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Asha - How I deflowered in her tight salwar and kurta-3

And after a moment, I removed my penis out, held it bit high while I still held her tight looked into her eyes and this time I thrust it hard all of a sudden.. it made her scream to the core and hugged me tight and bit me hard on my shoulder.... I moaned too, that was a pleasurable pain.... I didn't pull the penis back.. was holding it right there and put more pressure deep inside... For a few seconds I let it be inside and then slowly pulled back, but this time I quickly thrust it back and held her shoulder tight and went on doing it too fast. I pulled my neck up stretching it too wide and making my pelvis point more down to ensure there is a deep thrust... This time it was a non-stop to and fro ramming her back and forth... Asha was uncontrollable in screaming to the core... I was so rough in fucking her that I could hardly see whats on the wall... The sound due to me ramming against her pussy was just amazing... Asha was like ooooooooo hemantttttI cant control... please stop.... that's too much...... ohhh my love... fuck fuck fuck.... I am Cuming . I am Cuming.... her voices just made me go more furious and fucked her hard more than what she asked for....I adjusted further and kept on fucking back and forth... this time I held her thighs and kept on fucking with no stop... Asha could no longer stay still.. she was jumping through her body and shouting...I went on to her again and she embraced me and started to scratch my back with ecstasy. I had to soon end this before she leaves permanent marks. I lifted her a bit and continued fucking her very hard... Room was full of her pussy juices smell and her loud voices and moans... I was grunting like a mad horse and enjoying to the core.. I could no longer hold off and wanted to cum... I could no longer stop or hold back...After lifting her up a bit, I held her head and hairs... Pulled her hairs back while I was still ramming her. She held my arms tight while moaning ohhhhhhhh I Am done.... please stop now... mmmmmmmmaaaa..ohhhhhh......aaaaaaaaaawwwww hemant.... that's too muchhhhh...... stop now.... plz...... I could no longer hold my semen from not shooting . and held her back tight and fucked hard and was nearing my final thrusts.. my semen was already reaching its peak like a hot lava off a volcano...It was boiling and enroute to hit her pussy and stop inside the condom... I held her tight and just cummed in huge load into her against the condom. She realized me Cumming and held me tight.. that was one embrace with lots of passion. I was feeling more loved than sexual pleasure. I had to push through my kegal muscles 2-3 times to empty all of my loads of cum and collapsed on her....She continued to hold me so lovingly. Both relaxed our legs while I was still inside her.

She moved her hands on my head playing through the hairs. That was consoling. We both were sweating profusely. I moved aside to rest on my back. Asha turned towards me rested her head on my shoulder and was playing with her right hand on my hairy chest.. She was feeling the hairs like a smooth grass or a puppy fur. Her eyes was full of love. I put my left hand across and pulled her more closer by hugging her tight. We relaxed in each other arms for some time. We did post play by me mostly playing with her boobs and kissing her and holding her more tight...After a while, Asha headed to bathroom to clean herself. And, I pulled off my condom and threw into the dustbin wrapped with napkin. Also, started wiping off my wet penis while I picked couple of napkins and headed to bathroom.

She was seated on the commode cleaning her juices off her sexy thighs and love hole. She smiled and pulled me closer by holding the panty which was still on me forcing me to move closer to her. She then held my penis which was soft and of very small size. The moment she held, it started growing again but of just a normal size. She took water from tap and rinsed my penis with her hands and started cleaning it. She pulled the foreskin back, infact too hard and much back. Was a bit pain but definitely a pleasurable one. Blood was trying to flow back towards my dick now. She continued to clean putting water and then took hand towel to dry my balls and dick slowly. I was caressing her hairs all the time...My dick was cleaned now and also drying up. But due to the cold water and her touch, it had grown less than half its fullest length.

