite ends of her now.

Old Man grabbed her hips tightly and rammed himself in and out of her hard and fast. He would stop now and again, to smack her backside but Sohini never took her mouth from Pradip's dick to complain. When Pradip stepped aside to let the European onto the settee, Old Man gripped her hair once more, pulling her head back savagely and absolutely pounded her mercilessly for several minutes until I saw her back arch and an orgasm ran through her. Only when she had finished quaking, and she relaxed once more did Old Man release his hold on her head, so that she could take the kneeling European's stumpy little cock into her mouth.

This was amazing, but incredibly difficult to believe. Here was my seemingly conservative and homely wife, who was the mother of my Childs, and now she was taking on three at a time! I remembered Sohini coming home late the last few times, all roughed up and in a mess and I wondered if she had done this before. The European's eyes were closed as she gave him an expert blowjob, kissing up and down his shaft and then licking his balls before taking his length back into her mouth. I knew how good that felt. My dick was aching in my hand, and I wished I was the recipient of that blowjob instead of the European.

Old Man was back to pounding her mercilessly from behind, when he suddenly stepped back. He grabbed Sohini by the hair, pulling her away from the European and turning her around roughly so that her face was in front of his long, hairy, banana shaped cock. I knew what he was going to do. He tugged once, twice, three times on his shaft and then gobbets of cum flew from the end of his cock, spraying into Sohini's hair and across her face. She closed her eyes and opened her mouth like a porn star but most it landed across her forehead or down her cheek. Once he had finished, Pradip stepped in and wanked himself off also until he came. Sohini looked up at him adoringly and opened her mouth again as he shuddered with his orgasm. His aim was much better and his cum flew straight between her waiting lips. She swallowed it down, and then took his wilting cock into his mouth to give it a final suck and kiss.

There was just the European to see to now. He was sat on the arm of the sofa, watching Sohini so she got up and sat on the sofa, then opened her legs right in front of him. It was an incredible sight. Her black dress was bunched around her waist, tangled with her bra, so that her breasts were completely exposed. She was still wearing her black high-heeled shoes and her lacy black panties were hanging from one ankle. She looked like a complete whore as she spread her legs obscenely and waggled her hips at the European who was just staring at her fluffy blonde pussy, with his mouth open and his tongue almost hanging out.

One of Sohini's hands slid down and rubbed her clit. This was another first. Getting Sohini to masturbate for me had always proven to be impossible and yet here she was, fingering herself in front of a complete stranger! Her other hand pointed towards the European, and beckoned him forward. How could he resist? Almost in a trance he joined her on the sofa, and she pulled his head down towards her pussy. Hesitantly he placed his face between her thighs, giving her pussy a lick and then she drew him upwards, so that he was laid over her.

This was Sohini taking control now.
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