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Yashodhara's Descent Part 6

Carlos said he understood, and he'd wait for her to be ready. Then they took a break from dancing along with Eric and Kristen and had a couple more drinks. Meanwhile Eric was flirting with Kristen and meeting with mixed success. She apparently liked him, but wasn't letting him touch her or kiss her yet. This got Eric a little frustrated and he decided to make Kristen jealous. So when they finished their drinks, he asked Yashodhara if she would dance with him. Yashodhara agreed and they headed to the dance pit.

In a couple of minutes, she felt Eric's hands starting to wander. He was a lean, well-built and handsome black guy, and Yashodhara was a bit turned on by her first close encounter with a black guy. So when he started feeling her up and fondling her, she did not stop him, and instead responded by rubbing his back and cupping his ass too. Kristen and Carlos were watching them, and if it was Eric's intention to make someone jealous, it worked more on Carlos than Kristen. He cut in and started dancing with Yashodhara while Eric went back to Kristen.

Carlos, already feeling very teased and turned on and yearning for Yashodhara, started fondling her way more than Eric had. He slipped his hand under her skirt and started fondling her bare ass cheeks. He also started fondling her tits, slipping his hand into her tank top. People around them started noticing this and soon everyone was focused on them. Carlos and Yashodhara both realized they had an audience and this seemed to turn both of them on. She was letting him slip his hand under her clothes but a couple of times when he tried to lift her skirt to expose her ass, she stopped him. Carlos responded by putting his hand under his skirt from the front and fingering her clit and cunt over her thong. ---- When they took a break again, Carlos made Yashodhara down two tequila shots, and shortly she had lost even more of her inhibitions. When they went back to the dance floor next, she did not make any real effort to stop him when he lifted the back of her skirt and exposed her thong-clad ass to everyone. I guess this was the part I saw. She could also feel his erect cock through his pants rubbing against her crotch and this was turning her on, in addition to the knowledge that dozens of strangers could see her naked butt. she was getting very turned on by the situation and the cheers of the people around her.

A couple of minutes later, someone let out a wolf whistle and that embarrassed her a little, so she turned around and started grinding her ass against Carlos, feeling his erection rub against her. Carlos started massaging her boobs through her top. Then people started chanting show her tits, and Carlos asked if he should, but she refused, saying that was too much. He then started kissing her very passionately, and she kissed back. It was a long kiss and by the end of it, she was feeling really horny and naughty. So when Carlos asked her again if he could just flash her boobs for a second, she relented.

I knew what happened next, but I didn't say anything. Yashodhara told me how the bouncer came over, stopped them and started yelling at Carlos. he demanded that they leave the club at once. He was the guy Eric was friends with and who had agreed to let Kristen in. So Eric joined the and started to calm the bouncer down, promising that he would ensure that nothing like that happened. The bouncer calmed down a little and said he would let them stay, but they were banned from the dance pit.

The four of them went towards the bar stools and sat there. But by now Carlos was really horny. He asked her again if they should go to his place and have sex, but she refused, saying that she couldn't do it unless Ramon was ok with it. Carlos kept pleading with her but she refused. Then he said, could she at least give him a blowjob in the bathroom? Kristen was listening to all this in surprise because this was the first she had heard of ramon and Yashodhara sleeping together. But she was even more horrified to hear Yashodhara say yes to blowing Carlos in the bathroom. She asked Yashodhara if she was sure about this or was too drunk. Yashodhara told Kristen not to worry, she was drunk, but not drunk enough to do something she didn't want.

So Yashodhara and Carlos headed to the bathroom and Eric and Kristen agreed to stand guard outside to make sure the bouncer didn't catch them again. And that's what they were doing when I saw them standing outside the door. I could not see Yashodhara because by the time I went down there, she was already in the bathroom. Once they were in there, Carlos immediately took out his dick and shoves it into the mouth of Yashodhara as she sat on the toilet. Yashodhara sucked him skillfully and he had already been turned on by the night's events. So in barely two minutes, he started cumming in her mouth, a big load which she swallowed in one gulp.

