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Swati Part 11

It was around five AM when I woke up with a full bladder & a hard-on.. Swati lay by my side, eyes closed and full breasts gently rising & falling as she breathed. She had put on a thin nightie sometime before we had gone to sleep, after our great fuck-fest the previous evening.

I went to the bathroom, carrying the cucumbers & eggplants I'd bought the previous evening. I quickly washed them and then put them to soak in hot water that I had collected in the wash basin. I hadn't forgotten my promise to teach Swati to pleasure herself. When I returned after my morning ablutions, I found her awake, although her eyes were still sleepy.

"Mmmh..." She snuggled up to me and puckered up for a kiss. I smelt toothpaste on her breath as we kissed languidly. It seemed that she had woken up a little before me.

"Ahh Sameer! You are so good to me!" She whispered after breaking our kiss, squirming deliciously as I stroked her breasts.

"My pleasure!" I replied. She started gently rubbing her hand up and down as I placed it on my tumescent cock.

"Your wife will be a very lucky girl, to get a husband like you!" She said, continuing to tickle my cock.

"With a soft heart and a hard cock!" She clarified, reading my quizzical expression, lightly squeezing my erection. I laughed out loud and slapped her bun playfully. She rarely used words like "cock", "fuck" etc.

"No. I mean it. Oh God! I wish I had waited for you to grow up and then married you myself." She said wistfully. We exchanged a long, light kiss.

"But that was not to be! I had to go and fall for Satish, of all the men!" She said. The venom in her voice was unmistakable.

"These things are fated, you know." I consoled her.

"Hm!" She responded. We enjoyed a comfortable silence in each others' embrace...


"So, have you thought of getting married?" She asked, getting up. She gave me a speculative, sidelong glance. Her expression was inscrutable. She started brushing her hair. Her breasts swayed deliciously under the translucent nightie with the movement of her arms.

"No, not really. Why do you ask?" My curiosity was piqued.

"Kirti would make you a good wife, don't you think?" She asked, trying to sound casual, busying herself with brushing her hair and not looking at me. She was of course referring to her younger sister, who was in her final year, studying medicine.

"Well! I've really no plans to get married and in any case I've never thought about Kirti in that way!" I exclaimed, rather taken aback.

"You know, you can always start thinking now!" She persisted, still avoiding looking into my eyes. Her brush strokes became more vigorous. I knew she was up to something serious. I stood up and then pulled her up to her feet. I raised her face with a finger under her chin. She was inches away from me, no longer able to avoid eye contact.

"Swati, are you seriously suggesting that I should marry your younger sister?" I asked, astonished.

"Well, actually it is Aai's (her mom's) idea. She asked me to sound you out. She'll speak to your mother if you are OK with it." Swati blurted out, clearly uncomfortable.

"Oh, I see! And why did she choose you to sound me out?" I wanted to know. I was aware of the close proximity of her sexy body. My hand lightly caressed her upper arm.

"She knows that we are good friends." Swati lowered her gaze.

"I see. And does she know exactly how friendly we are?" I quizzed. My thumb was grazing her stiff nipple.

"Unhh... of course not!" She whispered after a barely suppressed moan, and then buried her face against my chest, holding me tightly. Clearly, she was feeling very awkward about the whole thing. I held her in a light embrace, giving her time to recover.

After a while I felt her shoulders start to shake and soon she burst into hysterical fits of laughter.

"Oh Goddd!!! She'll completely freak out if she ever finds out about... about this!" Swati said, wrapping her arms around my shoulders and kissing me. Our tongues dueled and my cock grew harder, poking her belly. My hand crept between our bodies and fondled her plump breast as we came up for air.

"But seriously, why not? Kirti is a really sweet girl, you know! And she is so good looking too!" Swati said, lightly pressing her hips against me. It seemed that she was just dutifully conveying her mother's message. I decided to play along.

"Yes. She's so sweet and innocent; and very beautiful." I agreed, stroking her back. It was of course true.

"She'll make you a good wife." Swati whispered, her lips tickling mine as she spoke.

"Yes... But don't you think she's a bit too... bland! Maybe I need someone spicier! Do you know somebody like that?" I whispered. My hand was stroking her silken thigh, moving gradually to her crotch.

"You mean sexier...?" Swati whispered, spreading her thighs apart a little, making room for my hand to move up.

"Yes... and bitchier..." I responded. My fingers were lightly brushing her pussy by now.