Meantime, Asha who was just cleaning my dick, she lightly licked its tip mainly its skin and the flesh. I felt a current pass through me.. She looked up into my eyes smilingly saying I need this lolly pop and will take to home. I replied its all yours my love, but only for dine-in, No carry-out :-). She smiled and started to suck slowly with no hurry. Since it was bit flaccid, she liked the feeling of it growing within her mouth. I spread my legs wide while she put her left hand back grabbing my buttocks while her right hand went back and reached to my balls through my thighs. She pulled the balls back while continued to suck my penis which was now no longer flaccid as that experience of balls being pulled back was a rare one which I had never encountered. Also, Asha started to pee and it was one hard gush hitting the wall of the commode. Though I had just cum and my dick was in no mood to get hard, that was one sexy act of pulling my balls and her peeing sound made my adrenaline rush my blood into my penis swiftly making it bang all the way till her throat. She was doing a deep throat by then.

Trust me, my dick was hard, loved, caressed, manhandled and did all sort of acts by Asha in the past 2-3 hours with such a great foreplay, I was shocked to have that quick and a strong hard-on. She continued to pulled my balls which started to pain now. I slowly pulled her hairs back and pushed my dick still more deep.. She couldn't breathe properly and pulled off her mouth. Her saliva was dripping on my dick and lips.. I bent over to kiss her and smooched for a while. All this time, Asha was still seated on the commode while I was spreading my legs over her legs and standing right in front of her face and the mirror. She then said, dear let me remove this panty of you... She winked saying you will look more sexier and yet macho. I smiled to her telling your command my love.

She had the panty pulled off my buttocks and thighs and threw the rolled up panty over the wash basin which got stuck on the tap. And, she then continued to admire my penis with clear view of balls in the bright light of bathroom. She kissed my dick again while holding the balls tight and pushing it up. She bit my thighs too while pressing her sharp nails on my buttocks.

I didn't want her to leave any marks there.... Neither she wanted to as we both knew the reason behind. While she was too excited to suck my dick again, as it started to leak with pre-cum. But, she preferred to stand and turned towards the mirror and held my dick in right hand while holding my waist through her left hand. I held her tight through my right arm and slid my hand over her right boobs. That was one magical view to see each other on the mirror. We saw each other eyes through mirror and was appreciating both our bodies. What a shapely body she had and overwhelmingly beautiful boobs. It was still so firm and due to cold, her areola around the nipples were hard. She was exceptionally sexy and so was I with hairs on my chest and flesh of right amount with muscles on chest and arms. Not sure of other women, but my wife and Asha both liked hairs on my chest. They said it used to give a ticklish effect on their boobs and chest during the hug.. Also, they loved playing with their hands pretending to comb it.

Anyhow, I had no complains or doubt of it as I could feel the passion and love in their eyes. Meantime, Asha continued to give me a handjob in a slow pace while still looking at our act. She was looking at my dick through the mirror and was shagging it. Gradually picked up the pace and was pulling the foreskin back too much. I was in cloud 9 again. Usually my second time of Cumming takes a longer time than the first, but I was already building that pressure in my balls to cum anytime soon. Probably of the thought that my wife will come anytime now made me to hurry. But, Asha was doing exceptionally well. The credit goes to Asha only and also the magnificent view I am getting through the mirror. I was pressing her boobs very tight and nibbling her nipples.

She bent her head focusing more on my penis and continued to the pace with more firm grip. That was enough for me to grunt like a mad horse rise my head up, hold my thigh and kegal muscle hard to eject another load of pure happiness. The first load hit the opened cover of the commode while rest all Asha was able to focus it into the water. I could feel the pain in my kegal muscles as I had emptied too much of semen. Such a waste of millions to millions of potential human seeds. She took the final drop of my semen in her finger and licked it. She smiled with a sense of appreciation liking the taste and said its tangy and salty my dear. Can use for a salad dressing :-). I replied sure, you can eat me. She giggled and cleaned my penis again and dried it nice.

I hugged her tight from back and held her boobs tight with my dick piercing her buttocks. I licked her ears and said love you Asha... She moaned loud and said I love you too hemant.... Wish you were my husband and be me with me all night and day.... I love you hemant.. love you....I need you.... please come home with me....Can't leave your embrace... I turned her towards me and smooched her telling. You know I can't. not today :-).

I also reminded of the need to get ready soon and we both came to reality. But, she still clinged on to me while we walked to the bedroom. She was trying to grab her stuffs to get dressed. She picked her Bra and stood in front of the mirror. She was very comfortable roaming around the room. She pulled in her bra and was struggling to put the strap.
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