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Anjali And Her Dad

Mrs.Sharma is a hot Spanish lady, with breasts weighing about 2kg. each. She always wears short halter neck type dress so that her arms, armpits, back and shoulders are visible. A look at her ripe shoulders is bound to give a hard on to any male. When her hands are raised, the sight of generous amount of armpit hair is arousing for any male or female. The smell of perfume and salty sweat in her armpits is very intoxicating. Once I got an opportunity to kiss her underarm during a dance.

Kamala is also a very hot lady, always wears short blouses without sleeve, and loves to show off her armpits with a stubble.

Padma is a heavily built lonely female, with large, wide and smelly and hairy armpits, with a jungle of sweaty hair. She has a sexy waist with a few folds, and two ripe, glistening shoulders which are ready to be kissed. The folds in her armpits, when her hands are hanging on her sides, are a treat to watch. A few strands of hair are always peeping through the folds. She loves her own armpit smell, and loves others, male or female, to devour her armpits. Sometimes she would raise one arm and sniff her own pits. She is a sort of underarm fanatic. She is always on the lookout for armpit lovemaking. Padma mostly wears tank tops or sleeveless blouses or dresses. She always craves for tight, body rubbing embraces and kisses. She is very much kiss-hungry.

Mrs.Sharma, Kamala and Padma are intimate friends, and I happen to be close friends of all of them. Whenever we meet, we have tremendous fun amongst ourselves. We usually meet in Padma's house.

One day I went to Padma's house when she was alone. When I entered, she started showing me her hairy armpits by raising her hands to do her hair. She was wearing a short sleeveless blouse. Her heavy boobs, like ripe watermelons, were jutting out, with a generous view of the cleavage.

The blue blouse on Padma's white skin was looking very sexy. My eyes were taking in the beauty of her nicely rounded glistening shoulders, fat muscles of her upper arm, and her sexy armpit folds. After the door was closed, I put my arm around her, putting my fingers in her armpit hair. She gave me a tight hug, put up her juicy mouth near my lips, our noses touched, we rubbed our noses for a while, then I lightly kissed her. She kissed me back. The embrace tightened and we started deep kissing, with quite a bit of tounge-play. The deep kissing went on and on.

After sometime, she raised one hand, showed her armpit and told - 'Please give me a kiss here, I love armpit-kiss very much, taste my armpits, kiss & lick them'.

She brought her armpits in turn to my nose, and took it away seconds later. Smell of her armpits made me instantly hard. She did it several times, teasing me with her armpit smell. Then I could hold no longer. I held her tightly and thrust my nose in her left armpit and sniffed it for long followed by heavy kissing & licking, biting the armpit hair & flesh, tasting and eating her armpits. Padma clamped down her hand, caging my head in her huge armpit. She too raised my left arm a little and started sniffing kissing, licking, tasting & eating my armpit. Mutual armpit eating went on & on. We were in a trance, hungrily kissing, licking, tasting & sucking each other's armpits. We alternated between our left and right armpits many times, and while shifting from one armpit to another our lips would meet and get entwined in such tight and lusty kisses that it seemed we would suck off the lips. Then kissing each other's nape of the neck, back of the ear, muscles of the shoulder blades, soft fleshy area around the armpits, our lips would nest in each other's smelly armpits. Padma told -'Oh! for a long time I have not sniffed a male armpit. I love it very much'.

I took-off her blouse, and then hugged her tightly. Sometimes I licked her ripe smelly shoulders. When this is going on, Mrs.Sharma entered wearing a sleeveless and shoulder-less dress. The black dress on Mrs.Sharma's white skin looked marvelous. Padma and Mrs.Sharma ran to each other with open arms, showing off their armpits, clasped each other lustfully in a tight embrace, and started armpit-kissing. Seeing the ladies' tight kissing and fierce lusty embracing for sometime, I could not hold myself any longer. I pulled Mrs.Sharma in my tight embrace and started kissing & licking her shoulders and armpits. Her armpit perfume made me mad. Mrs.Sharma locked my head in her armpit by encircling her arm around my head. Padma jumped and tightly hugged me from behind, kissing my back and kissing Mrs.Sharma over my shoulders, and clasping my d**k. All of us engaged in a mutual armpits-kissing and licking. Now Padma, Mrs.Sharma and I are having an exclusively private fun party of armpit kissing, sucking, licking, tight embracing. Mrs.Sharma's armpits, ripe shoulders, sharp nose are very very inviting. Padma and Mrs.Sharma are locked in a tight embrace and kiss. Padma is exploring Mrs.Sharma's armpits with her hands, pulling her armpit hair and Mrs.Sharma is caressing Kamala's armpit stubble.