Carlos put his dick back in his pants and started zipping it when he saw Yashodhara take her thong off. He looked at her quizzically and she said she needed to pee, so he should go out and she'll join him later. So he came out, which I had seen him do and then Eric went in. Kristen told Yashodhara in the car why that happened. Eric was really turned on by Carlos and Yashodhara's horseplay and was trying to feel up Kristen. But Kristen, who was not drunk, kept resisting. As they stood guard outside the bathroom, Eric started getting even more jealous. He suggested that afterwards, the two of them should go into the bathroom and she should blow him. Kristen flatly refused, saying she was not the sort of girl who does that with a guy she has just met. Maybe a few dates, and she'd do anything for him. But nothing that night.

So Eric got upset and said that if she won't blow him, he'd ask Yashodhara to do it. That's when Carlos walked out, and told them it had been a great blowjob. Eric decided go try his luck and started walking in. Kristen out a hand on his shoulder to stop him and said if he went in, she would never go out with him. Eric shook her hand off saying that he'd much rather get a blowjob from an exotic and voluptuous Indian woman than waste his time running after a stick-thin blonde.

Yashodhara was just done peeing when Eric walked in and she was shocked to see him. He got a good look at her pussy, and said he'd been really attracted to her all night. Yashodhara was about to tell him to leave, when Eric unzipped his pants and took out his rapidly hardening dick. It was about as long as Ramon's, 8 inches or so and thick, but it was jet black in color. The sight of this new kind of a dick had a hypnotizing effect on Yashodhara and she just stared at it with her mouth open, unable to say anything.

Eric realized the effect he was having on her and immediately took the few steps to the toilet and inserted his dick in her open mouth. Yashodhara sucked on it obediently, very turned on at what she was doing. As she sucked on his dick, Eric, reached down with his big hands and started fingering her naked cunt skillfully. His big hard fingers sliding in and out of her cunt made Yashodhara lose any control she had left on the situation. She leaned back, taking his dick out of her mouth and started moaning as Eric's fingers sent waves of pleasure through her whole body.

It had been over three days since anything went up Yashodhara's cunt. She was aching to be fucked, and had really wanted to accept Carlos' invitation to go back to his apartment. But his being Ramon's cousin made her want to wait for Ramon's permission, But now Eric's finger had thrown any thoughts of Ramon out of her mind. Plus she was still very drunk. She wanted to be fucked, and looked at Eric with a hungry expression on her face.

Eric didn't need a degree in face-reading to realize what she wanted. He took his fingers out of her cunt, and pulled her up from the toilet holding her hand. Yashodhara complied and then yielded to the pressure from his hands as he turned her around and made her bend over and keep her hands on the wall. He rolled up her skirt and stared at her beautiful and perfectly shaped ass for a couple of seconds. He then penetrated her cunt in one swift motion and started fucking her hard as she held on to the wall for support. He humped her like a wild dog for about ten minutes, and then the both of them came together, Yashodhara's body convulsing as Eric shot his seed up her cunt. As Yashodhara's orgasm subsided, she felt satisfied and even a little excited that now she had been fucked by another ethnicity - black.

As they started getting dressed, Yashodhara realized that her thong which had been around her ankles had gotten dirty because of the wet bathroom floor. So she just threw it away and came out of the bathroom naked under her skirt. She walked out of the bathroom with Eric and joined Kristen and Carlos who were sitting at the table. Carlos smiled and asked Eric if he enjoyed Yashodhara's blowjob. Eric broke out into an even wider smile and said, he wouldn't know, because he didn't fuck her mouth, but her cunt, and held up his hand for a high five. Carlos however looked shocked and hurt and did not return his high five.

Before Yashodhara could say something to him to calm him down, Kristen who was really disturbed at what was happening told her that I had called while she was in the bathroom and I was expecting her to return shortly. So they decided to leave. Kristen, disgusted at the guys for taking advantage of a drunk Yashodhara just stormed out without saying goodbye to anyone. Yashodhara said goodbye to Eric with a short kiss and was about to do the same to Carlos, but he looked away, still pissed off that she let Eric fuck her but not him. She and Eric exchanged cellphone numbers and he told her to call him if she ever wanted some more of it. Carlos was still sulking as she walked out and joined Kristen in the car.

Yashodhara finished her narration and hugged me tightly and said she loved me a lot.
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