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When My Husband Was Away

Anne is one of my best friends and a neighbour of ours. She is really gorgeous. The type of woman that makes you wish you were her: long silky blond hair, nice slender body, perfect ass and an amazing set of round firm tits. It was obvious from the first time my husband laid eyes on her that he wanted her. What man wouldn't? I could hardly take my eyes off her myself. The only problem was she was also married. So I did not know how she felt about been with a man other than her husband. But I would find out.

Anne and I hit it off really well and we became good friends right away. She seemed to have everything she wanted, a great house, nice clothes and loving husband. Still, I could tell something was missing when we had our girl to girl talks. Since both of us a rather shy it took a while before we could open and reveal aspects of our private lives to each other. When we finally could that is when we really became close in more ways than one.

One day when we were sitting together in my sun room, Anne started talking about my body which surprised me a bit. She said she was jealous of my body and how beautiful I was. I could not believe it because she was such a knock-out how could she be jealous of anyone? We started to talking about our bodies and that really broke the ice. All of sudden she started talking about my husband. Of course, to have such a beautiful woman talk about my husband turns me on right away.

Not to mention that this was something I wanted to talk to her about anyway. She asked what is was like to be with him. She said she hoped that she would not offend me, but she had wanted him since the first time she saw him. “Jannika, quite frankly,” she said “ if we weren't such good friends, I would do everything I could to seduce him.” Wow was this ever a turn on. The thought of Anne with my husband really drove me crazy.

I told her how I felt about sharing my husband and now she was as excited as I was. “Oh God, Jannika we can have him together!” she exclaimed, “I can hardly wait.” She told me that her husband was not the romantic type or that much of a lover as far as that went. Sex seemed to be something to get over with quick and that left her very unsatisfied. I told her my husband was just the opposite of hers and we would all have a great time. Unfortunately, my husband was traveling and not returning until tomorrow evening.

Well, we continued talking about my husband while sitting in the sun room and that heated both of us up. It was a bit cold outside, but between our conversation and the sun shining in the room we were both getting quite warm. Anne suggested that we get into our bikinis so we could enjoy some of the early spring sun on our bodies.

I had no objections, even if I realized that her intention was something else. It seemed like a great idea to able to take in the beauty of her body skimpily clad in a bikini. While she ran home to get her bikini, I got into mine. Too say the least, I was pretty excited as I undressed and deeply regretted my husband no being home.

Anne was back in no time wearing a knee-length jacket over what I presumed to be her only in bikini-clad body underneath it. I was standing in the warmth of the sun room with just my bikini on. “Wow, Jannika, you are one sexy lady” she exclaimed as her eyes ran up and down my body. It felt nice to have her admiring my body and paying me the lovely compliments she was giving me. “So,” I said, “are you going to take off your jacket and let me see you?”. She undid her jacket without delay and revealed her stunning body in a very skimpy solid white bikini.

The top of which could hardly contain those fully rounded breasts while the bottom was so tight you could see the shape of her hairy mound with a few tantalizing blond pubes sticking out around the edges. It was a real joy to fest me eyes upon her. “Anne, you’re really too much. My husband would go absolutely nuts over you if he were here,” I said. “Such a shame he isn’t,” she replied, “then we could have some real fun.”

We laid down on a couple of lounge chairs sunning are firm, shapely bodies. Then Anne said, “Jessica, it is a good thing nobody can see in here, because any man passing by would be driven mad at the sight of the two of us.” She was undoubtedly right.

We continued to lay there talking about sex, looking at each other’s bodies and absorbing the warm sun. After a while, we both were fairly warm due to the steamy conversation and sunshine. I suggested that we go inside, get a drink and then go down to our sauna so we could really heat up. Anne readily agreed.

When we went inside, we went to the kitchen so I could mix a rum and cola for each of us before we headed downstairs. Our house is built on a hill so ‘downstairs’ is still ground level on the backside of the house with a wonderful view from our relax center, but is still secluded so no one can see in. It is seldom, if ever, that I wear anything in the relax center.