Then they put their mouths in each other's armpits, tasting, smelling and kissing the armpits. Seeing all this, I pulled Mrs.Sharma from Padma's embrace, and hugged her from behind, slid my hands through her armpits, clutched at her boobs, kissing her smooth shoulders, and when she turned her head to me, started kissing her nose. I was sucking her sharp and sexy nose, when Padma embraced Mrs.Sharma from front. What a hot situation! Mrs.Sharma getting a tight hug from front, by Padma, and from rear, by me. Being very hot, Padma began to kiss Mrs.Sharma and me alternately. She raised Mrs.Sharma's right hand and was sucking her armpit. I also pushed my face in Mrs.Sharma's right armpit from behind, kissed and sucked the same, and also was kissing Padma. Just then entered Kamala. Her plump body and sexy sleeveless halter neck blouse made me instantly hard. We stopped our hugging and kissing to welcome her. She then engaged in tight hugging and kissing with Padma and Mrs.Sharma. Padma was hungry for armpit kisses. She raised both her hands, and Mrs.Sharma and Kamala started smelling and licking Padma's armpits. Often they changed the armpits. Seeing the ladies' hot armpit-kissing and hugging I was very excited. Kamala came to me, raised her arms, showed me her slightly hairy armpits, sniffed them a little and said "do you like them?" I said "they are fantastic". "Then what are you waiting for? Come kiss and lick 'em, and sniff their smell as hard as you can, taste them, you will fall in love with my ripe and smelly armpits" was her reply. Before I jumped, she brought her armpits near my nose, for me to sniff.

But it was hard to resist kissing those large, plump, smelly armpits. But she moved away, again to bring them back for sniffing. After several such sniffing sessions, she pressed her armpits on my face & nose, asking me to sniff, lick and suck them. 'Smell, eat and kiss my armpits. I want to have a nice 'n long armpit-kiss with you' was what she said. 'For a long time I haven't got any male lips on my armpits. So eat them out. I very much like mutual armpit-kissing and armpits sucking. Give me your armpits, I want to taste your armpits' and she took my armpit flesh in her mouth, tasting them with her long tongue. I went into a terrific armpit-kissing session with Kamala. We stood for a while, entwined in a tight clasping lusty embrace, our faces buried in each other's armpits. Padma put her tongue in my other armpit and licked away, holding me from behind. I, then, turned around and caught hold of Padma and inserted my d**k in her armpit, and she clamped down her heavy arm on it, pressed hard. I pumped vigorously. Kamala started kissing Mrs.Sharma from behind. Again I started kissing Padma's armpits. Eating female armpits is so sexy. I opened my mouth wide and sucked in and bit her armpit flesh. Kamala then came to me with her arms raised and took my d**k in her left armpit and clamped down her arm with the body, and moved the armpit back and forth giving me immense pleasure. Then I tightly embraced Kamala and engaged in mutual armpit eating with her. Both of us bit into the other's armpits, licking and eating the flesh. Mrs.Sharma and Padma also joined in with their inviting smelly armpits, pressing them against our noses. After thoroughly armpit f***ing Kamala, during which she became very passionate and cried out 'ooooohhhhh', I took up the perfumed pits of Mrs.Sharma.

She gave me very solid pleasures pressing her hands tightly to her body, and kissing & nibbling my d**k. when it peeped through her tight armpits. My d**k got lost in Padma's huge meaty armpits. But I frantically pumped away in both pits in turn with pleasure cries from Padma. This went on and on. Then Padma lifted up her hands, exposed her armpits, signaling us to kiss, suck and smell her pits. Two of us smelled, kissed licked her pits, licking away all the salty sweat and grime, while the other kissed her lips, shoulders and waists. Her armpits became slippery with saliva. At the end we did not know who was kissing and licking whose armpits... I stood at the kitchen window, a cool drink in my hand, gazing out at the figure by the pool, and I knew I shouldn't be doing it! gazing on the lush figure of my own daughter! but I couldn't seem to help myself! from the time she first started developing breasts I'd found myself attracted to her, turned on by her! of course, I'd hidden it away, the horny thoughts and the fantasies, and just watched her from a distance grow into one of the most gorgeous females you are ever likely to see. She'd gone off to college, met the man of her dreams, got married and had two children and lived in a different town for quite some time, but now she was back! back in my house, back in my thoughts and back in my fantasies! The marriage had recently broken down, so she'd moved to an apartment close by with the two children, so that I could help and give support where possible, my own wife - her mother - had died some years ago and I was now living alone.
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