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Erotic Encounter at the Hotel

March 14th 2016. Time 10:pm location: Travel Inn near London.

I have come to the travel Inn to meet a colleague of my Indian friend in Mumbai.

We have talked on the phone and my friend in India has arranged for us to meet as it his first trip to the UK.He is a little nervous as we have a coffee in the restaurant. He is a lovely chubby dark skinned guy. Clean shaven. Married on his first trip alone to UK.He fidgeted a lot as he is not sure about it all. I reassure him it is fine as my friend has arranged it all and explained it to him but, he worries about the staff in the hotel. I assure him this is UKand they are used to it. I am quite excited I like these little adventures my friend Sam sets up. It was cold so I dressed warm but, elegantly making sure I showed lots of cleavage. I had on an purple patterned dress fitted at the waist with grey scarf under a black coat with black tights and black court shoes.

We drink out coffee and chat a bit. He is more relaxed now.I suggest we go to his room and relax properly. He is again a little nervous aswe go through the lobby but, on one takes any notice. Once in his room I excuse myself and go into the bathroom. I remove my panties and wipe my slit freshening it up. I return to the room he is standing looking lost at thewindow. I go up to him take his hand sliding it up under my skirt I put it on my bare pussy.

“oh my dear god you are not having panties on your thing is hairy my dear so dirty you are”

I hold his hand there as he begins to feel my already wet vagina.

“I know darling I am a slut. I want you to enjoy yourself because Sam told me to make you a happy man I am whore for you tonight”

I pressed close to him whispering “Kiss me you sexy man kiss me I want your lips”

He needed no more encouragement as he thrust his lips to mine letting out a muffled moan into my throat. His tongue was probing deep into my mouth his moans of pleasure lost down my throat. His hand was now really probing my wet slit. I pressed my hips onto his hand reaching down I squeezed a nice hard lump in his trousers. He jumped a little but never broke his passionate kiss. We kissed and fondled each other for what seemed ages then pulled away. Taking his hand I got him stand by the bed. I undid his shirt. He had a lovely hairy chest with soft man boobs. I kissed his nipples. He let outa big sigh as I nibbled them. He smelt lovely and musky that lovely man smell of fresh sweat warm skin. I undid his trousers pulling them down. A lovely smoky black little cock popped out all rigid and ready. I pushed him gently onto the bed and kneeling down I pulled back his lovely foreskin. Out popped a nice wet pink head. It smelt of musky Indian cock such an arousing scent. I took it in my mouth tasting his metallic juices. His hips jerked back.

“ohhh no!! ohh no!! that is too much dear slow, slow, slowplease, please I have never had blow job it is too exciting”

I stopped holding his cock tight then licked down his shaftto his lovely balls. I took them in my mouth and sucked each one. He was goingwild with excitement.

I told him to gently lift his legs up and hold them. Once hehad done it I sucked his balls then ran my tongue down between his buttockswhilst I stroked his cock. Thankfully he was very clean as I probed his anuswith my tongue.

“oh fucking god you are too dirty my dear I am mad for it now”

I slipped my tongue up to his cock taking the head into my mouth. At the same time I slipped my middle finger into his anus. He flexed in surprise then relaxed with a huge sigh.

“ohh my dear this is too dirty I love it I am mad for the pleasure, so dirty”

I fingered his hole whilst gently stroking his cock. He was wriggling and squirming in pleasure. I stood up asking him to remove his trousers and get on the bed. I undressed letting him watch as I disrobed.

“Wow dear your boobies are big and milky so sexy and your pussy so hairy”

We lay naked whilst he kissed and fondled my breasts chattering away excitedly about how milky, soft and lovely they were. I stroked his very rigid cock making sure I didn’t overdo it as in his very excited state I didn’t want him to cum too quickly. After a while I took his head gently pushing it down between my legs.

“Suck my cunt baby I want you to suck it for me” Iwhispered.

“Oh yaar let me suck your pussy darling”

I parted my legs as he slipped down his warm mouth suddenly on my vagina. This time it was my turn to sigh with sheer pleasure.

I thrust my hips against his mouth pushing my wet cunt onto him.

“Yes babe bite my clit and lips I love that ohh god yes that is good”

He worked me expertly the pleasure was fantastic.

“You know you have big cunt dear really it is big. So juicy”

If I had a a pound for every Indian guy who said that aboutmy slit I would be a wealthy girl..

He was really working me well I was getting close. I pulled him up from his task.

