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Sex With My Tenant - 2

Hi desi friends its Kumar back to you. I hope all of you would have enjoyed my first experience. Now, I am going to continue by experience.

After taking bath I dressed her. Then she left to her mother’s home and told me to wait for a surprise gift. After she left I started to browse XXX sites and searched for many fucking scenes. After nearly two hours she returned with…not her baby but her sweet beautiful virgin sister Kamala. And I was surprised but I was not sure whether she is my gift. So I welcomed her doubtfully. Amudha closed the door from behind and came inside. Then kamala said she is thirsty and I went to get water for her. But Amudha stopped me and said, “avalluku unnooda jucie than vannuma”. I was surprised by that. Suddenly she removed my shots totally from me and kamala seeing my cock was surprised and gave a smile to Amudha. Then Amudha ordered kamala,”vanndhu poola chhappu”. Then Amudha asked me to take her to my bed room and allow her to suck her my cock. But kamala boldly catching my cock in her hands took me to the bed room and asked me to lay on the bed. And then she removed her t-shirt and jeans and become totally naked in front of me. And just came to me and similing at me and started sucking my cock. In the mean time Amudha was making a phone call to some one and came talking in the phone. And seeing kamala sucking my cock. I don’t know to whom she was talking but was telling about me and welcomed to join us. And kept the phone and came to me and kissed me on my lips and started removing her dresses then she became totally naked and squeezed her sisters breast and ordered her to suck my cock in 69 position and asked me to lick her pussy. Kamala was over joyed and climbed immediately on top of me and started sucking my cock placing her pussy above my cunt. Then I started to suck her pussy. She took almost my full cock in her mouth and was sucking my cock. After about 5min I came in her mouth and she drank all and I was licking her pussy opening her lips wider and running my tongue deeper into her pussy and made her to cum. Then we hugged each other and started kissing each other tasting our cum in the mouth. In the mean time Amudha was finger fucking herself and was about to cum and ordered me to lick her pussy then and I early went to her pussy and placing my mouth on the cunt started licking her suddenly she cam I drank all her juice and licked her clean.

Then we three sat on the bed and I was teasing kamalas breast and Amudha was playing with my sleeping cock. I took kamalas tit inside my mouth and started sucking her nipple. Suddenly I heard the door bell it was 11:30 then. And Amudha told me,”poyi unnnoda addutha gift kuttitu va”(go and bring your next gift). I took my shots but she Amudha drag that from my hands and asked me to go naked. Shly I went to the door and saw through the key hole there my neighbour Sundhari aunty was standing. I was shocked and returned there and told,”Sundhari aunty vandu irrukannga”(Sundhari aunty has come). She laughed and took me along with her and opened with her and said ,”vaddi patthiya evanna pakkrathu chinna kolantha mathri errunathkittu anna pollu ivallo parrasu pathiya”. Hearing this Sundhari entered my home and locked behind similing at me. (Sundhari is my neighbour around 25 years married and no childrens and her husband is in US here she is staying with her mother-in-law old lady around 65. But she used to spend most her time my Amudha and my mother and used to sleep with Amudha during the day timer in Amudhas’ house. Later I came to know that Sundhari and Amudha was lesbians and used to enjoy every day in the after noon and kamala used to joing on her holidays). Then she was wearing a white sarree with some designs with a white blouse and a black bra and a lot of Jasmine in her head. And was like an angel. She was very beautiful with black long hairs and black eyes. Around 5″ tall and was neither lean nor Fat. And with a 32D breast.

After entering into my house just kept her hands on my cock and said, “enna annuku un poola tharia”(can you give me your cock) saying this she hugged me and gave a kiss on my lips and I hugged her tightly and started responding her kiss. Then Amudha broke our kiss and said,”enna iyappadiya mutthon kuddhuttu irrantha yappo namma sonthosamma irrukurathu” (if you keep on kissing then how come we enjoy our day). Then we entered my bed room there kamala was seeing nude photos which I have downloaded in my computer. Seeing Sundhari she smiled and they both hugged each other and kamala told Sundhari, ” enna Sundhari nee mattum dress potthu kittu erruka.”(Sundhari why are you in your dress). Hearing this Sundhari turned to me and asked me to undress her.