"Sluttier...?" Swati asked. Her eyes were inflamed with lust.

"Yes!" I growled.

"Anhhh..." Swati moaned as I thrust my middle finger deep in her pussy and rubbed her clit with my thumb. Her fingers gripped the base of my cock hard, and then released it, continuing with feathery caresses on my shaft. My hips moved back & forth, trying to get the maximum pleasure from her touch.

"Oh, it's so hard... so hot... I need it bad..." She kept whispering as her nimble fingers played on my cock head, getting wet with my secretions.

"Come!" She pulled me towards the bed, knowing that we were both ready to fuck.

"Hold on a sec, Swati. I have a special treat for you!" I whispered.

I went to the bathroom and selected a thick, round ended cucumber. It was perhaps a little thicker than my cock. I tested it against my cheek. It felt pleasantly warm, after a long soak in hot water. I rolled two condoms over it, one on top of the other. It looked smooth & shiny, although the slightly rough texture of its skin still showed through the double condoms. I wrapped it in a napkin soaked in hot water & returned to the room. Swati looked questioningly at the package as she lay in bed, waiting for me.

"Just you wait!" I said.

I climbed on the bed and straddled Swati in a '69' fashion. I pulled her nightie up and buried my face in her crotch, inhaling her intoxicating feminine musk. My cock brushed her outspread hair as I lazily planted light kisses on her pussy, savoring the salty, fragrant love juices that flowed so generously. Then I moved slightly and nudged my cock into her waiting mouth.

"Lick my cock. Keep me hard. But don't make me cum!" I whispered.

I licked her slit up & down with my extended tongue. She immediately bucked her hips and I had to hold her down forcefully. I heard her smothered moans & felt their vibrations as well as the answering movement of her lips & tongue on my cock.

I spread apart her outer lips and gently rubbed the warm cucumber on her pink labia, holding it firmly in my fist.

"Mmhhh..." She responded immediately to the touch. My cock went deeper into her mouth and she held still, waiting for more.

Once again, I moved the cucumber up & down her slit, pressing a little more firmly. It lightly brushed her clit.

"Annhhh...!" She uttered a guttural moan and jerked her hips up. I held her thighs down forcefully. I saw a fresh squirt of pussy juice gush out.

"What are you doing?" She whimpered, momentarily removing my cock from her mouth. Obviously she liked what I was doing.

"Enjoy!" I whispered, again easing my cock back into her mouth. I slowly started pushing the cucumber into her pussy, with gentle in & out movements. She spread her thighs apart to make way for the cucumber and took my cock halfway in her mouth, until the head knocked against her gullet and she almost gagged. I pulled my cock back a little and concentrated on manipulating the cucumber in her pussy. Soon the cucumber had penetrated about three inches inside her pussy, while I firmly gripped the rest of it in my fist.

"Mmhh... mmhh... mmhh..." Swati kept moaning with my cock still firmly lodged in her mouth as I fucked her pussy with the cucumber and my hot breath blew on her crotch. I made sure that her clitoris was stimulated during the in & out movements. I had to use my full weight and strength to restrain her thrashing and bucking hips; otherwise we could easily have fallen out of bed.

In a matter of minutes, she climaxed hard. Her entire body went rigid; she stopped breathing for a while and then suddenly became limp and a long, low moan escaped her mouth as she pulled my cock out and turned her head sideways. I waited for several minutes, allowing her to cool down a bit, the cucumber still buried inside her pussy. When I eventually pulled it out and sat up, Swati's face was an incredible, lustful mask.

"Did you like it?" I whispered. Swati was in no position to answer, but her eyes spoke more eloquently than any words she might have uttered.

"Now, I'll take my reward!" I said.

My cock was still hard. I quickly turned around and mounted her again, feeling her fingers guide my cock inside her. Although initially her pussy felt a bit loose on account of the thick cucumber that had been lodged there, she soon tightened her grip around my cock as she absorbed my vigorous thrusts with answering thrusts of her own. Her hot, sweaty body bucking under me, her soft breasts flattened against my chest and her heated, musky breath on my face soon brought me to an intense climax and I collapsed on top of her. She kept squeezing my shrinking cock with her pussy muscles, milking every last drop of semen from it. I could taste my own juices as I languidly kissed her lips...

"My God... Sameer, that was so... so...! I don't know what to say!" Swati whispered after her breathing had returned to normal, looking into my eyes as my face hovered inches above hers.

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