We have a small pool (so small in fact, it is more of a very large tub), whirlpool, steam room and sauna with several chairs to lounge around in there. Anne and I sat by the pool enjoying the refreshing drinks and continued out little chat. When we had almost finished them, Anne said it was time to shower and get in the sauna.

I have gotten undressed and showered with lots of other women before, but I knew this was going to be different. Anne took off her top and revealed the most beautiful nipples imaginable. When she took the bottom off she revealed such a wonderful blond bush it was almost breathtaking.

Of course, by this time, with all the talk about sex and sharing my husband I was one horny girl and I assumed Anne was feeling pretty much the same way. As she showered, I had all I could to do to keep my hands off her breasts. It was an absolutely incredible sight to see the water running over them and down her body.

As she was showering I took off my bikini and got ready to get in the shower as she headed into the sauna. I turned the water to cold thinking this might calm me down a bit.

Anne was simply gorgeous lying there in the sauna with all those beaded water droplets on her. Looking at her I realized the cold shower was not going to help. We were sitting next to each other in the sauna, when Anne said, “You know, I have never had sex with a woman before.”

As she said this she placed her hand on my thigh. Naturally, my legs spread apart. I put my hand on her thigh. It was an indescribable feeling to have her hand slowly work its way up toward my crutch. Suddenly, our mouths met in a wet and wonderful kiss.

Up until then I had never had sex with another woman before. Well, at least that is how I viewed it even if I had enjoyed other women when my husband was with, but I never felt that really counted. Anne and I were about to have a very special encounter with each other.

Between my legs, I was about as wet as I ever had been. I worked my hand slowly up her thigh as she did the same to me. Our tongues were now entwined together, our breath was getting shorter. I pulled my head away from her to watch my hand go between her legs. About the same time her hand caressed my hairy mound. I just sighed as I felt my juices flow. She moaned as my hand found her soaking honey hole.

My index and middle fingers slid easily inside of her. Her warm, wet love hole gripped them tight. It felt wonderful when her fingers went inside of me, such unimaginable delight. My husband had been gone for the last three nights so my pussy was aching for attention. I wrapped my leg over hers so we both had free access to our gaping, sopping wet love nests. I slid a finger inside myself with my other hand and helped her pleasure me. When I took it out again, we really went to work on each other.

With the lack of attention I had had the last couple of days, I knew it would not be long before I exploded into orgasm. When I heard Anne say “Oh Jessica, Jessica, Oh God, Jessica”, I knew Anne was going to join me. “Yes Anne, yes, yes, yes!,” I almost shouted as the first waves of my orgasm washed over me.

She came at about the same time with a long solid “Yes!”. She was working my g-spot with her fingertips and caressing my clit with her thumb, I was doing the same thing to her. We were giving each other everything we could. I do not have gushing orgasms, but I could feel my love juice really flowing.

After the headless rapture of our orgasms we fell exhausted into each other’s arms. It was a fantastic feeling to hold this soft, smooth female body in my arms and be held by her. As we were coming down to earth, I cupped her breast and softly caressed her nipple between my thumb and forefinger.

“Oh Jessica,” she sighed, “ that was unbelievable. And to think that soon you and your husband will be doing that to me. I have been dying to get that man inside of me for so long. Wow, your fingers were nice, but having him inside of me will have to be at least twice as nice. You cannot imagine how long I have been fantasizing about it.”

She continued, “You know Jessica, when I was kissing you it was so sweet, just the idea that your lips have engulfed him was very exhilarating. And when my fingers were inside you, I was imagining all the times he has been inside there. I am not sure I was making love to you or him!” I assured her that it really did not matter, because it was so enjoyable and would be even better when we was with us.

We were sweating by now, so we got out of the sauna to shower again. This time we showered together. Our hands never left each other bodies; we stood under the water, caressing each others’ breasts, hips, buttocks, and thighs. It was not long before we were both pretty hot again. Our fingers worked their way to our throbbing clits.

I took hers between the tips of my index and middle finger and starting rubbing her with the sole intent of making her come again.
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