I went to her and removed her saree pallu first and then I removed her saree totally and then I slowly started unbuttoning her blouse and removed her blouse completely from her and she was then in her bra and petty coat then I removed her petty coat she was not wearing any panty and her pussy was cleanly shaved. Then I hugged her and started kissing her on the lips and neck slowly started removing her bra and Amudha helped me to removed it completely naked.

By now all four of us were totally naked and my rod was at it full length then I made Sundhari to lie on the bed and climbed on top of her Seeing this both Amudha and kamala aroused and sat on both side of us and startd squeezing their breast and encouraging us. And asked us to fuck Amudha helped me in guiding my lund in that beautiful pussy of Sundhari. By then Sundhari got aroused and said, “chekirrum poola en kuddiala veddu da Kumar” (insert your rod into my pussy fast Kumar). Then I made my full lund to get deep into her pussy and was moving up and down in her pussy. Then Amudha encouraged us by saying , “Kumar Sundhari kuddhiya killuchidu”. I was fucking her furisouly. Kamala offered her pussy to Sundhari, and Amudha was squeezing her breast and same time she is sucking Sundhari’s breast. I moved very faster inside her pussy and slowed doen when ever I felt that igoing to cum in order to avoid cumming earlier in the mean time Sundhari cam twice and was enjoying my fucking and then after 15 min or so I can in her and I told about that to the spectators Amudha and kamala that “ammu naan Sundhari kuddi vulla en vangiya uttha porran” ( I am going to cum inside Sundharis’ pussy) hearing this the both came toward the junction and watching furisouly then I came inside her and also Sundhari came. and our mixed cum staretd flowing out a little then I took my dick out of Sundhari which Amudha took in her mouth and started cleaning and kamala sucking Sundhari’s cunt. They both did a wonderful job of licking us clean. Then I took some rest but I didn’t kept quite I was hugging kamala and Sundhari and Amudha were sucking each others cunt. I sucked kamala’s breast for about 10 min I turned red in color then I asked me to take her virginity ” Kumar please, enna chekirrama otthudu”(Kumar please fuck me now) , I teased her my saying “ne ennuku yanna tharruka unna naan otha”(What will you give me if I fuck you). I replied “nee enna kattulum tharran” (What ever you ask me I will give u). Then I replied “yannaku unnnoda friendsula allagana ponnu tharruviaya”. (will you give me one of your beautiful friend to me). She replied then “cherri nan kattu pakaran” ( ok I will try). Then I climbed on top of her and asked Amudha and Sundhari’s help in fucking this virgin girl Amudha sprayed a lot of her milk from her boobs on my cock and Sundhar just finger fucked kamala and made her wet then I took my cock in my hands and rubbed it on kamala’s cunt and slowly I started entering her cunt. I made 1/4 of my rod inside her virign cunt and slowly started pressing more and more she started crying out of pain Amudha asked her to keep quite for soemtime and staretd kissing her in the lips. Then Sundhari aadviced me to insert in full force inside her and she helped me by pushing from my back and with a lot of effort I inserted my full cock inside her cunt and I kept quite for some time and when kamala felt good and stopped crying I started moving to and fro motion. In the mean time Sundhari and Amudha were licking kamala breast. After 10 - 15 min I filled kamalas’ cunt with my cum and she cam with me. Then I took cock out and Amudha took that in her mouth and started sucking it my cock just 2 inches then. Kamalas’ eyes were closed by pleasure and pain of my excellent fucking and laid next to her then I called Sundhari and started kissing her in the lips and Amudha was playing with my cock.

I was luckyiest persone to have three young ladies at a time (that too with a virgin girl). After about one hour I called Amudha to feed me with her milk. And Amudha laid on the bed then I took one breast in my mouth and started sucking seeing this Sundhari took other in her mouth and started licking Amudhas cunt and I took some milk and sprayed it on Amudhas’ cunt which kamal licked cleanly. Then it was 1:00 PM Sundhari has to give food for her mother - in -laws so promising me that she will return as possible went to her home after dressing.

I think you would have all enjoyed my experience. Still a lot more is there for me to tell you but that in the other part.
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