“I want your cock darling I want you to fuck me I want feel your cock inside me to make me cum”

“ohhhh, ohhh ohhh” was all he said as he knelt between my legs his rigid cock poised ready under his soft little protruding belly. My pussy was wet and open and very ready.

He guided his cock to my cunt putting the head at the mouth then thrust his hips forward.

I just could not stop myself the sensation as he unfolded myinsides with his fat little cock was incredible.

“Oh go darling yes, yes all the way put is all the way into me” I moaned.

“Fuck you are so wet and loose darling such a big cunt sonice and soft”

I looked up at him:

“Your cock is the 290th Indian cock to go in my pussy…” I paused “You are the 290th Indian man to fuck me, to use me and please me”

“Oh god you are a whore such a fucking whore” he was now really aroused his language more passionate.

“Yes babe I am your white whore for you to fuck your cock is so good inside me”

“Yes you are a dirty fucking white whore fucked by so many Indian cocks, you dirty whore woman” Then lost for English in his passion he blurted out a string of dialect none of which I understood although guessed it wasn’t polite.

He now really started to ram into me. I was really squealing with every thrust as he tried to drive me into the bed. With every thrust he shouted out in English then dialect.

“Yes you fucking whore woman take Indian cock we will fuck you to death [email protected]** in dialect. You white bitches will know India power when we fuck..”

“Yes fuck me you lovely Indian fuck my hole you dirty bastard give me that cock fuck your white whore make me cum baby make me cum” I pleaded.

Then it was too much as he rammed home hard holding it rightin my cunt. He let out a sound like I had never heard and that warm wet feeling I love so much flooded my insides making me cum like mad.

“Yes fucking bitch you know Indian power now you will have big brown baby now ohhhhhhh”

Then he collapsed on top of me. We lay getting out breath back then rolled over. I got up to have a drink of water.

I sat watching him get his breath back.

“Was that good darling?”

“Oh my god I was so carried away, so mad and very rude please forgive me dear?”

“No I love it when men get like that is makes it much more exciting".

“Thank you dear you are kind and sexy lady. But please didyou have all those Indian men till now?”

"Yes you are the 290th Indian to fuck me and the26th one to fuck me this year so far. Does that bother you?”

“No, no it is exciting to be with such and experienced lady”

“Good so lets have a cup of tea”

“Oh god so English so civilised to have tea after fucking”

After tea he was ready for more sex. He wanted 69 so we lay on our sides sucking each other getting aroused again. He wanted to fuck me onthe edge of the bed doggy so I perched on the edge of the bed whilst he enjoyedwatching his cock sliding in and out of my very soggy pussy. He was in no hurryand pumped away slowly for ages. It was getting boring so I decided to spice itup. I put my hand back and taking his cock I placed it on my bum hole.

“Ohhh dear you want there?” He said excitement in his voice.

“Yes baby push into me”

“Ohhh nooo so dirty” he pushed and the head popped into my anus.

“Oh damn I am fucking your ass so mad tea then ass fuckingyou are so wild woman”

“Fuck my tight ass baby go on ram me”

He needed no more encouragement as he pulled my ass cheeks apart and began to stroke into my bum hole.

“Oh my cock is in your bum so tight it feels you are such adirty whore how many fuck your bum?”

“I mumbled about 260 have fucked my bum”

“Oh but it is still tight so nice”

Now released on my arse he fucked it with long strokes watching every one slid in and out of my ass until unable to hold back he let go into my bum.

We rested and chatted then he wanted to fuck in the bath so we had a bath. Then more anal sex. Then I lay pulling my cunt open so he couldlook at it. Finally he wanted a picture of my boobs so I lay back whilst hetook one. (See picture attached)

He flies back to Indianext week but has gone North to see family.

Withsome warmer weather at last I was enjoying a trip into the nearest town to dosome retail therapy. I had taken a lift from one of my friends into the town soI would take a Taxi home when I was ready.

Iknow the owner of one of the small local taxi companies and know the driverswell. They mostly come from Bangladeshand Pakistan. They are fun guys who have known me for a few years now.

Iwas ready to go around mid afternoon. It was a really pleasant day although thewind was a bit icy but in sheltered places it was lovely and warm. I walked tothe Taxi office situated in a small back road just outside of the town centre.I could have picked a Taxi up in the town centre but, I had not seen the guysfor a while due to the very bad weather so wanted to say hi and have a chat asit was always fun.
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